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How to make a good looking guy on sims 4

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How can I make good looking sims? (male and female)

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Replies: 11 Who? Posts: 1, Thanks: in 9 Posts 5 Achievements. Tuto : how to make a good-looking sim. Posts: 2, Thanks: in 63 Posts 22 Achievements. Defining cheekbones, lowering the fatness of the cheeks, and making the jawline more defined, gives Sims a more defined jawline area.

EA tends to give Sims eyes that are too big, so make the eyes smaller the Eye Shape EA slider helps with this as well. Some Sims also have heads that are too big; make their heads smaller so their shoulders look broader.

Play with the eye sliders; you will be surprised at the good results you can get. Make slightly slanted or droopy eyes. Mess around with the eyebrows as well, especially pointing them down towards the nose. Nose doesn't have to be perfect: make wide bridges, noses turned upwards, large nostrils.

Avoid pointing the mouth corners upwards; the perma-smile looks very unnatural. Settle for slightly-downward mouth corners. Makeup can go a long way, too. Using a slightly darker blush on Sims can make them look more gaunt, or emphasize their cheekbones or eye sockets. I know you said you don't intend on using sliders, but the Hip and Waist sliders are really good for getting more true-to-life male bodies.

As they are, the hips are too wide for, say, Athletic sims who are supposed to have lean bodies. A Shoulder Size slider can also help with this. Posts: Thanks: 78 in 3 Posts 2 Achievements. I know that you said you don't intend to use sliders, but the range of the sliders that EA already put into the game is terrible.

I'd recommend at least using AwesomeMod or Master Controller to increase this range- usually a multiplier of 2 or 3 is enough to do wonders. Using custom skins will also help a lot with this.

After that, it's very much an "eye of the beholder" sort of deal. Only you can really say what's good-looking for you, so the rest of this post is just going to be devoted to making attractive Sims who are different types of attractive, rather than all from the same mold.

I know I can't stand how almost everyone likes to make their Sims look like models their faces are all the same, seriously! Adding a couple of distinctive features helps your Sims not look like clones of each other.

If you're dead set on a certain outfit, hairstyle, or facial characteristic but it's not working, consider making your Sim a different race or body type from what you originally planned, and see how it goes from there. Don't be afraid to use skins or facial presets you might not consider.

Experiment a little. Even if you don't plan on using slider hacks or custom sliders and skins, do NOT be afraid of going to extremes with the slider options or trying different combinations of slider settings. You might find something that works. EDIT: After much deliberation, one hard rule: as was said before me, avoid giving your Sims perma-smiles with the mouth corners tool.

It sends them straight to the Uncanny Valley. Beauty marks, tattoos, freckles, dramatic makeup, dyed hair, and glasses or other facial accessories are your best friend if you can use them with a careful hand.

They help add visual interest to a Sim who's not at all bad-looking, but might still look a bit generic. They can also help spice up a Sim who's beautiful but needs their personality to shine through. Also consider how a Sim's traits would play into their appearance and attire: for instance, let's say I make a Sim with the Slob and Loves the Outdoors traits.

She's not going to wear very much if any makeup and is probably going to have messier, low-maintenance clothes and hair, but we can still work with "stylishly unkempt". Or you could make an attractive shut-in Sim never wear shoes on any of his outfits because he never leaves the house. Flirty Sims could possibly dress more provocatively, Artistic or Avant-Garde Sims might have more quirky outfits that reflect their creative natures, and so on. And that's how you make good-looking Sims that don't fall into sameface syndrome.

Asymmetry sliders make sims have less of that factory doll look. Real faces are always asymmetrical to some extent. There are sliders for eye size, nose position, mouth corner angle, jaw size, etc. The trick to using them is to move a slider until that part of the face is obviously lopsided, then dial it back until you can no longer quite tell for sure just by looking, but with the slider still at non-zero.

There's a set of glasses sliders that can position them almost in anyway you'd want, so an elderly professor can have her reading glasses perched low on her nose, for example.

The right colours can make many of plastic-looking hairstyles look quite natural. EDIT: Also, increase the distance between the nose and the mouth. The game generates lots of sims with tiny lower faces for some reason. Posts: 3, 1 Achievements. I know you said you don't want to use CC, OP When I think "good looking sim," EA's vanilla content is not what first comes to mind most often. The one thing I cannot live without, when it comes to making non-pudding sims, is stocking up on skintones.

MTS has an excellent selection right here, with two of my favorite creators, Ephemera and Ladyfrontbum. Their skins easily age sims by 10 years; it's nuts. They have this eyebag sagging nasolabial creasing madness going on, and there really is no getting around the heavy paint-job they cook into the skins without getting at least a wee bit of CC.

Also, I would really think about getting Buhudain's You Are Real mod; it really brings out the skin resolution. Take a gander at what a difference changing the eyeballs can do for a sim's appearance! Posts: Thanks: 88 in 2 Posts 3 Achievements.

For me smaller eyes have always made my sims more unique and realistic. When they have big eyes they all start to look the same. Also like everyone said I have 10 sliders just for eyelashes.

I'd like some to change the shape of the face and maybe once for the mouth because my sim's mouth is annoying me. Here she is :. And that lipstick's colour is a big no. Here's the sort of sims you can make with replacement skins and sliders. Makeup can only look so far and since I use medium settings, it ends up doing more harm than good : The thing is that light-colored makeup looks good only on sims that have a very light or quite dark skintone.

Middle ground it tends to look Posts: 1, Thanks: in 22 Posts 22 Achievements. Who Posted. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. Originally Posted by IndigoMontoya Also consider how a Sim's traits would play into their appearance and attire: for instance, let's say I make a Sim with the Slob and Loves the Outdoors traits.

Originally Posted by Chax And that lipstick's colour is a big no.

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Many of the pre-made Sims are either taken or not that cute, and if you take a chance on a randomly generated Sim, you might end up with a hotheaded slob who hates kids. Luckily, you can peruse the Sims 4 's Gallery to find more eligible bachelors, all dreamed up by members of the Sims community. Before I get all judgmental about my few options, let me just say up front that my taste in men is horrible.







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I know you said you don't intend on using sliders, but the Hip and Waist sliders are really good for getting more true-to-life male bodies. As they  May 30, - 12 posts - ‎2 authors.








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