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Hairstyles for guys with thick hair short

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If you want your appearance to be on-point to get a good job, attend a wedding, take a girl on a date, etc. Essentially, having a short cut is all about expressing yourself. You are unique, and your crop should definitely express that to the world. That does not mean just going to your local barber and telling him to cut it all off. Really examine what it is you want your hair to look and feel like, and if you do your homework, you can discover a cut that is just right for you. There is a recent trend towards longer, shaggier hair and beards for men.

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The Best Haircuts For Men With Thick Hair

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Thick hair men are lucky. While thick hair can be coarse and difficult to style, using the right hair styling products will get guys the look they want. Below, check out our guide on the most popular long, medium and short hairstyles for thick hair.

We made sure to include multiple variations of different cuts, textures and hair types, including thick wavy and curly hair. For example, if you prefer short haircuts to make your thick hair easier to manage and style in the mornings, we recommend an undercut or fade on the sides paired with a comb over or brushed back hair.

A pompadour or quiff with tapered sides or longer flowing styles could work well. Use a little hair wax for some control and a textured natural finish, and your thick hair will stay in place all day. In fact, most of these haircuts are easy to maintain and style — just run some product through your hair if you need a professional look for work. A messy, textured crop is a great way to get a short haircut but leverage your natural hair. Easy to style yet versatile enough to wear anywhere, the distinct feature of the cropped top hairstyle is its short length all over and fringe at the front.

While the small fringe adds an element of fashion to the cut, the short crew cut makes your thick hair manageable and low-maintenance.

Many guys combine the French crop with a fade on the sides and back or an undercut in order to create some contrast. As far as the fade, you can choose between a high, low, mid or skin fade depending on how aggressive you want the blend. Styling a textured haircut is pretty simple. Both of these can offer a strong hold with a matte finish for a natural sexy look. Apply thoroughly and leave messy. The best thing about the comb over haircut is that you can make it your own depending on how you get it cut and the way you style it.

Ask your barber for a high skin fade if you want something edgy; otherwise, if you prefer a more conservative take, try a low taper fade comb over. As for the hair on top, your barber should use scissors to leave at least 2 to 3 inches of length. This will allow you to style a quiff, short pompadour or spiky hair if you get bored of the same style. To style a comb over, apply a pomade or wax and work it in. If you have a high bald fade or undercut and want all your hair brushed to one side, then use a comb to sweep it over.

If not, find the natural part in your hair and create a side part. The quiff is certainly one of the most stylish hairstyles for men with thick hair. The modern quiff haircut is cut with short sides and back with longer hair on top of the head. A fade or undercut will allow the styled look on the top to really stand out since the quiff is ideal for natural volume.

The best hottest version of the quiff hairstyle is really the messy textured look. Although it may take some time to get, the hairstyle gives off a low-maintenance and relaxed appearance. Simply run some hair product through your hair and blow dry it backwards to achieve this classy hairstyle. Use pomade for a shiny finish or a matte product for a textured look. The slicked back hairstyle is another classic look that works for all face shapes and hair types.

Although the best version of the cut is the slicked back undercut, there are many ways to go about getting this style and they all look good whether you have thick wavy or curly hair. For starters, the slick back can accommodate any type of cut on the sides. From a high or low fade, a tapered or skin cut, or a disconnected undercut , guys can ask their barber to cut their sides based on their preference. The next step is deciding how much length to leave on top.

Slicked back hair works best with medium to long lengths. Simply apply a little product and comb your hair back from your face. If you have frizz or strays, use another coat on the surface to pull back all your hair. For a modern slick back, consider a matte pomade or wax for a textured finish; otherwise, a shiny look is great for the classic greaser look.

Alternatively, guys can always just lightly brush back their hair, allowing for some volume and height. Ultimately, the slicked back hairstyle for guys looks classy and professional, with minimal effort required. The faux hawk, also known as the fohawk , is like the mohawk but less extreme.

Instead, most guys get the faux hawk fade with longer hair down the middle of the head and tapered sides. This haircut is perfect for guys who want a short to medium-length hairstyle for thick hair that looks interesting and sexy. To get a fohawk, ask your barber to fade your sides and leave a few inches of length on the top of the head.

The trick is learning to style the fohawk by spreading a strong-hold pomade all over and pushing the hair on top towards the middle. The goal is to create a pointed center that has more volume than the rest. The buzz cut continues to be one of the most masculine haircuts for men. This very short cut and style only looks good on guys with thick hair who can avoid showing their scalp. The crew cut, also known as the Ivy League haircut , is another classic style that requires minimal styling effort.

The crew cut allows for another inch of hair on top of your head and also works better with faded or tapered sides. The longer length affords you the option of the side swept hairstyle, which can be achieved by applying product and sweeping your short fringe up and to the side. There are many cool long hairstyles for men with thick hair. While the man bun , ponytail and top knot remain awesome hipster styles , guys also have alternatives like the shoulder length cut or extra long, free flowing hair.

When you visit your stylist, all that needs to be done is to trim the tips to prevent split ends. After that, styling long thick hair comes down to using a light hold wax or clay for added texture. The natural flow of long hair is really the best look. Obviously different styling products offer different benefits and work better with certain hairstyles and hair types.

Pomade has become the most popular hair product for men. The top brands often provide a strong hold with a medium to high shine finish.

