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How to make your husband a happy man

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Updated: April 20, References. Keeping a marriage fresh and exciting can be challenging, amidst the stress of daily life. Thankfully, there are small deeds that you can do to keep your husband happy and let him know that you love him more and more each day. Share in the responsibilities of marriage, and try different approaches to leading a happy, spontaneous life that gratifies you and your spouse both emotionally and sexually.

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13 Ways To Make Your Husband A Happy Man

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When was the last time you did something special to make your husband happy? The man you exchanged vows with is so much more than just a provider and a pair of useful hands around the house. He is someone who is always there to cheer you up when you are feeling low and to celebrate with, when the good times are around. A husband is your lover, your companion and a wonderful father to your kids.

TIP: Download the guide to making your husband stay committed to the marriage. Whether you are a bride, eager to please her brand-new hubby, or a wife of many years wishing to sizzle up your married life, here are a 50 ways to make your husband happy and pleased that he married you. It doesn't take much to make your man happy.

Unconditional Love and sincere appreciation are what most men expect in a partner. So let your imagination run riot! Skip to main content. Main menu Home. You are here Home. Commitment and monogamy.

Start with a love letter. Remember how eagerly you waited in the early days of your courtship to receive a letter or just a note from each other? Do it again, but this time count all the reasons, which you think make him the best husband. Your man will not only be happy to be reminded of your love but glad to know that he makes you happy as well.

Listen actively. When your husband expresses an opinion or a thought, pay attention. This shows you respect him and his views and nothing pleases a man more. Say thank you with a smile. When your husband does an odd job around the house, thank him like you really mean it. He will know that his help is not taken for granted and he will be happy to do more. Prepare his favorite meal. After he returns home from work on an ordinary day, surprise your husband with his favorite dinner. He will not only be glad to have the food he likes best, but will appreciate the time and effort you put in preparing it.

Let him have the TV remote. Granted, that you wish your husband spent more time with you, than watching the sports channel, but if there is an important game that you know your husband would love to watch, hand over the TV remote graciously. Hold his gaze. When you are speaking to your husband or listening to him, make sure that you keep eye contact.

This will assure him of your attention and your respect, which is empowering to any man. Plan a vacation. Make arrangements for a romantic vacation, to a destination you know your husband would love to visit. Ask his family over.

So ask them over for a Sunday lunch he will be touched by your loving gesture. Gift your husband a subscription to his favorite magazine. On the way from work, visit the bakery and pick up a dessert your husband digs.

Do something he hates. Choose a chore, like buying grocery or taking out the laundry, your husband really dislikes doing and then go on to do it cheerfully. Have his pals over. If a Super Bowl game or something equally popular is coming up, let your husband know he can watch it at home with his mates. Admittedly there will be beer cans and hot dog wrappers to clean up the next day, but your hubby will love your generosity. Appreciate his interests. If your husband is into carpentry, praise the bookstand he has made, even if it wobbles just a wee bit.

Or if he loves collecting coins, buy him a book on numismatics. Your interest in his hobbies will give your husband a feeling of pride and make him happy. Book your husband on a golf vacation and do it happily. Give your husband a nice massage, after a particularly exhausting day at work. Make your husband a bowl, of popcorn, as he settles down to watch his favorite DVD. Get him tickets to his favorite ballgame and then surprise him by lustily cheering for his favorite team.

Buy a really expensive gift for your husband, like a watch from Cartier or a Bvlgari perfume. Then snuggle up to your husband and ask what he would like to do, for the rest of the evening. Recreate your first date and your husband is sure to be happy falling in love with you all over again. Tell your husband to take a night out with his pals. Not only will he have a good time, but he will also be grateful for your thoughtfulness. Put on your sexiest lingerie and get ready for an intimate evening with your husband.

He will be happy to know you still desire him as a lover. Book yourselves on a luxury cruise. Your husband will not only enjoy the sun and the sights, but will be happiest doing nothing the whole day. Take care of your appearance.

Your husband will be glad to know you still find him worth the effort and time it takes to appear well-groomed. Greet your husband at the door dressed in your best gown and with two glasses of champagne. After he recovers from the initial shock, he will be glad that you came up with such a great idea to welcome him. Tell your husband he smells nice. Flirt with your husband in front of his friends.

Hold his gaze, touch his legs under the table and steal quick kisses. Your hubby will love to relive the days of romance. When you are sitting together, quietly slip your hand into his.

Your husband will love the easy expression of intimacy between you two. Buy him a set of golf clubs or whatever sport equipment he is interested in. Stop trying to change your husband into someone else, after all you married him for who he is. Meet him for lunch at his office and suggest a quick bite. He will love your spontaneity and the fact that you took out time from your own schedule.

