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How to get rid of annoying friends wikihow

When you choose to end a bad friendship, you make the choice to maintain your self-esteem, and even your health -- toxic friendships can stress you out, making you sick. You could also keep your distance from them, and not necessarily communicate your feelings to them eventually, they will probably take the hint. Finally, and as a last resort, you can cut off communication with your friend. Ridding yourself of a bad friend is difficult, but you may find your life much improved without them. Ending a relationship with a bad friend can be difficult, but you can live a happier life without them by addressing your concerns and distancing yourself.

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Sometimes, people may act this way because they feel annoyed by the way someone treats them, especially inside a friend group. There are many factors, small and large, that causes others to label your actions as irritating. If you feel like you may be annoying to your friends, you can improve on certain areas to be more comfortable with your peers, and with yourself too. Tip: Of course, if someone says something truly awful such as a bullying or discriminatory comment , you might choose to disagree out loud to let them know that it's out of line.

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Skipping Bad Habits. Speaking Politely. Show 1 more Show less Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Respect the word "stop. If they say they want you to stop, or you notice nonverbal cues like facial expressions and body language that show something makes them uncomfortable, then you should stop. Keep your hands to yourself unless it's clearly okay to touch someone.

Don't touch someone by surprise, such as poking them or coming up from behind and touching them. Instead, let them see it coming so that they have the opportunity to say no or lean away if they don't want to be touched. Don't talk about people behind their backs; especially if you have not stated your issue with the person in the first place.

This is especially true of those who are related to you, or are your friends or significant other. Give people space if they'd like space. Avoid showing up uninvited or pestering someone with calls or texts if they aren't responding. Give them time to come to you. Ask how to help an upset friend.

If you notice that your friend is in a bad mood, don't assume you know how to fix it. Sometimes people want company and sometimes they want to be alone. Sometimes they want a distraction and sometimes they want to talk about it. Try saying "You seem down. What would help you feel better right now? For example, if they say "I want to be alone," then leave them alone for a while. Do not go through people's stuff. Even if their things are not private, they may still feel violated if you touch things that are in their personal space.

If you wish to borrow something, ask for permission first and allow the person to give the item to you. Mind your own business. Avoid butting into a conversation by for example saying, "What are you talking about? Method 2 of Be humble.

Just because you're confident doesn't mean you have to act like you're better than anyone else. Don't do or say things that might let you appear to be arrogant, like bragging about your wealth or success. There are some people who need to prove that they, and only they, had the ultimate experience. This is so universally hated that people actually will laugh at you if they see you doing this consistently. Bragging does not make your friends think you are any greater, it makes you look pathetic, it makes friends sick of you and it is human nature to avoid braggarts.

Share the spotlight. Being the center of attention can be fun. Remember that other people deserve to take turns too. Make time for them to talk about their lives and their issues. If it's someone else's turn, avoid trying to turn things back to you.

You'd feel upset if someone did that to you, so don't do that to your friend. Let things focus on them. You can take your turn once their turn is over. Read the room when it comes to your emotions. Notice the general mood that everyone else has.

If you try to interrupt that feeling e. Of course, you can still bring up things about your life. Just wait a bit if it seems like a bad time. Avoid judging people for harmless differences or mistakes. Sometimes people are imperfect or different from you, and that's okay. Avoid badmouthing them or treating them like they're inferior.

People notice this type of thing and they feel less comfortable around you because they'll worry that you judge them too. Apologize when you upset someone. You messed up, just accept it and be humble enough to apologize. This helps people trust you more. Method 3 of Stay aware of other people in public spaces. Don't block walkways, blast your music, or create strong smells e.

Your actions shouldn't interfere with other people's ability to move through public unbothered. Be polite and hygienic. Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough. Take a shower everyday and put on clean clothes every day. Avoid making distracting noises or motions that affect others. Issues like pencil tapping, chewing with your mouth open, or shaking your leg such that it shakes someone else's desk can bother people.

