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Marketers find a friend in pinterest

It's no secret that visual content online really draws in viewers. People love Pinterest, Facebook, and the like for visual sharing and engaging. Smart marketers know their companies need to tap into this, but where and how to start? Visual Social Marketing For Dummies offers a clear roadmap for creating effective, well-defined visual social marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing and social media plans.

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Top 9 Most Common Pinterest Marketing Mistakes

West Elm. Those are some of the big name retailers who are using Pinterest to drive significant traffic to their retail websites. But what exactly is Pinterest? And how do you use it to promote your business or brand? Pinterest is becoming a social network site for sharing interesting images you find online. Think of it as an image-based social bookmarking tool like delicious was…but with a better community.

These images, once uploaded to the site, are known as Pins. Users can place these pins on boards, customized under a theme. You can create any kind of theme you want: architecture, motorcycles or even history. In fact, Time magazine called Pinterest one of the top five social networking sites. The site is so popular, it is controlling growth by making you enter your email address to get on a waiting list to become a pinner. However, this should only take a couple of days.

Pinning is pretty easy. You can link to a website or upload an image. Or you can install the Pin It button from Pinterest. If you have fifty boards on very tight subjects like social media tools, 20s silent movies, Seattle micro breweries, you are more likely to catch the attention of someone who shares your interest.

If you want to add the price to something you pin, you can include it in the description. A header will then appear over the content with the price:. Make sure you tag your images. This will help your images to be found when people search Pinterest. When it comes to what to pin, the possibilities are endless. Right now, the leading pins tend to be fashion, crafts, photography or architecture. That should tell you something.

Those who are really enjoying Pinterest are very visual. And, sure, you could just pin random, cool stuff you find across the web, but the power behind Pinterest lies in the ability to organize content around a theme or a project. For the best user experience, anything you pin to a board should relate directly to that board. This will also increase the likelihood of people following your boards. A board can have multiple contributors, so you can work with other people on a project, seeing all the ideas that are being shared.

You can invite others to contribute, but they must be one of your followers. Like Twitter, Pinterest is an open social network site…that means you can follow anybody you like without having to get their permission. How do you go about finding people you like? There are a couple ways to find pinners who might follow you:.

You have to be following one of their boards in order to do this, and keep in mind that anyone you invite can decline the request. Most of the content you will find on Pinterest is photos. But you can also see all the videos that people are sharing. The tutorials alone are useful and practical, and trailers are fun. From a marketing standpoint, the videos are a great way to create and share educational material.

Because of the Pinterest audience, however, there is a way you have to create these videos so they appeal to the audience. Remember, right now the audience is predominately women who love fashion and crafts.

A tutorial on how to decorate or furnish a dorm room, however, would. And the eyeballs that land on your video will then be exposed to you and your business.

Most people who are professional web surfers are not short on coming across stunning and useful images.

However, even the best of us need a little help to find inspiration when it comes to pinning. Here are 4 tools I recommend. If you are a community manager, early adopter or social media enthusiast, then the business value of Pinterest may be obvious to you. However, everyone else in marketing may not share your enthusiasm.

But how do you go about convincing them they should jump on board? Here are nine reasons your business should consider marketing on Pinterest. So, what kind of brand or business promotes on Pinterest? Great question. From non-profit organizations like the Humane Society of New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to small, Midwestern shops to global brands, Pinterest is proving to be a good fit for offline and online organizations.

Here is a list of 21 most notable Pinterest accounts. Here are the four most important reasons:. So, how exactly should you market on Pinterest? Here are 14 common strategies:. Lay down a baseline of traffic you would like to see coming to your site, create benchmarks and establish a deadline.

Yes, you might be extending your personal brand awareness, but a direct lift in traffic to your site should be your number one metric for judging its usefulness. While Lady Gaga might be able to pick up several million followers in a matter of months, mere mortals like us will probably not have such good luck. My final tip is to use Pinterest as an individual rather than a company. In other words, you get all the authority of Pinterest with each link back to your site. That could change as the popularity of the company grows and it joins the ranks of Twitter or Facebook, but, in the meantime, it proves useful when it comes to ranking.

Let me summarize some of the important points:. Pinterest is clearly here to stay, and it clearly offers a new way for you to promote your business. For most brands, it may not be the right platform. But if you have the right fit for the platform, there are plenty of ways in which you can interact with your community, experimenting and innovating with the consumer experience.

Additional menu HGTV. Well, this guide will help you get started. What is Pinterest? Of course, if you know a pinner, you can ask him or her for an invite.

How to pin Pinning is pretty easy. How to add prices to your pins If you want to add the price to something you pin, you can include it in the description. A header will then appear over the content with the price: How to pin on Pinterest with your iPhone You can also pin images with your iPhone.

Just download the app, and you can: Look at the pins and pin boards of the people you follow. Comment, like and re-pin. Use your camera to pin, which adds a location. What to pin on Pinterest When it comes to what to pin, the possibilities are endless. How to create boards on Pinterest For the best user experience, anything you pin to a board should relate directly to that board. Create a title for the board, and always add a description: Why should you create a board?