The next time you decide to eat out, let your husband choose the restaurant and the menu. Ask him to share his fantasy with you and see if you can try it out — or at least a part of it.

Even if you both end up laughing, your husband will be pleased to know you care about what he wants. Do something fun together like a trip to an amusement park or going for a circus show.

Go out after dinner. Put the kids in bed and steal away with your husband for an ice-cream for a stroll in the park. Your husband will be pleased at spending some quiet time with you. Find one thing to compliment about your husband and do it sincerely.

Let your husband be at home the next time you want to go Christmas shopping. He will be glad to have escaped the chore and you might have more fun doing it with someone, who enjoys shopping, like your mom or a friend. Remind your husband that he is the sexiest man you ever set eyes on. Just a sentence telling him that he means so much to you. Pursue an interest together — like a dance class or a photography club.

He will be happy to feel connected to you. Go for a hike in the mountains. You both will love the fresh air and the casual intimacy. Be the perfect hostess, if your husband invites his boss over for dinner.

Learn a skill or a new language. Your husband will be happy and proud of your achievements. Get your husband something he always wanted, but never got around buying it. Go over his high school photos together and remark how handsome he was even all those years back. If you have already said it, say it again. You can never say these three words too often and you can be sure, that every time it will make your husband glad, he married you.

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12 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

Join AARP at 1 p. Learn more. A couple kiss while cleaning house in this undated photo. One of the keys to a happy marriage is small, romantic gestures that lets your partner know you love them. A friend recently called to tell me that it had taken her a week to notice that her husband shaved off his beard.

How do you make your husband happy? How do you make him feel how blessed or lucky he is to have you as his wife? How do you make him loyal to you so that your marriage will be happier , healthier, and will last longer?

Need to make your husband happy? Like genuinely happy? A blissful marriage is doable. Even in the 21 st century.

11 Ways To Make Your Long-Term Marriage Happier, Starting Today

Your words have great power in the life of your husband … they can lift him up and give him confidence, or they can beat him down. Your words can make a difference in the life of your husband. We have compiled a list of fifty things to say to your husband to make him feel great. Why not try one today? God knew what I needed when He gave me you. I got the car washed and serviced today, hoping it would just take a little of the load off of you. I want to compassionately encourage you: Jesus gave without mutual gain, too—and that puts you in some pretty good company.

6 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

I'm happily married to a fantastic man that I love deeply and completely. Dealing with an unhappy husband can be absolutely miserable. After the initial wedding bliss wears off and everything goes back to normal, things can often get tough pretty quickly. Here are 20 ways to keep your husband happy.

Have you ever wondered what you could do and how to make your husband happy?

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How to Keep Your Husband Happy

When was the last time you did something special to make your husband happy? The man you exchanged vows with is so much more than just a provider and a pair of useful hands around the house. He is someone who is always there to cheer you up when you are feeling low and to celebrate with, when the good times are around. A husband is your lover, your companion and a wonderful father to your kids.

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When a woman marries a man, she expects him to keep her happy. In fact, everyone else always talks about how a husband should keep his wife happy. No one discusses how a wife can make her husband a happy man. But it takes two to tango in a marriage. If your husband is unhappy, then you possibly cannot enjoy a happy marriage.

17 Things Your Husband Wishes You Would Do More Often

He comes closer to you. Gives a naughty look, and then pulling you nearer to his masculine body, makes you feel wanted. Slowly he starts kissing your neck and just when you get into the mood, you hear the doorbell ring. Then you wake up, realizing that it was a dream. Your sex life takes a back seat. If your soul mate is becoming more of a roommate and you want it to change, then this article is for you. Before we go into the details, let us explain the kind of chemistry every couple should achieve. There are four types of chemistry, and to impress your husband and get the spark back in your life, you need to have them all:.

We know what you're thinking: with all the things you have to get done in a list — especially if it Jan 8, - Uploaded by The List.

The honeymoon period in most marriages has a shelf life. But does that mean you can't bring back those fluttery butterfly feelings of excitement and anticipation everyone experiences at the beginning of a relationship? Absolutely not. All marriages maneuver through rough patches.

How to Make Your Husband Happy

A happy husband is a man who feels loved by his wife in all ways possible. In the beginning of a marriage there is romance, intimacy and warmth, but over time these feelings sometimes dissipate. There are ways to keep your husband happy for many years of marriage. The happier he is, the happier you will both be.

How To Impress Your Husband: 12 Tricks To Attract Him All Again

It's not just compliments and sex he's hoping for — though, let's face it, he wouldn't mind a little more of those, too. Or whatever your silly side has the urge to do. Men feel relief when they get an occasional break from a woman's serious, action-oriented sides which he's not knocking; he totally digs how ambitious and efficient you are.



10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy (and Your Marriage Better!)


50 Ways to Make your Husband Happy - How to Please the Man in Your Life


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