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I have a girl crush on my coworker

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So I have a crush on my co-worker, (straight girl-lesbian crush)

What are you going to do about this obvious attraction? Does she feel the same way about you? Is the attraction mutual? Or, is she just a friendly person that treats everyone else the same as you? Is she married? Is she the type to cheat or only wants a little harmless office flirting? How can you tell the difference? That will not be good for future promotion opportunities.

How do you know if a female coworker likes you? The fact that she is seeking you out to start her day is one of the positive signs. Another one of the signs is when a female coworker asks how your evening or weekend was. It might just be polite conversation. She wants to know what you are doing with your time, if she has a shot with you, and whether the two of you have similar interests. Does she find a way to call you or email you at work? When you're talking does she make cute jokes or play on words with a sexual undertone?

She likes you. Has she told you about her childhood? What she likes to do with her friends and family? The types of qualities that she looks for in a friend? She is not going to tell a random coworker about the time she went skinny dipping with her friends. If she is making sexual innuendos, then this is another of the signs that she is attracted to you.

She wants to know what to know you like, what makes you tick, and how she will fit into your life with your friends and family. If a female coworker tries to sit next to you at every meeting, that is one of the signs that she likes you. Frequently going out of her way to be near you is a positive sign. If she asks you to save her a spot or, even better, asks someone else to move to that she can sit next to you, those are even stronger signs that she likes you.

If your job provides opportunities for group work and she volunteers to complete projects with you, this is another one of the signs she likes you. The fact that she trusts your work skills and wants to work additional hours with you is a great sign of attraction. If you suck at your job, this is an even better sign!

She must think you're hot if she doesn't mind doing all the work. Does a female coworker notice when you get a haircut? New glasses? A new shirt? Especially if she knows exactly what is different.

Noticing specifics is one of the signs that she finds you attractive and likes you. If a female coworker asks you out to an event outside of work or constantly shows up where you are after work, then she is letting you know she wants to spend more time with you. The 8 hours a day that you work together is not enough time for her.

This is another one of the strong signs that she likes you. When a female coworker invites you to go to lunch with her, whether in the break room or by leaving the office, she is letting you know how much she enjoys your company. She appreciates your presence and wants your protection.

Or, she wants to continue a conversation that you were engaged in earlier in the day. This is another one of the strong signs that she is interested in you. Unless you have a super narrow hallway, a female coworker is not going to brush into you by accident. If she finds a way to rub against you when walking down the hallway together or meeting each other in the hallway, these are positive signs that she finds you attractive and wants you.

In the beginning when she passed you something, was there no contact? Now when she hands you a paperclip, do her fingers rub across yours in the passing? More than once? She obviously likes you and there is a strong chance she wants you to do the same.

If you are sitting next to each other at lunch or in a meeting and there is plenty of room at the table and her leg keeps rubbing against yours, you need to ask her out. This is one of the physical signs that she finds you attractive and wants you. Does a female coworker catch your eye from across the room? Does she hold your gaze longer than others? Does she smile? She obviously wants you. If a female coworker is always bringing your favorite flavor of coffee or breakfast sandwich, then she is showing you that she cares about you.

Surely she's not buying everyone else breakfast! By knowing what food you like and how you take your coffee, she is showing you that she is thinking about you before she even gets to work.

You are on her mind and she wants to please you. Without some of the other signs that a female coworker likes you, this might only mean she considers you a friend. However, this one added to brushing against you is a crystal clear sign.

Have you eavesdropped on her talking about you to fellow coworkers? Was she complimentary? Did she tell them what a good worker you were? More importantly, did she tell them what a good person you were?

This is another one of the signs that a female coworker likes you. Were those coworkers in the other department talking crap about you? If she defends you, you are at the very least counted as one of her friends. It is so easy for coworkers to complain about each other when the other person is not around.

Does she have a nickname for the two of you? Dynamic duo? Dream team? Why not continue that outside of work? From these conversations, if she remembers specific things about what your likes and dislikes, she is not only paying attention to the details, she cares about whether you are pleased or not. If you are sick, does a female coworker send you a text, call, or instant message you to make sure you are alright?

