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How to find out if husband has a second cell phone

I often hear from women who are troubled by or have just found out that their husband or boyfriend has two cell phones. Many are quite suspicious of this and wonder if the second cell phone means that the husband is cheating. There are various reasons that husbands have two cell phones, and only one of them is cheating although cheating is a common one. I will discuss this more in the following article. However, if this situation is applicable for your husband or boyfriend, you likely have often known this all along. For example, some people prefer blackberries to check work emails and more trendy phones like an iPhone to use while not working.

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How to Find out if your Husband has a Secret Cell Phone Number

Finding out that your husband or partner is cheating is always a big shock. We do not believe there is a person who, after finding out that they are a victim of cheating, could react completely calmly, going on with her partner and having no future doubts about the partner's fidelity or faithfulness.

Even when people feel that their relationship is not fulfilled with happiness and have a number of marriage problems, even if they strongly suspect that their spouse or wife is cheating, it is still not comfortable to discover the infidelity. There are a lot of things that people will need to face, when truth comes in front of them.

And just because we know of the great pain we will feel when it comes to unfaithfulness, we tend to close our eyes and not see any signs of cheating, even though the same signs are seen by everyone else around us. And when it finally turns out to be a infidelity in the relationship or marriage, those who are deceived are angry at themselves because they have ignored all the clear signs of the cheating. If you discover that your husband or wife is cheating, do not be angry and blame yourself: realize that you turned your head to the other side and did not see the signs of infidelity because of the natural desire to protect yourself from the disappointment that cheating brings in the relationship.

Just one more note before we go any further: Accept that there are no sure, unmistakable signs of cheating. We will only cite some that may mean that your husband or wife cheats, or that he may just think of cheating.

Also, these signs do not always point at physical infidelity, but also at an emotional one. The only thing worse than knowing you have been cheated on is not knowing and living with the doubt that something is happening. If you think your partner is cheating, there are several ways to check it out. This is the first sign of alert that will put suspicion in your mind. When we think of hiding, we are not talking about your husband putting his phone in some box under the bed, but on a lot of other tiny things, that at first might not be noticeable.

For example, if your boyfriend always left his phone on the table when you were out or just sitting at home and watching a movie and now he does not do this anymore, it is a sign of an alert. And what is more important to hide than an affair with another person?

If your husband was never a person that erased anything from his cell phone and suddenly that changes, there is a reason to be worried. Does he frequently deletes the list of calls? Well, these modern times We've written several times that today, thanks to the advancement of technology, it is incomparably easier for someone to meet and maintain "forbidden" contacts with a third person out of the marriage. Before, adventurous people were constrained by a relatively narrow circle of people with whom they would come into physical contact during the day.

But today, cell phones, the Internet, and all other technological miracles make life easier and widen the circle of potential lovers. Besides deleting the list of calls does your husband also delete the messages from his cell phone? Is it strange for you to always find the phone like it was just bought, with nothing on it?

Not a call registered from his colleges or a love message that you wrote him last week. Everything is deleted. Anyway, remember that the one who does nothing wrong has no reason to hide the traces of it - so precisely his need to delete a list of calls or messages can be a powerful sign of cheating because he knows he has a good reason to hide.

Love affairs take place primarily on the phone. If you catch your boyfriend or husband suddenly ending a phone conversation, when you enter the room, or how he permanently deletes old messages and call lists and takes a defensive attitude when you ask something about it, it would not be wrong for you to review the list of calls you always receive on the account.

Do you find calls from a number who is repeating a lot of times, but is not kept in the mobile phone address book? This can also be a bad sign that something is happening because if your husband is having regular contact with some person no matter if it is a friend, colleg, family there is not a reason why he would not save the number in his list.

Try to ask him about it or to find by yourself whose number is this. Maybe it is just a coincidence, but maybe it is a red flag that your husband is cheating you. Do you find unusual names and numbers in his mobile phone address book? Instead of the name, does he have abbreviations or codes? People who engage in affairs often remember the numbers of their lover in the address book, but of course try to hide who they are actually keeping in touch with.

