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How to find a virtuous wife

Download the free printable version of this article here. You sit there and think about your hectic morning, rushing about, trying to get the kids ready for church on time, and no one can find their shoes much less get into the car without complaining, whining, and bickering. How in the world could you ever become a Proverbs 31 Woman? Being a wife and mama is hard work and sometimes — maybe often times — you feel overwhelmed and frustrated and wish you could just get a break. In fact, Proverbs 31 is not a checklist or a to do list. The passage of Proverbs 31 was written a long time ago.

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Sometimes women think that being a virtuous woman that was described in Proverbs 31 is not possible nowadays. So, who is a virtuous woman according to the Bible and how she can apply this rules today?

The Bible in the Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman as the one who leads her home with integrity, discipline, and more. All the virtues she is practicing are aimed at making the life of her husband better, teaching her children and serving God.

The answer to the question of who is a virtuous woman according to the Bible can be given in 31 chapter of Proverbs. Here, a virtuous woman is described as one who is a positive influence verse 12 , a hard worker vv.

A virtuous woman in the Bible shows respect for her husband. She can be trusted and has respected by elders. Her husband is fully confident in her, and she inspires confidence in her husband.

A virtuous woman is not annoying, impatient, or unpredictable. She will never deliberately let her husband down. The godly woman speaks with wisdom. She does not harm with words and is always ready to give advice. She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens" Proverbs When speaking who is a virtuous woman, she is to a great extent, a hard worker.

She understands that her husband and children have to be well fed. A virtuous, biblical woman possesses not only the necessary cooking skills, but she knows all about nutrition and will ensure that her family is fed healthily.

The virtuous woman in the Bible is not lazy, she does not sleep in the morning but rises while it is yet night to prepare breakfast. A virtuous woman works willingly with her hands giving the fruit of her hands. In the Old Testament times, it was necessary that woman knew how to work with fabric. In modern times, a woman needs to possess some professional skills. It is not all about manual work nowadays, however, she still needs to care about the well-being of her husband.

Her duty is also to create an inviting atmosphere of warmth and love for her family and guests. A virtuous woman spends money wisely. She is careful to purchase quality items which her family needs. The godly woman has the intelligence and sense to lead the business. It might surprise modern women but biblical women were also businesswomen. They managed the home-based businesses that brought them profits. Similarly to money, a virtuous woman knows how to use her time wisely.

She works hard to complete her daily tasks. She doesn't waste her time on the things that do not please the Lord. A virtuous woman brings good to her husband. She is the best asset to her husband. She will never intentionally bring harm his way. A virtuous woman cares for her body. Also, she prepares healthy food for her family. A virtuous woman serves God with all of her heart, mind, and soul. She seeks His will for her life and follows His ways. She watches her tongue and speaks with wisdom.

She understands that beauty is a temporal thing. What makes a woman respected is that she fears the God and this fear makes her soul beautiful. This fear of the Lord is a source of her wisdom and goodness. A virtuous woman cares about eternity more than about life on Earth however she fulfills her duties well. A godly woman is compassionate and unselfish.

The income she earns is shared with the poor and needy. A virtuous woman teaches and nurtures her children with the love of God. She can give them faithful instructions on the domestic responsibilities, social rules, etc. She is always at their disposal. She is involved, dedicated, loving, and interested in their problems and troubles. A virtuous woman is a woman of worth and beauty. Though an inner beauty has a priority in the Bible, the Proverbs 31 does not neglect the appearance of a woman.

A virtuous woman uses her business skills to provide attractive clothing for herself using her creativity and sense of style. This is the description of a virtuous woman of the Old Testament times, but in general, these standards might apply to every period of history and nation. She cares both about inner and outer beauty.

She is a good manager as well as a person with high moral standards. She also knows how to teach children with no harm to their soul and mind, and she can make everybody around happy as she is happy herself. Main Ask Legit Ask Legit. Source: Legit Nigeria. Tags: Interesting Facts. Hot: Latest ankara gown styles Mickey rourke young cool names for boys and girls Huawei Mate 30 Pro specs. Show Comments. Impressive history of Nollywood!

Five Characteristics of a Virtuous Wife

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. For her price is far above rubies. Only a few favored men find a truly virtuous woman, for they are very rare. And they are more rare today, thanks to the curse of the modern woman. Here are the inspired and time-honored words of a mother to her son the king Proverbs

Sometimes women think that being a virtuous woman that was described in Proverbs 31 is not possible nowadays. So, who is a virtuous woman according to the Bible and how she can apply this rules today? The Bible in the Proverbs 31 describes a virtuous woman as the one who leads her home with integrity, discipline, and more.

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Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?

Parallel Verses. King James Version Who can find a virtuous woman? Darby Bible Translation Who can find a woman of worth? World English Bible Who can find a worthy woman? For her price is far above rubies. Young's Literal Translation A woman of worth who doth find? Yea, far above rubies is her price. Proverbs Parallel. Ruth And now, my daughter, fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requirest: for all the city of my people doth know that thou art a virtuous woman.

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Updated: November 29, Reader-Approved References. The characteristics of a virtuous woman have been explored in religious texts and in the works of philosophers throughout the ages. While each source can vary on the exact details, there are a few common principles that most great thinkers agree on. If you are aiming to be a virtuous woman, here are a few principles you can review to get started.

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Who can find a virtuous woman?

For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil All the days of her life. She seeks wool and flax, And willingly works with her hands.

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This chapter contains the description of a most valuable woman. A woman that cannot be bought. A woman that God has wrought. A virtuous woman. Often imitated, seldom duplicated. Should we marry?

Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman?

There's almost an entire chapter on the virtuous woman in the Bible. What does "virtuous woman" mean? Who is this godly lady? How does God in His Word describe her? Does she pray faithfully each day? Is she used in the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Prov Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her Sep 6, - Uploaded by L0rdH0use.

With the end of summer upon us, another school year begins. Our children are back at school. Many of our young adults are off to institutions of higher learning or out in the work force trying to make a place for themselves in this world. These qualities are clearly timeless and would be foundational in the character of any successful woman, regardless of her chosen path in life at any point in time.

5 Ways to Be a Virtuous Woman

We live in a world of social media where our happiest moments are captured at the snap of a button, edited with the most complimentary filter possible, and then shared for all to see. You brush under the rug of a fake, forced smile, the harsh words you uttered hastily in the car to your spouse, and you sufficiently apply the strained, fake mask of perfection before considering the mantle of humility. We will always be in the good race to obtain those traits presented in Proverbs 31, and we will fall short many times, but too often we miss the mark of where it all starts.






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