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How do i stop my ex husband using my address

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For further sources of help, please take a look at our A-Z of helpful UK support organisations. Log in Register. Page: 1. Rach O. To try and cut a long story short, some of you might have followed my thread in the Badly Treated forum, about my 'husband' being arrested for assault and bailed to his parents at the beginning of this year, and the subsequent nightmare that I had with DD to get us re-housed, and get a financial solicitor to help with the enormous debts that he left behind.

DD and I are now - finally - settled and happy in our new house, and we are managing well financially, and the solicitor has been fantastic in helping keep people off my back until the house is sold after it was re-possessed he stopped paying the mortgage. This morning I had a letter addressed to him, which I opened automatically as the only post that should come here is that which addressed to me. Apparently he owes them not a huge amount of money, but they want it paying for whatever reason.

I phoned them immediately and told them that he'd never lived here, he shouldn't even have my full address although he does know where I live - he's turned up here before and I know it's not too hard to trace a postcode and why had the bill been sent to me?

I was told that the only way they would get my address is if the account holder has given it to them. I want to know what the bloody hell he's playing at. The decree nisi went to court last week, and knowing how unhinged he is at the best of times, this has sent me through the ROOF. Is it even legal for him to give out my address as his own he must have done - his name was on the envelope and the letter when he has never lived here?

I just don't need this right now, I'm already getting help for depression and anxiety and the stress of the last year should have finished me off - it's been horrific and DD and I are only just settled now. I'm going to call my solicitor on Monday, but I just needed to come on here and rant, and to see if anyone has any wise ideas about whether he's breaking the law. He's on a 2 year conditional discharge because of the assault s and as far as I know is still living with his parents and has lost his job which I know for a fact Despite what he's done to me and my DD, I don't wish him any ill feelings, if anything I pity him.

Any advice welcome, even if you've just put up with my ranting, then thanks for reading. Lots of love, Rach xxxxx. Your browser cannot play this video. Hi Rach, I am sorry that this has happened to you - just as you were getting you and your DD settled too. However, with the strike I am not sure if their office will be manned full time.

Take care Rach. Hi Linda, Thanks for your reply, hon :hug: I agree with you that there's not a lot of point calling RM at the moment, but thanks for the link. When we were in the old house, all his mail to Orange was still getting sent to that address, and I was just crossing the address out and putting in his parents address, and sending it on to him via shoving it in the mailbox.

Could it be something to do with the re-possession and his mail getting sent back to Orange? However, I just don't know how they would have my address unless he gave it to them???? The second theory is my first one - he's given them my address. My DD Agrees with me, too. For what reason, I don't know. This was never anything to do with me, it was always his Orange account and seeing as I've dealt with all the financial ramifications of what he did, and kept DD and I above water, and kept my own head held well high as far as the household debts etc were concerned, if I'm right, why the hell would he start this crap now, unless it's bitterness over the divorce?

I know none of you know him, but I do, and I know his family as well. I know he's been taken back into the family bosom and left MY DD - not his - and I to struggle since he was finally found guilty of what he did. Oh - not counting her birthday, when he sent her loads of presents, after he'd spent 3. I am so sorry to rant on and on, and I hope I don't sound as bitter as I think I might do. I just thought he'd finally left us alone, and realised I just wanted him out of our lives - I don't care if I never get a penny out of him - it's worth the hassle just to not have him in our lives any more, but if he's going to start this crap, he'll have a hell of a fight on his hands Lots of love, and Rach xxxxx Hi Linda, Thanks for your reply, hon I agree with you that there's not a lot of point calling RM at the moment, but thanks for the link.

I have 2 theories about this, and both don't add up. Talk about typing too fast - I meant my Darling Dad, not my DD that agrees with me - she's too busy watching X-Factor and eating sweeties girlie night in to really care.. R xxxxx. Anon There is nothing better than a good rant to make you feel better ,hope you get this sorted and good luck with the future There is nothing better than a good rant to make you feel better ,hope you get this sorted and good luck with the future.

Deleted profile. I suspect he's given your address to avoid having to deal with his debts. You need to contact Experion and let them know not to use your address for him. If a judgement in made in his name but with your address, your address shows up a bad credit rating. There is a section within the police where you can report flase use of your address, then no ratings go against you.

Write to the company and notify them that he is not living at your address and that it is not to be used for any further correspondence. Return the letter also.

If you are going through divorce there must at least be an address for service, so use that. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. Spoke to my solicitor today, and she also agrees that he's done this deliberately. She's also advised me to write to the company, which I have now done, and will return the letter once I've scanned it.

I keep a copy of everything as far as he's concerned I really don't give a stuff about having opened something with his name on it, I'm the only one who should be getting any post here, I certainly don't expect to get his mail, so it's opened automatically! I was left with the financial and emotional aftermath of what he did to us, he's borne NO responsibility whatsoever, and to me this is just another example of how his head is so well and truly shoved so far up his behind, he can taste his own breakfast.

