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How to find a user in reddit

Reddit is no stranger to controversy. Unknown to redditors, Huffman could edit any part of the site and inserted code that would automatically replace his username with the username of his critic, turning the insult back on them. Redditors were quick to notice and were seriously unhappy that their data could be manipulated. Huffman no longer has this power, but this incident brought to light the overreach of the tech executives at Reddit, and perhaps beyond.


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How to block someone on Reddit

This class is intended to be interfaced with through reddit. Return a ListingGenerator of contributor subreddits. Additional keyword arguments are passed in the initialization of ListingGenerator. The returned dict contains subreddits as keys. The dict is sorted in descending karma order. Each key of the main dict is an instance of Subreddit.

It is recommended to iterate over the dict in order to retrieve the values, preferably through dict. Return a Redditor instance for the authenticated user. Prefer using separate Reddit instances, however, for distinct authorizations. Return an instance of cls from data. Get an instance of Preferences. The preferences can be accessed as a dict like so:. The Preferences. Changes with invalid types or parameter names fail silently. Return a ListingGenerator of subreddits the user is subscribed to.

PRAW latest. X References Index. These are subreddits that the user is a contributor of. Redditor], praw. Parameters: user — Checks to see if you are friends with the Redditor. Either an instance of Redditor or a string can be given. Returns: A list of Redditors, or a Redditor if you are friends with the given Redditor.

The Redditor also has friend attributes. Note Each key of the main dict is an instance of Subreddit. Read the Docs v: latest Versions latest v7. A list of Redditors, or a Redditor if you are friends with the given Redditor.

Reddit Comment Search

Are you looking to grow your marketing outside the traditional social media platforms? Reddit is a social sharing website, built around users submitting text, images, and videos, which others can vote on. Popular content rises to the top, while content that is downvoted e. A subreddit is a board dedicated to a certain topic.

Enter your username below to see your Reddit Statistics - recent activity, comment and submissions summaries, word cloud, and more interesting stats. Data is generated from the last comments and submissions. See a random Redditor's profile instead.

Reddit is a place of interactions and if the wrong interactions are made or an act of fraud or spamming is perceived by the website then, such an account can be penalized. Learn how to control your username on this social giant. Reddit has decided to make a few changes to its website to keep it at the top in terms of quality. Perhaps you want to learn how to change the username on Reddit. Many questions surround this platform but our main focus will be on the username and display names so if you're wondering how to change Reddit username then here is a tip:.

How to Change Reddit Username

Looking for the best way to search Reddit users? Keep reading. For example, if you know the username you are searching Reddit for is karusu88 , this will open that profile. For more information on this, check the Reddit Wiki Search page. Another way to search for link submissions and comments is, of course, through Google and the site operator. For example, the following query. As you can see, searching out a user is quite easy if you know their username. However, if you are looking for a more elaborate methods on how to find someone on Reddit, there are a few services that are made with this exact idea — searching for users and easily seeing their submissions, both links and comments, and few extra bits of information. So how to search Reddit users with Redective?

Contacting the admins

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User flair is a special tagging system that you can choose to enable for your community. User flair creates a visual flag next to community member's username.

We're helping startups impacted by Covid Looking to raise awareness around a cool idea or helpful product but need a little jump start? Try our Reddit upvotes service. A user flair is selected by the user to appear right next to their name.

User Flair

There are several ways in which you could navigate through the subreddits of Reddit, which are: Searching, Browsing, and Adding subreddits to the Home-Page also known as front page. One important way to navigate the subreddits is by using the Search Bar. To use this navigation tool, you do not need to have an account.

Redective is a simple tool that searches the profile for a Reddit user and automatically tabulates and displays all of the data it can find. Whitelist Redective and reddit. The main culprit I have found is ' Disconnect '. If you are using it, try clicking "Whitelist site". Once reloaded, check to see if the site works.

Secretly Check Out Your Reddit-Using Friends with Reddit Investigator

We want you to understand how and why Reddit, Inc. This Privacy Policy applies to all of our Services including Reddit Gifts, which maintains a separate privacy notice that incorporates this Privacy Policy by reference. Account information. To create an account, you must provide a username and password. You may also provide an email address. We also store your user account preferences and settings. Content you submit. We collect the content you submit to the Services.

Jan 10, - When other users view your profile, they will be able to see information about your activities on the Services, such as your username, prior posts.

Reddit is a massively popular social media site, centered around sharing links and photos. Reddit users, also known as "Redditors," tend to be devoted users of the website. If you're a Redditor who finds a fellow Reddit user in the wild, be sure to grab their exact username. Because unlike some sites, Reddit doesn't have any sort of directory where you can find a specific user you're looking for. Here are two ways to find a user on Reddit , using an internet browser on your Mac or PC, and the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

Reddit Privacy Policy

This class is intended to be interfaced with through reddit. Return a ListingGenerator of contributor subreddits. Additional keyword arguments are passed in the initialization of ListingGenerator. The returned dict contains subreddits as keys.

How To Flair A Post On Reddit

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Maintaining and running this project requires a lot of time and money. All money received from donations will be reinvested back into this project and helps offset hardware and bandwidth costs. Site Designer: Jason Baumgartner. Thank you for using Pushshift's Reddit Search Application! This application was designed from the ground up to be feature rich while offering a very minimalist UI.

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