It's okay to be fidgety if that's the way you are. Find a way to fidget quietly without distracting others. Redirect your fidgeting if someone says it's bothering them. Don't copy people. People may find it irritating if you are always trying to copy their actions. Not only will it make them uncomfortable, it will create the impression that you're not happy with yourself and can't value your individuality. Practice good email and text etiquette. Send things because you think it'll improve your relationship or be helpful to someone.

Stay polite and kind in all your messages. Don't forward chain mail, even if it's warning about something scary or suggesting you could get paid. This type of stuff is always fake and it can annoy people. Avoid sending more than 2 messages in a row if someone isn't responding. Give them time to answer you. It may be that they're busy right now and will be able to get to you later.

Method 4 of Speak clearly. Try to speak at a moderate pace and volume.

Have you ever had clingy people hanging around you and your friends all day long? Are you tired of nosy people who always show a strong desire of being a part of your private conversations? Then it is time to change the agenda and sweep them of, once and for all, take a look at the tips below and try it yourself! Log in Facebook.

Updated: January 10, References. There are always those times when there's someone annoying us over and over. Yet, we often have no choice but to deal with them.

Sometimes, people may act this way because they feel annoyed by the way someone treats them, especially inside a friend group. There are many factors, small and large, that causes others to label your actions as irritating. If you feel like you may be annoying to your friends, you can improve on certain areas to be more comfortable with your peers, and with yourself too. Tip: Of course, if someone says something truly awful such as a bullying or discriminatory comment , you might choose to disagree out loud to let them know that it's out of line.

If you are worried about annoying other people and are seeking solutions to solve that problem, you have already won half the battle. All it takes is being self-aware and adjusting the way you interact with the people around you. Pay attention to the way you speak to people in person, through text, and online, and tweak any behavior that you are worried about. It is also important to respect the boundaries of others and give them the right amount of personal space. For example, when talking to other people, make an effort to listen actively and avoid interrupting them, so they can see that you care about what they have to say. Keep your conversations pleasant by staying positive and not complaining too much or oversharing about unpleasant topics. You can also avoid annoying people by staying out of their personal and emotional space. For more tips, including how to avoid annoying someone over text, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No.

Updated: May 4, References. Have you been trying to get rid of someone you don't like, but have found that nothing works? This person could be an annoying person who thinks she's your friend, a guy you're not interested in who has a big crush on you, or the new girl who follows you around all day. If you want to get rid of someone you don't like, the most straightforward way to do it is to either confront that person or just to avoid him until he gets the picture.

You love your friend, but sometimes they are just a little difficult to take.

It is impossible for you to get along with everyone. Eventually, you will come across people that annoy you at school, work, or in public places. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with these people gracefully, without hurting their feelings. Luckily, there are some techniques that you can use to get rid of annoying people without being incredibly hurtful.

In life, you will often have to deal with people who will challenge and frustrate you. A part of showing maturity and self-control is understanding how to deal with these people despite how much they might annoy you. Through controlling your emotions and monitoring your interactions with these people, you can handle yourself and your dealings with them in a calm and peaceful fashion. Dealing with annoying people can be frustrating, but by learning how to keep yourself calm, you can set an example the other person might one day follow.

Not all friendships are built to last. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to get rid of an unwanted friend. Breaking up with a friend is not so different from breaking up with a romantic partner. You may choose to distance yourself gradually or make a quick, clean break. Whatever method you choose, you should also spend a little time evaluating the friendship and your approach to ending it. To get rid of an unwanted friend, you can either make a clean break or distance yourself from them gradually.


Dec 12, - Be honest with annoying friends. Be as polite as possible, and point out specific behaviors that annoy you and/or other people. Make it clear that you are not trying to upset them, but you have noticed that they are having trouble interacting well with other people in your group. Rating: 84% - ‎40 votes.








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