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How should a husband protect his wife

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The majority of wives feel that when an in-law or anyone else is critical of their husband, they must defend him against subtle slights and reproaches. For instance, a husband can deftly and quickly change the subject. He may not be approving, confirming, or legitimizing the insult. Mothers-in-law can be critical and often are, not merely of you, but of their children, friends, and others as well.

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How Does a Husband Protect His Wife

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We have lots more on the site to show you. You've only seen one page. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. The three most important duties of a husband are to preside, provide and protect. Today we are going to look at how a man can protect his family, and most importantly his wife.

A man protects his wife by providing a safe environment free of danger. He eliminates or reduces potential physical, emotional, or spiritual threats. The best way to protect is to prevent the dangers and that come your way before they become dangerous. When most people think of protecting their wife they might think of running out of a burning building carrying their wife or jumping in front of a bullet. While these examples are extreme, they certainly do fall under the roof of protecting your wife.

Although, these examples are rare and very unlikely. There is a lot you can do to protect your wife from physical dangers. The most common protection that a wife would need from her husband is financial security and stability. Protecting your wife from physical dangers means taking upon you the risk of a dangerous situation so that she does not carry that risk.

These are also not as common as emotional or spiritual threats but the husband still bears this responsibility. These depend greatly on where you live in the world.

In everyday life, this could be encouraging healthy habits, or walking with her through a bad part of town. Protect her from her fears and worries. This means doing everything you can do to eliminate those fears and also comforting her as she goes through them.

Work on the problem while helping her personally get through them. Protect your wife from her own work environment. Make sure she is not overworked or overburdened. Your wife also needs protection from the person she is closest to. Conduct yourself in a way that is unquestionable. Never let your emotions get the better of you. Always be mindful of what she says and respect it. Some men falsely believe that because they are married that consent is no longer required or that anything goes.

Sex is a two-way street. If sex has become one-sided you have already lost what makes it so precious. Listen to your wife. Always control yourself. Emotional threats are more common than physical ones.

The good news is that the person who can do the most damage to your wife is … yourself. That means that you by yourself can eliminate a large chunk of potential damage just by acting appropriately. You cannot protect your wife emotionally if you are saying negative things about her thus making the relationship emotionally unhealthy.

Make sure that she knows that your allegiance is to her, not to your friends, family or even your own kids. But to her. Emotional protection also means protecting herself from her own negative thoughts and insecurities.

Help your wife by dispelling these negative thoughts and lies. Just as you protect your wife you also need to protect her name. That means standing up for her if friends or family begin to speak negatively of her. This must be done if she is present or not. She will find out about it. The question is will she find out that you said nothing and avoided the conversation or will she find out that you stood up for her risking embarrassment in order to protect her name.

This goes both ways. People are often tempted to badmouth their spouses. It is never worth it. It does much more damage than is worth the laugh from your friends. Perhaps the biggest part of emotional protection is protecting the marriage. You need to protect the marriage from any external intruders that may come your way.

Set appropriate boundaries. Intruders that tempt you or her must be destroyed in order to protect her. The biggest threat to your marriage is internal, not external. The best way to protect from outside forces is to have a healthy relationship. Make sure to prioritize your marriage. You are most vulnerable to emotional invaders when your needs are not met.

Meet her needs and have her meet yours. You protect your wife by withstanding temptations that you face and fulfilling her needs so that she is not vulnerable or tempted. Do what is in your control. Emotional dangers are not always other people.

They can be unhealthy coping mechanisms, dishonesty or manipulation. Respect her wishes and desires. Protect your wife by protecting her heart. Do not do anything that will break her trust. Everything you say either builds her up or tears her down. Choose your words wisely. A man must lead and protect his wife and family spiritually. The best way to protect spiritually is to help your family resist temptations. Set the example with family prayer and scripture study.

Pray for your wife. Take your family to church. Many people mistakenly believe that it is the responsibility of their church to lead their family spiritually, this is false. It is the responsibility of the father and husband.

Teach your family the gospel at home. Cultivate a culture of faith, forgiveness, and love. Do not let a spirit of contention, jealousy or hate in your home.

Avoid pornography. There is a lot that you can do and a lot that you must do to protect your family spiritually. However, the most important part is being strong yourself and resisting temptations. If you as the family leader fall into temptation you can no longer lead your family spiritually. You must remain pure yourself and lead by example. Pray for the strength to resist temptation. You must be honest, loyal, clean and loving.

You must not tolerate lies, hate, anger, lust or other negative things that try to enter your home. Men and women are wired differently. Men need to be needed and like to be the hero. Women like to be cared for and cherished. Women have a need to feel safe and secure. Not just financially but in all areas of life. She needs to know that she is important to you and that you have her back.

As your wife feels protected she will naturally meet the needs that you have. She will better be able to fulfill the responsibilities she has as a homemaker. Your relationship will improve.

You will have more unity and the love in your home will increase. Have you ever looked at your significant other and thought that you wanted to do something really nice for them to show them how much you love them? Maybe you decided you wanted to write a love I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert when it comes to pregnancy. Currently, I'm in the second trimester of my second pregnancy. Unfortunately, we miscarried our first child after three

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This is the fourth article in a series dealing with leadership in the home. You can read the first part here , the second part here and the third part here. A husband is uniquely equipped to protect his family.

He calls every man to love his whole wife just as every man loves his whole self Eph. One thing we learn from this is that a husband should use words to express his love for his wife. A loving husband graciously convinces his wife that, to him, she is the most important person in the world.

We have lots more on the site to show you. You've only seen one page. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. The three most important duties of a husband are to preside, provide and protect.

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Slowly the details begin to emerge. We learn the names of the victims and their stories. We learn about the gunman and his motivations. And we lament over all the missed warning signs. In a desperate attempt to make sense of the senseless we analyze everything, we hope to find an answer somewhere. The sense of security we once had now seems elusive. With each new detail, we realize that it easily could have been us, our spouse, our child, our parent. When the cold, hard truth of our vulnerability finally sets in, fear turns to anger. Something must be done! How can we protect our loved ones from the evil that exists?

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What does the Bible say about? Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior.






A man who truly loves his wife who always choose his wife. If you have a Should a husband defend his wife against insults from his family? Wife Quotes, Love.








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