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I need a girlfriend uh uh uh

Everybody shopped in Columbus the biggest little town that was the closest to most of the country people. The proprietors in the little town of Columbus Jews owed. Most of it. I will tell about the all White girls collage. Tell you about the County Fair.



What a Girl Wants (B2K song)

Everybody shopped in Columbus the biggest little town that was the closest to most of the country people. The proprietors in the little town of Columbus Jews owed. Most of it. I will tell about the all White girls collage. Tell you about the County Fair. I will take you from up town through Seventh Avenue. The most popular street the most popular places. I will tell you about the schools in Columbus. Talk about the night life. The back door users, making love, through the floor. A juke joint, people came from all over to hang out all night.

Tell you about the churches the schools. Next to papas, two hundred and eighty five, acres of land. Tell you of the coal tin top house I was born in, only kerosene lamps, one working fireplace, to keep fourteen of us warm in winter.

Tell you about friends of the family, people that worked for papa. Tell you of Cattle and cops we raised. Tell you about the con men, the con preachers, the fireside ghost stories, the insane people stories. I have got to purchase this book. He pavd the way for especially the black radion announcers there now.

Thanks Lee for this very good and inspiring book. Jimmy West revjwest comcast. I hated Mississippi while I was there, even after I left for a long time. You just might say that I'm lying about what I'm about to tell you. If you did, well you cannot change the way it was. Mississippi delted me a winning hand very good up bringing from Mama and Papa. I've been a few places in America, I must say in all honestness.

I got to tell you that I have not, mind you, have not been introduced to people any where in the world that came close to thenicepeople I knew in Mississippi. Everbody raised everybodys kids like a villiage. I went back to the diary of my mind in search of happiness. I want to convey to myself once again real love. What real love felt like? What is the meaning of happiness?

What were those things that made me happy? Where did they all go to? As I started to think of my diary, refl ect back, it helped me remember a whole lot of things that made me happy. First of all just being around the people that love you,there is nothing else come close, this is real happiness.

Even tough I had to learn to use my wits, trust my instants, at a very early age. Being around twelve brothers and sisters, plus being the smallest I was no match for any of them, I felt safe. Watching the rising of the sun in the morning, or watching a sun set in the evening.

Looking at the moon and stars on a star lit night, listening to the birds sing, watching them flop all around the flowers, in mama's garden. Having a meal with friends and love ones, listening to the laughter and laughing with love ones and friends. Looking at the frost covering the grass on a clear morning, hearing mama say the food is ready come and get it while it is hot.

Listening to the truck driver as he passed and blew his horn, his air horn. Watching the wild geese fl y south for the fall or watching them fl y back north in the spring. One geese would be leading the whole bunch. They would form into diff erent letters of the alphabet. Or wakening up in the middle of the night in the dark thinking something big and ugly was going to come and pluck me out of the bed and eat me up. Then papa would cough or clear his throat that made all the diff erence in the world, you felt protected you felt love from just knowing he was near by.

I could go back to sleep happy. Playing with my little white friends playing with his toys was big fun, running around rolling the bicycles in the yard, Christmas times we never got much but I was happy. Having a piece of in the watermelon in the watermelon patch on a hot day. Hearing the train blow it horn from a far. Watching the pilots from the air base tilt his plane and wave at us as we wave back at him.

Hearing papa come home the nights he worked late. Saying my grace at the table just before I start to eat a good meal. Or watching papa dance around and around on one foot with the other foot sticking straight out from his body, that's papa happy dance. Making a Nickel for washing papas feet, watching mama and papa sit together on the front porch at The end of a long summer day. Getting a new pair of high top shoes in the fall to wear to School, hearing mama and papa coming home from town on a Saturday evening knowing I would get something, if no more than a hand full of pop corn.

Mama always brought a tall bag of pop corn and divided it between all the kids. The bag of popcorn cost ten cent mama used to bring from Columbus every time went she never failed to bring it if nothing else.

Or to listen to papa tell us that God was watching over us to keep us safe. I believed him, it felt right. This is one reason I'm writing this book, these are the kind of things and people I knew In the Mississippi I was raised in.

We were neighbors, we were friends, we were family, We were good loving people. People that believed in GOD. I would get up every morning after I say my Prayers looking for compliments a kind word. A reason to feel good something like how are you today,. Account Options Sign in.

Lee Wells.

I Need A Girlfriend

Chorus a girlfriend girlfriend i need a girlfriend girlfriend a girlfriend girlfriend would you be my girlfriend girlfriend. LiL Fizz i need a thing with big hips that just my motivation no more game preperation this is pimperation she must be ready and steady for romance-session i'm talkin willin to learn a LiL Fizz lesson now she blamin it again and now we arguin talkin girl talk lesson tellin all her friends but i seen this new chick tonight and imma make her my girlfriend my girlfriend. Em alta:.

I had the girl, the band, fans, and a deal on the table. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and not many get to experience it. I knew what I wanted and was unstoppable.

Alonzo Martinez is an African American reporter, hired by the Boston Globe to report on the minority community of Roxbury. He believes he was hired only because he is black with an Hispanic name and not because of his talent and ability. He intends to prove himself by writing a breakout story through his visits to Roxbury but is uncomfortable being there because he grew up in a safer, rural environment. By a strange set of circumstances, Alonzo secretly films the murder of black businessman, Miles Parker, who is running to unseat Congressman Vincent Moffit.

Girlfriend (B2K song)

It's also B2K's final top 40 hit. In the music video , the guys walk out of a mall and Omarion meets a girl Jennifer Freeman. He gets her phone number and then the girl's father, Mr. Biggs Ronald Isley , comes along and tells him to stay away from his daughter, which is also repeated by his bodyguard Big Boy. The girl in the car tells Omarion to give her a call and then the car drives away. Then the guys start to dance once the music begins and they are all dressed in white. The video then goes to a scene where Omarion and the girl are planning a date over the phone. However, both of them are unaware that Mr. Biggs is listening to the conversation on another line and he orders his security guards to kidnap Omarion. Fox and tell her what happened.

Would you be my, Would you be my girlfriend? Uh, Ay, Yeah. Check it He don't want you like I want you believe me boo I been told He don't appreciate you, ma, I can tell by the way he hold you He don't love you like I do love you He don't squeeze you like I squeeze I'll make your neck pop back and in fact I'll buckle your knees hey Okay, baby what's it gon' take for you to be my lady tell me right now I hear your friends say you should Your parents tell you what's good Your lil' sista' keep yellin' Nelly, I wish you would. But you hesitatin debatin' whether or not it's real I ain't shootin game, boo, I'm just tellin you how I feel I'm diggin everything about you Your hips an' the way the swing I hate to see you leave boo, but let us see ya all the way.

In the music video , Omarion is driving a car while singing the song and telling his friend J-Boog that he needs to treat the girl that he's with the right way.

Would you be my girlfriend? Would you be my, would you be my girlfriend? He doesn't even know you're there 'Cause he don't love your eyes no And he don't love your smile no Girl you know that ain't fair c'mon In the middle of the night Is he gonna be by your side? Or will he run and hide?


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