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Would you look at it ed bassmaster

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If you're a human and see this, please ignore it. If you're a scraper, please click the link below :- Note that clicking the link below will block access to this site for 24 hours. Photography by Gene Smirnov. Or by a bell. Or a sandwich. Which explains the citywide stomach-drop when news broke in August that a defenseless globe-trotting robot had been annihilated here. Every hard-fought reputational victory, every hint of burgeoning cosmopolitanism — put on hold for the foreseeable future.

HitchBOT, constructed by Canadian engineers, was a science experiment in human compassion. A white plastic bucket equipped with GPS plus blue pool floaties for limbs, the robot was to hitchhike across the world, relying on random humans to transport it from one city to the next.

A few days later, grainy video footage emerged of a man in a throwback Randall Cunningham jersey appearing to assault poor hitchBOT. Bassmaster, 42, has two million YouTube subscribers. They watch him trot out a number of different bizarre personalities, most of which basically go out into the world and make people feel uncomfortable.

This is lowbrow stuff — imagine the Jackass crew trying their hand at the Candid Camera genre. Everybody here is mad at you for destroying some robot. Wellens agreed to adopt hitchBOT, but he and Bassmaster quickly grew disenchanted when the robot insisted on talking to them.

Instead of appearing as himself, though, Bassmaster showed up on-camera as Always Teste. The footage hit the Internet, and once more, the Internet melted down. One of the upshots of the hitchBOT prank was that it laid bare the suspect emotional vulnerabilities of the news-consuming public. Less obviously, though, another, bigger story about the Internet lurked beneath the hitchBOT clickbait.

Bassmaster is the rare Philadelphia representative of a phenomenon that has already upended the entertainment industry: the birth of the bona fide YouTube celebrity. If virtual nobodies like Bassmaster can make it big with nothing but a GoPro cam and a talent for weird voices, does that mean his fans have reverted to grade school, where the funniest person in the world is the kid sitting next to you, making fart noises? The cat proves difficult to wrangle, so I suggest we use his slower pug, Richard.

Sitting at home, he can seem preoccupied, even anxious. When he smokes weed, which is not infrequently, it seems joyless, and medicinal. But when he starts to perform, an appealing dynamism emanates from him.

We end up settling for Richard the pug, who is easily bribed with treats. Bassmaster rests his iPhone horizontally on the lip of a coffee table, sits on the floor in his wig, and records the bit. Bassmaster fans seem to enjoy this character especially; a video of Emilio inspecting a used car has garnered 24 million views.

Whenever something like this happens, it just motivates me to make it funnier a second time. Zombie Drive-Thru Prank : Ed dresses as a zombie and scares the hell out of fast-food workers 27 million views. Look at This Car! Drive-Thru Pranks : Ed annoys fast-food workers 16 million views. Look at This Dog : Emilio again, this time encountering dogs 8 million views.

Ultimate Farting : Ed goes to Times Square and farts. Repeatedly 7 million views. Ugly Face : Ed makes faces that freak people out 6 million views. Bassmaster was born, not Bassmaster, but Rodriguez, and grew up not far from where he lives now, in the Northeast. His dad, of Puerto Rican descent, left the family when he was a toddler. And that was the last time I talked to my stepdad, which was plus years ago.

Ed Bassmaster uploaded his first YouTube videos in December of While staying in Philadelphia pre-Internet may have been a dubious career move, it also may have helped Bassmaster develop his act.

Before taping the Emilio bit, we hopped in his plus-size black Dodge Ram to pick up his two sons, ages seven and 13, from Catholic school. On the way there, he begins kvetching about the particularly unattractive cross-section of Northeast Philly in which he lives.

I ask him if the area bums him out. The cars get broken into, up and down the street. They get stuck here. And then end up in his bits. Essentially, the Hacker act consists of Bassmaster going to public places and coughing uncontrollably while earnestly trying to engage with people.

Into what does he hope to parlay his newfound success? Bassmaster, who actually bass-fishes and adopted the moniker for use in online fishing forums, is in some ways more effective at channeling the redneck thing than are other leading lights of the disaffected working class, like Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall fellow CMTers.