If you need something to control thick curly hair, we recommend buying the strongest pomade you can find; otherwise, a medium to high hold is the perfect balance between control and styling ability. The best pomades for men come from some of the most reputable brands in the world, including Suavecito, Layrite, Baxter of California, Imperial Barber, Uppercut Deluxe, American Crew, and Smooth Viking, just to name a few.

The best hair wax and clay products provide a low to medium hold with no to low shine. How To Trim Sideburns. Taper Fade Haircuts. Dreadlock Styles For Men. New Styles. With so many shapes, styles, and lengths to consider, sideburns are an important part of your grooming routine. Trimming your sideburns can help frame Trending Styles. All Rights Reserved. About Contact Privacy Affiliate.

Suavecito Pomade Firme Strong Hold 4 oz. Check on Amazon. Layrite Superhold Pomade, 4. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade, 6 oz. Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade 3.

The 20 Short Hairstyles You Need to Know Now

For lots of men, thick hair is a blessing and a curse. You have a lot of haircut options, but it can also be a little more challenging to tame. The Jason Statham look could very well be the name of this thick haircut.

If you have thick hair, you've probably learned by now that it takes a knowledgeable stylist to cut it. The best haircuts for men with thick hair look great straight out of the salon.

Thick hair in men is a guarantee of a great hairstyle. All you need is to choose a flattering haircut that looks stylish and also meets the requirements of your life style. You can choose a classic, sporty or avant-garde haircut, experiment with lengths and styling finishes. Wheather you are in search of short hairstyles for men with thick hair, medium or longer variants, our ideas in pictures will help to get your bearings and make a cool choice! For a short hair look that is not boring in the slightest, you need to go for texture.

40 Statement Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Between fuzzy curls, coarse texture, and other dilemmas associated with thick hair, we give you 5 tips that will cut styling time and help you remain in control of your appearance. Thick hair tends to become brittle and dull looking. Many modern shampoos and conditioners contain avocado. Since this ingredient is full of vitamins A, B6, C, and K, folate, and protein, it keeps hair well hydrated. It also contains fatty acids that provide strength. Besides depending on products to keep hair moisturized, there are numerous home treatments that work as well. You can place one-half cup of plain yoghurt into your hair and let it sit for approximately 20 minutes. After your hair is rinsed and washed with shampoo, you will notice a big difference in its texture, which makes it easier to manage the thickness. It may sound crazy, but try it out!

20 Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair (High Volume)

If you have thick hair, then you probably know how much time and effort it takes to style. Thick locks usually have a mind of their own and can get pretty unruly when grown out. Short hairstyles for men with thick hair are usually very manageable and can be styled in tons of ways. This hairstyle is perfect for men with thick hair. For Styling.

August 23, By Jeffery R.

Everyone wants thicker hair but when you have it, you have to know what to do with it. Thick hair can be coarse or wavy in ways that make it harder control. The right cut and style eliminates these issues while making the most of thick hair.

The 60 Best Short Hairstyles for Men

For many men, thick hair is a double-edged sword. And for guys who want extra volume, it can be difficult to make thick hair work. Not every hairstyle is suitable for thick hair, but when you find the right style, your hair will be transformed.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 60 Short Thick Hairstyles For Men

As life on lockdown continues to blur into one long, indistinguishable period of bleary-eyed fatigue, we here at Esquire have been waking up in the morning, looking at ourselves in the mirror, and thinking only one thing: What in the hell do we do with all this hair? We're all starting to look real scraggly around the edges, and not being able to get a clean cut when we need it presents a practical dilemma when it comes to our increasingly messy mops. We're not the only ones—lockdown has prompted men across the country to embrace perhaps begrudgingly shorter hairstyles they might've otherwise never considered, while some of our more daring contemporaries have said fuck it and shaved it all off. We salute you, sirs! Well, if you're looking for inspiration or trying to find the shorter 'do that's right for you, look no further, friend.

Have Thick Hair? Here are 50 Ways to Style It (for Men)

If you're anything like me and have very thick hair, sometimes it can feel like almost any hairstyle is hard work when not done right. Thicker hair can often feel like a nightmare, as it normally becomes hard to style and almost feels like no matter what you do your hair just will not stay in place. You need to find a flattering style that looks stylish whilst also meeting the requirements of your lifestyle. Keeping it longer on top, but going shorter around the sides is a great look for those with thick hair but you may need to master some blow drying techniques. Either go for a groomed, crisp fade that blends flawlessly into the longer thick hair on top, or opt for a textured, less structured style for a more natural, relaxed finish. The quiff is a versatile haircut; it's classy and well suited to formal occasions but can be adapted for your casual needs as well.

That means lots of volume and hair to style any way that you like. Any men's hairstyle work for thick hair from classic side parts to trendy textured crops. Spiky styles.

There are so many haircuts for men with thick hair. In fact, thick hair men get all the best hairstyles and all of these cuts and styles look good. When it comes down to it, thick hair men are both cursed and blessed. Cursed because it may be difficult to maintain their sometimes unruly hair, yet blessed that they can style their thick hair into any of the most popular cool hairstyles.

Thick hair men are lucky. While thick hair can be coarse and difficult to style, using the right hair styling products will get guys the look they want. Below, check out our guide on the most popular long, medium and short hairstyles for thick hair.






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