When a female coworker notices that you are missing and is worried about your health, she likes you. If she tells you that the place is not the same without you, she's definitely interested in you. Do fellow coworkers tell you that a female coworker likes you?

Coworkers notice subtle signs between people. Or will notice how the two of you interact when you're together. If people are telling you that she likes you or that you would make a good couple, take notice! If a married female co-worker seeks you out with all these signs, she is likely unhappy in her marriage and looking for some fun. The more she expresses the above signs, the more interested she is in a relationship.

So, you have the hots for one of your female coworkers. Says "Hi". Inquires about your evening or weekend. Tells you about her friends and family.

Asks about your friends and family. Sits next to you at meetings. Offers to work with you. Notices changes. Asks you to do things together outside of work. Asks you to go to lunch.

Asks you to walk with her to her car. Brushes into you when walking by. Touches your arm or hand. Her leg brushes yours. Catches your gaze. Buys you trinkets or breakfast.

Remembers your birthday. Sings your praises to other coworkers.

Crush on a Coworker: How to Handle a Coworker Crush Like an Adult

When I first became aware that I had feelings for this person, I was really scared. Last year was emotional torture. On the one hand, I was so happy when she was around, but at the same time I was so scared to look at her or be close to her because of how I was feeling. When she was away from work, I missed her every single day, only to be personally panicking that, when she would return, someone would find out my secret. At the end of last year, I moved to a different work section of the government agency I work for.

Whether you want that person to be totally crushing on your or just want to know so you could let them down easy without looking like a fool, here are some definitely positive signs someone has a crush on you — from VKool. If you find yourself checking out your coworker a little longer Find the best signs a guy has a crush on you secretly in high school or at work. If the guy is shy then look for signs through text and body language to be clear.

What are you going to do about this obvious attraction? Does she feel the same way about you? Is the attraction mutual? Or, is she just a friendly person that treats everyone else the same as you? Is she married?

Dear Bossip: I Have A Girl Crush On A Co-Worker & I Want To Explore My Feelings

It seemed to come out of nowhere. I have a very easy going relationship with all of my other colleagues and am usually the one making all the jokes, but I lose my cool with her. On the flip side of that, I see her being very social with everyone around her, but she seems to be very reserved with me. Whenever we pass each other in the hall and we accidentally make eye contact, we break it immediately. There have been a few weird moments between us that make me think she may be nervous around me as well. One time, I went into her office to ask her something and while I was talking, she sat on her hands. I kind of took that as a sign of nervousness I could be wrong. The kicker is that we are both women. Also, she has a boyfriend and so do I. I decided to not press the issue after that.

What to Do When You Have a Crush on Someone at Work

A something who's surprisingly bad at Tinder, Em learned a few lessons indulging in a workplace crush once. A few years back, after spending many a boring work week going through the same routine in the confines of my small workspace, something exciting happened—my longtime boyfriend and I split up at nearly the same time that my new coworker's relationship with his girlfriend hit the skids. While we'd spent the first few weeks of his employment there practically ignoring each other unless otherwise necessary, we suddenly had a lot in common, which we discovered during shared lunch breaks that eventually led to late-night text sessions. And then you can guess the rest after that because rebounds are rarely a long-term solution for two something broken hearts. I dabbled in a workplace romance, something I'd never before experienced or even considered.

One very awkward problem to solve is figuring out if a coworker has a crush on you. Not only may you get mixed signals from someone who has a crush on you, but you may not be able to respond appropriately because of the constraints of the workplace environment.

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25 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes And Wants You Badly

Having a crush on a coworker is one of the biggest no-nos in a workplace. But, how could you not develop a crush on somebody you work with? You see them literally more often than you see your family or partner.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 10 Subtle Signs Someone Feels Attracted To You

Danger, danger! The workplace crush. Some names and identifying details have been changed. It felt sexy to be around him. It was in Toronto, about ten years ago.

“Should I Tell My Colleague I Have a Girl Crush on Her?”


Mar 17, - Here's how I handled my own workplace crush. Here's some signs your coworker might have a crush on you too! I slept with a girl from work and now she's ignoring me when we're there and only responds to my texts but.








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