This is why instead of the real name of the person whose number is kept, they put different codes whose meaning they only know. If "X", "She" or something similar to the name is next to the number, it would not be a bad idea to ask your partner about whose number it is. Does your husband hide while talking on a cell phone or while sending messages? Does he usually whisper when he talks on the phone?

There may be a good reason for hiding, but unless your husband or wife is having a secret affair, there is probably no reason why you should not hear their conversation. You are his partner, so no matter what the talk is about family, work, problems it shouldn't be hidden from you.

It is especially doubtful if he used to talk to you and then suddenly, and without any comprehensible reason, he started to hide and leave the room where you are there - and when the cell phone rings and above all he whispers when he talks on the phone.

Like we have said before, there might also be a good reason for hiding. Maybe your husband is planning some sort of surprise for your birthday, so before accusing him of adultery, be sure that something wrong is really happening. The only thing worse than your husband going in the other room to talk on his phone is staying outside in front of your house. If you can see him constantly talking outside, then he is surely talking about something that you should not hear.

Especially if the talks are long and he is still not coming inside until he finishes the conversations. Like we have previously said, if this has happened once or twice, there is no need for worry, but if it is something that happens very often, you should investigate the situation.

Do you often catch your partner in tiny lies, when you mention something related to his cell phone? The human brain has its limits, and it is known that the biggest problem with lies is that you have to remember them - forever. Once they happen, lies must never be forgotten because when you catch him lying, he will have to invent a new lie to explain the differences in the stories he has been telling.

After that he has to remember both lies - both new and old. And so if you catch your partner in lies, insist on explaining why he was lying. Small lies can be just that - small lies, but can also be a sign that your partner hides something much more serious and ugly from you.

Maybe some affair? Nowadays, in the world of modern technology, a person interested in a love affair does not even have to leave his own home.

Simply using Internet chat rooms, online dating links, and secret addresses have caused an alarming rise in the number of emotional affairs. If you notice that your partner is online more than anything else, or that he regularly uses chat rooms and visits pornographic sites, it's time to worry.

If your husband spends more time on his phone nowadays than the times you were girlfriend and boyfriend, you surely have some new situation.

Usually, men spend more time on their phones or online on social networks when they are in a relationship, than when they get married. It's completely logical. Now you are in a different type of connection where serious bonds are made, so online chatting and talking should not be a big part of your husband's life. If he comes home from work and instead of having a cup of tea with you and talking with his wife, he sits immediately on his phone and goes online on every social network he has, it might be time for "the talk.

This sounds like a cliche, but it's true. As soon as a partner suddenly tells you he will come home late at night because he has too much work, and you know it is not common, ask him why it is so. If his answers are sloppy and attacking, he might be defending himself because he knows he is guilty - of adultery. To be even worse, he does not want you to call him. This is a continuation of the first reason for suspicion of unbelief.

Of course, there are people who do not like being called at work because they have a dynamic workplace and often are not in the office. But if your husband suddenly changes the board, it may be because he's having an affair. Surprising secrecy can certainly be a worrying sign, especially if the relationship was honest and open before.

If you add hiding as soon as your partner's cell phone rings or he checks emails while you are in the other room, something not good is happening. Although initially, you cannot believe that this can happen to you, you need to understand more of these characters in combination are a danger. As in other relationships in life, sincerity is most important to the success of a relationship, and before you go to search for the truth, be sure to have enough arguments for the discussion.

Let's say that your partner does not have codes and passwords on his phone, or if he has, you already know all of them, so you can easily take his phone and look what is in it.

It's best to have trust in the relationship so you don't make these kinds of checks on him, but if that is not the case then it is a good sign that he gives you his phone and his phone codes.

But, not so fast! The bad sign is when he becomes very nervous if his phone is in your hands. No man will act with nervousness if he has nothing to hide.

Maybe he is thinking at the moment if he deleted all the compromising messages or if he hid all his traces. However, nervousness, when you have his phone, is a sign that something is not right and it's possible that some cheating is involved. When you ask him to give you his phone he reacts strangely and does not want to. He finds multiple excuses so you will not take it.

