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How to know if your thai girlfriend is cheating

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Thai girls are famous for their lies and deceit and cheating is just something that most Thai girls have done at one point or another. Just like their Thai male counterparts Thai girls rarely think too much about something on the side. The problem isn't limited to just bar girls and bad girls, even good upstanding women in the country are known to cheat on their partners. Honesty in any relationship they say is the most important, and I say you need to always be honest with someone especially if you are sleeping around on them, why lie about it in the first place especially if you don't get a thrill about lying about such things. If you are open with her you might get lucky that she will be honest with you, especially when you confront it about her. If you suspect your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you and she lives with you, don't expect her to tell you the truth so use the following points to figure out if she is cheating on you first before confronting her.


Thai Girlfriend Investigations - More Cases

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One of the main concerns for any farang who has a Thai girlfriend is whether she is cheating on him. Of course, anyone can cheat and their nationality has very little to do with this. However, if you met your Thai girlfriend when she was working as a Thai bargirl your suspicions might have some stronger foundations. If you are living overseas, there are some ways that you can check on your Thai girl. OK, your Thai girlfriend may have been listed on these sites before you met, indeed, it may be how you met your Thai lady.

This is a common trick used by Thai girls. Study the photograph, is it recent or could it have been taken months ago? OK, this could be perfectly innocent and it may be the only place that she has an internet connection. Thai girls almost always have their phone with them. If you are calling directly to her phone rather than making an internet call, more often than not, she should be able to answer the phone.

Transferring money to your Thai girlfriend is common practice with Western Union being one of the favoured methods to do this. When your Thai lady goes to collect her money you will be able to check the Western Union website to find out which branch she collected it from.

Is it where you expected? In order to do this, she would need a UK Tourist Visa which would allow her to stay in the UK for up to 6 months each year. Is your Thai lady listed on any Thai dating sites? Are the photos she sends to you recent? Are video calls from a room that could be anywhere? Does she frequently not answer the phone?

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How to Catch a Cheating Thai Girlfriend

Your Thai girlfriend worked as a prostitute or worked within the vicinity of prostitutes. If your Thai girlfriend used to work in a bar or GoGo club then you must dump her immediately. Would you date a girl like this back home? Your Thai girlfriend cheated on you.

Do you trust your Thai Girlfriend? The number of Australian men having Thai girlfriends or wives has increased substantially in recent years.

Story of Jean Paul, lot of people in this case. CYT is supporting all our friend in Thailand regarding feeling with Thai girls. Hello guys, Free subscription during one year for the first 40 guys. CYT wish you an happy new year.

How to catch a cheating Thai woman in Bangkok

If you're looking to catch a cheating Thai woman in Bangkok, read this closely. Some women in Thailand are professional scammers. Their aim is to meet with as many different foreign men as possible. Some aim to have more than one boyfriend at the same time, others will continue to sell their bodies to other men while their boyfriend abroad doesn't know about it. This video shows a good example of what we're talking about here. The simple fact is this If you're looking for information online about "how to spot a good Thai lady", you're never going to truly find out if the lady you're with is being loyal to you when you're not around. Remember, some of these ladies are professional liars.

10 warning signs to look for in your Thai girlfriend or wife

The purpose of this section is to list the brief results of cases, after cleansing them of identification information. I've skipped the ladies' histories, love letters, our analyses, opinions, etc. We have done hundreds of Thai girlfriend investigations since my decision in to take on the Thai girlfriend investigations realm as a regular business. It was the Asia economic crash which really started this, prompted by a mass exodus of working expats due to business failures, their inability to get instant visas for their girlfriends to leave with them, and the fact that my non-P.

An Exciting Future.

You know how much you send her, how much she earns from any other job and what she owed when you first met her. If she has more jewellery, a new motorbike, fashionable clothes or upgraded her accommodation either somebody else is sending her money or she has won the lottery. Ask yourself, where is getting the money to afford this lifestyle? It is usual that when you visit your Thai girlfriend she will be wearing the jewellery and clothes you brought her, this is meant to give you the impression that she wears it all of the time.

Do you trust your Thai Girlfriend?

One of the main concerns for any farang who has a Thai girlfriend is whether she is cheating on him. Of course, anyone can cheat and their nationality has very little to do with this. However, if you met your Thai girlfriend when she was working as a Thai bargirl your suspicions might have some stronger foundations. If you are living overseas, there are some ways that you can check on your Thai girl.

Hey guys We start talking and over time it became more serious. After 4 months i decided to meet her in Bangkok. So, I arrived on a Saturday morning and she was already waiting for me at the airport and she looked really gorgeous! In retrospect, it seemed like she would not do that for the first time. Maybe i was not the first Farang she picked up from airport?!

Is My Thai Girlfriend Cheating on Me?

If you have ever been in a relationship with a Thai girl or woman you know how great it is hanging out with her and she giving you the feeling you are the coolest man on earth. You might also agree with me when I say that Thai girls make better girlfriends than western girls. However you will come to this point sooner or later, after a few months, or after a few years when you ask yourself if you wanna stay with her for the rest of your life. Or if you think you have enough of her for whatever reason: You are bored and want to look for someone new, she has cheated on you, she just sucks your money , she is boring, she becomes fat etc. But breaking up with your Thai girlfriend is a lot more complicated than getting into the relationship in the first place.

Mar 11, - Their aim is to meet with as many different foreign men as possible. If you're worried about your Thai girlfriend or wife, send us a message.

The year-old Thai woman, who had travelled to Wuhan, had developed a fever after returning to Thailand. She is the first patient in the country diagnosed with the coronavirus. Deputy Prime Minister and Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, said all four patients three Chinese and one Thai travelled to Wuhan and came down with fever and respiratory symptoms. On Jan 12, Thailand reported its first confirmed coronavirus where a year-old woman from the Chinese city of Wuhan was detected with febrile illness by thermal surveillance at Suvarnabhumi Airport upon her arrival.

Thousands of foreign guys visit Thailand each year and form romantic relationships with Thai women. If you're one of them, you should be aware of signs and things to look for in your Asian spouse. Thai culture is very different to countries in the west, so we've compiled these top 10 warning signs we think are a good starting point. She constantly talks about money or asks you for money A good Thai woman would never request money from a man she is just starting a relationship with; this is not an appropriate sign when you are still getting to know each other and should act as a red flag.

Owen Jones. Lek did not hope for anything more than the other girls in her village, that is to work in the fields for a few years; have a few babies; let mum take care of them and go back to work until they had their own children and it was her turn to take care of them. However, needing money to save the family farm from foreclosure by the bank, she drifted into the sex industry. After all she has been through, can she be a normal girlfriend or wife again?





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