If he's so bitter and twisted, then he should have thought about his actions before he made my and my DD's life a living hell. I've had the grace to walk away, re-build our lives and not be nasty about the situation, although I'd be well within my rights, so he can go forth and multiply if he thinks he's going to start this crap. Sorry - didn't mean to rant Frances - many thanks for the information you gave me about Experion, I'll certainly put it to good use, and also contact the police.

Jennifer D 9. I'd like to make a comment that you may find useful. It is however not written in a way to scare you just to make you aware and prepared. Blutack your council tax bill and a copy of the electoral form behind the door.

If you have to go off and get the information and do not shut the door correctly and they enter, it can get difficult to remove them. Under no circumstances let them in as they can twist things to suit themselves. He may not be giving your address out hun? I know i have had letters from bailiffs to my home address for my brother.

My brother has no idea where i live, not even the town let alone the street or post code. So it is actually impossible for him to have given my address to credit companies. Some of these companies are very sly and will try to attach a debt on to anyone with the same name.

Nicola N I have been in exactly the same situation as this with my ex husband re finances. He was a gambling alcoholic and he left me with alot of debt as well although I am very lucky to have been able to pay everything off. He just buried his head and ignored debts. Anyway, approx a year ago, I received a letter from Mackenzie Hall addressed to him. I asked why they had that address for him and they told me they got the financial link from his Equifax record and sent it to me in the hope that I could pass it on!!

I also checked with Equifax and made sure that all financial links with him were removed on my report because I no longer had an active accounts etc with him. I told them also that he had never lived at this add. I did receive a couple more letters for him from the same co but just sent them back while I made sure Equifax was correct.. Also, I work for Orange and I do know if we have any kind of returned mail we then stop sending it out and we flag the acc as Gone Away..

How can I find out if a former spouse is collecting Social Security benefits on my record?

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My ex-partner left me with the care of our 2 children a year ago. He has a new partner whom he doesn't live with and my children stay at her house every other weekend. My ex-partner frequently turns his mobile phone off or has it on silent, so if there was an emergency I have no way of contacting him and getting a response.

I was married for 13 years before I finally cut ties with my ex and we got divorced. My ex-husband and I are great at co-parenting. I have full custody and he has visitation. I knew I would struggle financially and was prepared to give up my cell phone, cable TV, eating out, and even the possibility of having to move to a smaller house or apartment. We moved our families from California to Utah together and used to do everything together vacations, outings, shopping, etc.

Am I Required To Provide My Ex With My New Address?

My ex-husband deserted the matrimonial home 1 year ago and has since signed up for 2 different mobile phone contracts and a couple of other credit worthy things using my address. The matrimonial home is a rented house and is in my name only and has been since he left. I am now getting threats of baliffs coming round. I have my ex-husband's current address at hand. One of the mobile phone providers has suggested I report the problem to local police so he stops using my address. Will the police bother with it? I cant imagine the ex was trying to use the neighbors for credit checks and i accidentally received these things. Contacting the police is not a bad idea.

How do I stop my ex using my address to get credit?

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Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Hi just a thought but are you still linked financially to your ex?

They say that they have searched the credit reference agencies and found that my ex husband is registered as being at my address and given warnings that if i am commiting fraud they will want all money back plus penalties. Skip to main content. Lawyer consultation. Views: 20,

I Want My Family to Cut Ties with My Ex. Am I Being Unreasonable?

Mystery set in St. Helen's, WI, a small town near Madison. Not sure what to say about this one. Didn't love it, didn't hate it.

Though we have this arrangement there is not a cour-ordered child custody schedule in place. My wife is requesting my new address, but I do not want to give it to her for fear of property damage or other things she might do to my home and vehicles. I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I can give general divorce help for men, though, my knowledge is based on Pennsylvania divorce laws where I am licensed to practice. Technically, since there is no court order in place right now regarding child custody, there is nothing that is compelling you to provide your wife with your new address. However, in the event that your custody matter is brought to the court, the judge will very likely order you to provide your wife with your current address if it is where the children will be spending time.

ex husband using my address

This site is an archive of the OneSpace Forums. Return to forum index. I was investigated for fraudulently making a claim last year by the inland revenue. The reason this happened was my ex was taking out loans and using my address. I went through the process of returning all his mail to sender, got in touch with credit agencies to disassociate myself from him financially and spoke to him telling him not to use my address anymore this was the advise given to me by the IR. The IR closed the case but told me they would automatically open it agian in the new financial year. If the activity had continued they would be questioning me again. So, thats where I am now.

Some places, you can advise the post office, so you stop seeing her name all What should you do if your ex refuses to change her mailing address - and If it was me, I would tell my ex that I will mark “moved” on her mail for a week, How can I get through my boyfriend throwing me out so he can move his ex-girlfriend in  7 answers.

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what should I do to stop my ex-husband using my address for credit obligations?


Soon-to-be-ex husband using my address


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