Even if your intention was not to check on him, but just to see something online maybe in some magazine, to check your email, etc. But it does not matter because now your red light is turned on and you have some suspicious thoughts in your head. He does not want to give you his phone and also he is complaining if you ask suspicious questions. Of course, no one wants to have trust issues in a relationship, bur sincere talk can make everything work.

Do you have some doubts and asked your partner about them, and the answers you got sounded like your partner defended something or attacked you? The attack is the best defense. You told him you were suspicious, and he accused you of being jealous and talking nonsense. If by nature you are not jealous, believe in your feeling. Although everyone is an individual and deserves privacy, in love, complete devotion and sincerity are expected.

If he or she behaves strangely at the tricky questions of unbelief, you should demand the truth and not stop until you determine that you have received it. Nowadays with smartphones, everyone tries to protect their phone as much as possible.

It is normal to have passwords on your phone, your online networks, emails, etc. Also, his things are private stuff and if you had a relationship built on trust where you don't tell each other's passwords, it's okay. But if you are in a relationship where you knew all his codes and he also knows yours, and suddenly you can't access anything because he changed all of them, it might be a sign of cheating.

No one does this type of protection unless he has something specific he wants to hide from you.

How To Find Out If Your Husband Has A Secret Cell Phone

He may be more quiet than usual, or more vague about his day. If you have suspicions that your husband is having an affair or is hiding something from you, it is in your best interest to find out the truth. There are several ways to find out if your husband has a secret cell phone.

People cheat. Not everyone, not all the time, but extramarital affairs are downright common. Even now, in the age of serial divorces and polyamory, when marriage is as flexible — and even disposable — as it ever has been, devoted husbands and wives succumb to temptation.

Finding out that your husband or partner is cheating is always a big shock. We do not believe there is a person who, after finding out that they are a victim of cheating, could react completely calmly, going on with her partner and having no future doubts about the partner's fidelity or faithfulness. Even when people feel that their relationship is not fulfilled with happiness and have a number of marriage problems, even if they strongly suspect that their spouse or wife is cheating, it is still not comfortable to discover the infidelity. There are a lot of things that people will need to face, when truth comes in front of them.

20 Cell Phone Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

A man who's having an affair will almost always leave signs that you can pick up. He may spend more time working on his appearance and on his computer, spend money he can't account for and seem distant and distracted when he's with you. Some cheating spouses use secret cell phones to communicate with their other partners. If you can find a secret phone, you'll know your suspicions are valid. Before you go down this path, though, do a gut check and make sure you're not jumping to conclusions. Snooping through your husband's things is a violation of his privacy, so you should be fairly sure he's cheating before you do it. Pay attention to your husband's habits. When he walks in the door, where is the first place he goes? Check in that room, in every hiding place you can think of, for the cell phone.

8 clever ways that tech can reveal a cheating spouse

A secret affair is like a bombshell. You feel shocked, enraged and humiliated. You feel betrayed, your trust squandered. But for many people, the worst part isn't the act itself, but the secrecy.

Are you looking for fast ways to find if your husband has a secret cell phone or not? You need to reveal the truth and uncover any hidden mobile number that he owns?

Suspicious your dirty dog partner is sniffing around another lady? A British detective wants to help you snare him. You've spotted lipstick on his collar, smelt perfume on his clothes and noticed that smug look of sexual satisfaction on his cheating, lying face. If you suspect your dog of a husband has been sniffing around other lampposts, it can often be hard to prove your suspicions.

Private detective reveals the tech tips to help women catch their cheating love rat husband

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5 digital signs that your significant other is cheating

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Hi, I have been married for 5 years and and known my 2nd husband for 8 years. He ofcourse denied having a second phone and he got angry and defensive when I asked if he had pretend it is just a mistake but my gut feeling tells me to check it out. Can you get access to online cell phone records?Apr 10, - 2 posts - ‎2 authors.

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How do I Find Out If My Husband Has a Secret Cell Phone?

Long story short, if your husband has been unfaithful to you, this tracking tool should make it immediately obvious. Our list of behavioural cues below will help you decide if you are right to be suspicious of him. If your husband seems to be using his phone a lot more than usual this can be a cause for concern. It could mean that work is busier than ever for him, or he could be keeping in touch with his family more.

How To Find Out If Your Husband Has A Secret Cell Phone






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