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Things guys should know about periods

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PMS is real. It's so, so, so real. And cramps are real. So, so, so real.

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All About Periods

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PMS is real. It's so, so, so real. And cramps are real. So, so, so real. Basically, all the stuff women complain about in movies and a Cathy cartoon are real, so please don't question it because it'll just result in you never getting laid again or living to see tomorrow.

Yes, we really do crave chocolate. It's biological , and it can't and shouldn't be messed with. Just dump a bag of candy bars on our face and leave us alone for a week.

Everything is gonna be OK. You can help. Like, seriously, just ask us what we need and then get it for us. Maybe it'll be purchasing a cake from our favorite bakery that just happens to be the next county over, or maybe it'll be massaging our backs until we gratefully pass out. Whatever it is, if you do it, we will love you forever, ever. Periods are expensive! A large percentage of the population bleeds out of their genitals every month and still, women must pay for tampons.

Just because we cry doesn't mean we're "moody. Also, maybe a hug or two if we're not feeling too bloated or rage-y. Yes, commercials will make us cry. Especially ones involving long-distance parenting or old people doing anything. Just because we might be a little cranky doesn't mean we're babies. Women still get mad shit done on their periods; take for example Kiran Gahndi, who ran the London Marathon while free-bleeding. I'm pretty sure if a man did this, he'd automatically become prime minister.

Sometimes we forget our period is coming and we bleed all over everything. No lie, a woman has probably accidentally free-bled all over wherever you're sitting right now. Thank goodness for plastic seats and toilet paper, am I right, ladies?! Sometimes our underwear gets bloody but we just put in a new tampon because we don't want to ruin another pair.

This is a secret shame that all us women share. Bloody drawers never killed anyone! But spot cleaning yet another pair of panties has! We have to plan outfits around our periods. I haven't worn anything white mid-month since I was Controlling food consumption on the days leading up to our period is impossible. Like, we just need to eat everything and that must be accepted.

There should be special government food stamps for women who are PMSing that are good for chocolate, chips, French fries, and ice cream. Sitting out on pool parties is a legit bummer. You should cry for us! It's sad! Pool parties rule! Even though periods suck, being a woman rules. I can grow life in my stomach and birth it out my vagina. A guy can't blame my period for anything but I can use it for everything.

That's in the Constitution. Look it up. There is a difference between Advil, Tylenol, Midol, etc. You've been warned. Bloating is for real. There are certain things we can't wear when Aunt Flow comes to down because that B always bring a few pounds of water weight with her.

I don't know how to explain that one but maybe someone who graduated with a degree in women's studies can?? We need more naps. Periods make you tired and the only thing that can cure that tired is falling asleep on the couch while crying along to YouTube videos of baby pandas farting.

Just tell us we're beautiful and give us candy. And you'll be golden. Until next month, that is. Follow Laura on Twitter. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images Getty Images. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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5 Things Men Should Know When Girls Are Having Their Period

Despite what a carefree tampon commercial would have you believe, that time of the month can be uncomfortable, varied and complex. No two periods look the same: Some women experience excruciating symptoms each time. Others may skip months entirely.

How do you explain periods to men? Sanitary pads. Vagina bleeding — just a list of words that when mentioned are guaranteed to make men shift uncomfortably in their seats.

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Explaining Periods To Men: A Complete Guide On How To Make Even Cavemen Understand

You probably learned the basics back in middle school health class: Every month, a woman bleeds. Follow this guide and see what we mean. If you do, go ahead and skip to the next section. During the course of her menstrual cycle, this lining plumps up to prepare to nourish a fertilized egg. It then gets released during her period, which generally lasts between 2 to 7 days. That can only happen during ovulation, when the egg breaks free from her ovaries. Exactly when a woman ovulates depends on the length of her cycle, or the number of days between periods. But eggs can stay alive for up to 48 hours after ovulation, and sperm for up to 72 hours after ejaculation, says Dr Linda Bradley, director of the Fibroid and Menstrual Disorders Centre at the Cleveland Clinic.

19 SUPER-Real Period Things All Dudes Need to Understand

If you're about to live with a dude — a housemate, a lover, anybody — and are going to be sharing a bathroom, you may want to give them this list of basic pointers about what happens to your body once a month. Because without a little education, you may end up getting some questions that leave you with a blank face and them with a red one. And these were not from young, callow youths. Of course, you may have been blessed with a life full of dudes who fully understand periods , but some of them — from bosses to family members — still have strange misconceptions about what the monthly menstrual cycle actually is and how it works.

Her menstruation is the best excuse to be constantly angry all day without any valid or logical explanation.

How much pre-warning do you get? Technically, periods are meant to work on a monthly cycle, meaning that you should be able to count a certain number of days in your diary and know the day that they'll arrive. Funnily enough, women's bodies don't run like the average bus schedule, so they can turn up a few days early, a few days later, all month, or in times of stress or exertion, not at all.

10 questions about periods all guys want answered

Men usually think that menstrual cramps are just pain in the tummy experienced by a girl when she is having her periods. However, cramps are not as simple as just a pain. During menstruation mucous tissue along with the blood are discharged through the vagina. The muscle of the uterus contracts to help the lining to flow out and these contractions cause cramps or pain.

The menstrual cycle is a hormone-driven cycle; day 1 is the first day of our period bleeding while day 14 is the approximate day we ovulate, and if an egg is not fertilized, hormone levels eventually drop. At about day 25, the egg begins to dissolve and the cycle begins again with the period starting again at about day Yes, they ducking hurt. PMS Premenstrual Syndrome is real, and it does make us a little insane. Every time we sneeze while on our period, we feel like a tube of ketchup bottle. You can touch us, hug us, and can shake your hands with us.

17 Things Every Woman Knows (And Every Guy Should Know) About Periods

Allow me to set the scene for you. An excruciating three hours pass. The coroner is called in. The janitor—and apparently the local police— suspected it was actually fetal remains. They even sent it away to get tested at a lab. Spoiler alert: It was just period blood. When it comes to menstruation, men are often left in the dark—willingly or otherwise.

May 29, - It honestly baffles me how little men actually know about periods. Whether it's by choice or because periods are somehow “taboo,” I'll never.

Yes, we can bleed for five days without dying. A period is nothing to be ashamed of. Personally, I'm proud of my period. It makes me a strong, healthy woman, and it reminds me how incredibly strong and powerful I am. Men, get yourselves informed.

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A period is a release of blood from a girl's uterus , out through her vagina. It is a sign that she is getting close to the end of puberty. There is a lot to learn about periods.

Anytime bodily fluids are coming out of someone, it's uncomfortable. Blood coming out from the mysterious nether regions is particularly unsettling, and to many, men and women, a little gross.




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