The willful ignorance and studied parochialism mark Bassmaster as a Philly product. The millions of viewers, many of them teenagers, who are watching Emilio look at that used car? People looked at me like I had two heads on.

Your children — or you, in the unlikely event that you are a child — might, though. Few of those early viral videos translated into long-term success for their creators: Numa Numa guy is a fledgling musician in New Jersey with Twitter followers, and the Leave Britney Alone guy went into porn. But YouTube matured, and social media platforms and smartphones along with it, so users, and not just their one-off videos, started getting famous.

The cool kids on YouTube that the rest of the kids emulate are, in turn, the ones advertisers want to hook up with. With the hike in ad dollars came the rise of a sort of alternative studio system, and the inevitable corporatization, for better or for worse, of the viral video industry. In , Bassmaster signed with Maker, which helps him negotiate deals with brands, movie studios and hey, you never know book publishers while also providing the infrastructure necessary to produce original content.

Once we get onto Torresdale Avenue, Bassmaster lights up a joint, rolls down his passenger window, and takes a few drags. Can you name one show?

CMT is trying to rebrand, trying to reach out, to do some original comedy. Wellens is about a foot taller than Bassmaster, with tons of product in his full head of black hair.

His long-running YouTube series, Prank vs. Prank, consists of him and his girlfriend Jeana, well, pulling pranks on each other. Prank vs. Prank has about nine million YouTube subscribers. BF vs. GF, another nearly identical channel they run, has almost eight million. Or, at least, the preeminent Philly YouTube stars who still live around here. Our first fangirl of the afternoon is a freshman at the University of the Arts who walks up to Wellens and asks if he is indeed Jesse from Prank vs.

The early viral YouTube star Fred, who did little more than make himself sound like he had sucked down copious amounts of helium, unsurprisingly failed to translate his online success to Fred: The Movie and has since faded into obscurity. Groping for conversation, I ask Wellens and Bassmaster what they like to do when they come to the city.

As usual, Wellens answers, while Bassmaster stares at passersby and mimics them at barely audible volume. I want to make short films now. Transition to documentary-style. And yet both occasionally seem to feel the need for some imprimatur of legitimacy beyond page views and up-votes. After Wellens and Bassmaster get over the thrill of watching a shirtless blond guy do bike flips, they head over to a bench and light up another J.

Night Shyamalan. We got an order that was going to an office around the Main Line, and it was addressed to M. The beauty of the story, though, is that Ed Bassmaster has made it.

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Meet Ed Bassmaster, Philadelphia’s Biggest Star … on YouTube

A man of many guises, this online sensation has a cult following in his hometown of Philadelphia, and is potentially on the cusp of nationwide US mainstream media recognition. His two ensuing videos are quite simply must-see material for any MMA fan. Did you already know these radio presenters, and had you pre-arranged access into the building?

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Rodriguez was born in the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood of Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. Bassmaster began posting videos in , and gained wide attention in with his and fellow YouTuber Jesse Wellens ' faux surveillance video purporting to show the destruction of the Canadian hitchhiking robot hitchBOT , whose real-life destruction was not filmed. Some news organizations were fooled by the video. During the YouTube Comedy Week live event in , Skippy, one of Bassmaster's characters, went on stage unannounced and was kicked out of the event. Ed has more recently started his own podcast on his YouTube channel, which started on 31 October

‘Would You Look At That’ Guy Goes To Parent/Teacher Conferences!

Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video. Title: The Ed Bassmaster Show —. Ed Bassmaster is bringing his unique brand of comedy to CMT along with his cast of hilarious, classic characters and a few you'll get to meet for the first time. The master of characters and pranks. Ed is the man. He has had a channel on YouTube and it's nice to see him finally have a show. The show version is a little cheesy but maybe that fits the work he is doing. His work mostly revolves around a variety of characters that strangely mimic people you would really see or meet on the street. It's almost like a character study in a way.

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WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS COAT RACK!!! Full video coming 23,








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