You could create boards for: A car you are fixing up and pin ideas for things you want to do to modify the car. Each room of the house you want to redecorate. Pin images that are ideas for blog posts. Birthday wish list. Recipes and cooking ideas.

Items you might need to go on a camping trip. Movies you want to see or books you want to read. How to find pinners Like Twitter, Pinterest is an open social network site…that means you can follow anybody you like without having to get their permission.

Follow a specific board. Search for a particular topic. Invite your friends or co-workers to join. How to find content on Pinterest Most of the content you will find on Pinterest is photos.

Facebook — Follow people who share extraordinary photos on Facebook. When you find a pic you like, search the web for the original source to pin. Twitter — People share content on Twitter all the time, especially Twitter power users. When someone shares a pic, click through and pin it. Pinterest — It should seem obvious, but simply working through Pinterest several times a day will lead to some amazing images to re-pin. Shift in consumer behavior from search to discovery — Search is great for finding answers.

Discovery is great for finding inspiration. Pinterest taps into that phenomenon. Right now, we are trained to go to Amazon or Google to find what we want.

56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest gives you ideas for how to make everyday life easier, tastier and even more colorful. If you are not using Pinterest for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Picture 1. So, If you still think Facebook and Twitter are the be-all and end-all of social media marketing tools, think again.

People are using Pinterest to organize their digital lives. This hot social site lets users create visual bookmarks of their favorite things and 'pin' them on virtual pinboards.

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The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

Are you currently using Pinterest for business? Pinterest offers businesses a fairly unique proposition. This article will cover all the Pinterest for business basics to get you going, including:. Bonus: Download a free guide that teaches you how to make money on Pinterest in six easy steps using the tools you already have. According to the company, Pinterest Lens can now identify more than 2. In the United States, 8 in every 10 moms is on the platform. And when it comes to buying household products and services, women are the primary decision makers.

Following on Pinterest

Pinterest marketing is different from other platforms. To be successful on Pinterest, it is important to know what distinguishes it from other social media channels. For a start, Pinterest is not a social network. People are not there to connect with others. They are actively looking for ideas or solutions over a very wide range of subjects.

West Elm. Those are some of the big name retailers who are using Pinterest to drive significant traffic to their retail websites.

Updated to include the latest information on engaging with your community, measuring your efforts, blending your social media with other online and offline marketing efforts, and leveraging data you collect into learning more about your community, this new edition of Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies will help you apply your marketing efforts to the latest social media marketing sites and tools. Inside, you'll discover how to devise and maintain a successful social media strategy, use the latest tactics for reaching your customers, and utilize data to make adjustments to future campaigns and activities. Marketing your business through social media isn't an option these days—it's absolutely imperative. Inside this bestselling guide, you'll find out how to apply the marketing savvy you already have to the social media your prospects are using, helping you to reach and keep more customers, make more sales, and boost your bottom line.

Pinterest to become an affiliate’s best friend again

Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. All in one place. Get Started.

Get the most important digital marketing news each day. See terms. Affiliates are about to love Pinterest once again. Fifteen months ago, Pinterest banned affiliate links from the image social network, citing issues about poor user experience. Too many variables, such as broken images, spam images and bad redirects were destroying the excitement on the site, so an executive decision was made to remove and cease support for affiliate redirects, links and trackers. The new decision is based on improved spam tracking technology that can help ensure that the affiliate experience does not detract from a solid engagement experience.

How to Build a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy: A Marketer’s Guide

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng. To make friends, you have to first follow others. Following is similar to friending on Facebook. Determining the types of people you want to follow and want to have follow you requires some strategy. Although your ultimate goal is to reach a wide variety of people, you also want to target the people who will do the most good.

Clicking the text Find Friends displays the Pinterest profiles of people you may know based on your connections on other social networks. ✓ Notifications:  Krista Neher - - ‎Business & Economics.

Pinterest is exploding and with it businesses are benefiting from more brand exposure. What is known about the web site is that the demographics are predominately young women. According to comScore, the site alone had This tool is proving to be beneficial especially for visually based brands like food, fashion, and furniture. Especially when we are dealing with things like food.

The Power of Pinterest Marketing

Beth C. Her professional associations include the American Library Association, Special Library Association, and the Texas Library Association, where she has served in various positions. She has published in a variety of journals and presented conference sessions in the areas of website usability, mentoring and training reference staff and students, and technology. Her passions include virtual reference, website usability, user satisfaction studies, and technologies for reference, instruction, and liaison.

How to Use Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

Enter the lovely world of Pinterest, and all the troubles of your day-to-day life just seem to slip away in a stream of perfect little black dresses, baby otters, and cherubic children who never seem to get dirty or mouth off to their parents. I like to think of Pinterest as Facebook without the whining. Yes, Pinterest is beautiful.

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IN an age of fat data plans and broadband access, Pinterest has a message for the media: a picture is worth a thousand words. Lipsman said. The laundry room board alone has just over 58, followers. Pinterest may be considered the third- most popular social media platform after Twitter and Facebook, but it does not share much of its own information.

Marketers Find a Friend in Pinterest



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