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How can you see your followers on xbox one

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Lydia , a housecarl and one of the known followers in Skyrim. Followers are various characters found throughout Skyrim. They can travel with, battle for, perform tasks for, and carry items for the Dragonborn. A subclass of followers is non-humanoid followers, such as dogs , armored trolls DG , rieklings DR , steadfast Dwarven spider DR , and steadfast Dwarven sphere. It is only possible to have one humanoid follower at a time, unless additional followers are gained via a quest or conjuration see Multiple Followers In most cases, there is no penalty for dismissing a follower and then recruiting the companion later.

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what da f*** are followers and can i block them?

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Check their stats, location in the map, break bonds or -new in this patch- rescue them. With great power comes great responsibility! You can access it from a new tab in the player menu.

From this new screen you will be able to:. Quick and easy! On official servers, however, you will still have to wait to see this count as we are not enabling the population limit just yet. We will inform beforehand when this change is coming. Much easier than having to deal with the emotional trauma of doing it face to face. We have also added a new extra functionality. Tired of those pesky followers who chose to disappear in the middle of the night? However, this power comes with a few caveats:.

When they get rescued, and to avoid possible abuse of this feature, they will lose their inventory and equipment. Best of all, both timers are customizable! Off by default, you can select which one of your thralls or pets you want to see located in the map.

No more hide and seek! Any news on what time it pushes out? BIG Thank you for this really big improvement with the new follower management system. Great work that looks well implemented and will be really usefull! Nice patch and updates but no still the main issue is still in the game, the Crash Issue, getting randomly kicked out the game. Rinse and repeat… I have lost so much armour, weapons I do love Conan please fix the crash issue.

No other game crashes but conan. My mates have an xbox x it happens to him also. This has happened to me 6 times… So please fix this issue. They wont tell players that the game runs like its loading from a wooden block because that would kill sales…i wouldnt have bought co ex if i had known i would spend so much time on crashboard reloads….

Been playing since the free release on Xbox one. Would you like to know why? Your game has a game ending crash that happens anywhere from every hour to about every 3 hours if all the gods like you. My question is why do you repeatedly ignore this issue? That is poor customer service. I know, crazy right? My project manager would have fired us all and then been fired if we had released a game that crashed as often as this one does.

All you do is put out expansions for money but never use that money to fix the core problem of this game, which apparently is a terrible memory problem or something along those lines. Are you not capable of fixing it? Are the gods smiting you because you angered them??

Do you just not care? It seems to be the latter and that saddens me to no end because this game could be so much more gratifying if you would simply assign a team to fix this. Your players that supported your great ideas only to be duped into spending money on a game you never had any intention of fully fixing.

We owe it to our player base. Should you be able to provide further information regarding the specific locations or actions that lead to your game crashing, please open a new thread following the guidelines shared in the post below:. There is no rhyme or reason why it happens.

Sometimes I pull my bracelet and it happens. Sometimes I log in and 30 seconds later it happens. Do you not have game testers? Those are key to locating and fixing bugs. As we play through the game it gets more laggy, frame rates start do deteriorate, game starts to mini freeze seconds and eventually the black screen of death.

I would also imagine that since you guys have rolled out 10 expansions you have compounded the problem. What iam looking to do if it interests you get as many players to commit to comment on this issue the more names we pull in the more notice they hopefully take in… You game… Also looking to bring this to light on you tube….

This is a specfic issue… The crashing constantly crashing… 1,hr of game play to 3hrs…how specfic do I need to be. This has been happening for years I can bring up conversations going back day off release of this game that this issue has not been addressed… Its a memory issue. I am a computer technician and I know no matter what server you go on this issue will happen. Please… We love your game, so much I bought this twice both PC and Xbox the reason why we are so passionate is because we love to play this.

Please avoid repeatedly posting on this topic regarding any particular issue, as it has been mentioned it should be used for feedback on the current patch and its features. This topic was automatically closed 7 days after the last reply.

New replies are no longer allowed. Xbox Patch Conan Exiles. Ignasis March 10, , pm 1. Greetings Exiles! Xbox Hotfix Xbox Patch Archive. Thralls still not crossing water or teleporting with me over cliffs. Ignasis pinned March 10, , pm 2. Hugo March 11, , am 4.

Hi vScorchedEarthv , welcome to the forums! Is it still not available? What region are you in? ZevLexx March 11, , am 5. Still I miss the purge bar in 4k german version and the fake sandstorm is annoying still, but: BIG Thank you for this really big improvement with the new follower management system.

Wildwolfy March 12, , am 6. Stinkyfingerton March 12, , pm 7. Brizza March 17, , am 8. Hi there! Sincerely, Every single person who plays Conan Exiles. Hugo March 17, , am 9. Brizza March 17, , pm Hugo, There is no rhyme or reason why it happens.

Brizza March 18, , pm Hugo March 19, , am This topic should be used for feedback on the current patch and its features.

Brizza March 20, , am Wildwolfy March 21, , am Hugo March 23, , am Ignasis closed March 30, , am Ignasis unpinned April 9, , am

Follower (Skyrim)

Check their stats, location in the map, break bonds or -new in this patch- rescue them. With great power comes great responsibility! You can access it from a new tab in the player menu. From this new screen you will be able to:.

There are loads of followers in Skyrim, so you have your pick of which one you want to carry all your excess gear around. But Skyrim followers can be used in more interesting ways than mere cart horses.

Microsoft has improved the Xbox Live experience for the upcoming Xbox One console, enhancing the friends feature and adding a follow function for new ways to consume content on Xbox Live. Unlike the static friends list from the Xbox offering, the Xbox One's friends list updates in real time as your friends change games or add videos. The biggest new feature is that you can follow other players' activity streams without adding them as friends first — similar to following someone on Twitter , Xbox Live's Director of Programming Larry Hryb announced Monday in a video and blog post. Following someone lets you view her game and app activity, achievements and any uploaded videos.

Followers question

How to change skills in diablo 3 xbox. Inna's Mantra set also On this page, we explain how to choose and use your skills when playing Rend Wastes Barbarian in Diablo 3. Diablo III console. Just showcasing each skill. Loading Unsubscribe from fiveonethreeV1? Hit x to confirm. I can't find a way to play it in English or even buy it again at its North America version this time! It is not possible to link from in-game in Diablo III. Here are all of the skills and equipment you need to maximize your damage. The Demon Hunter is one of the most popular classes for Diablo 3, but you'll need a powerful build to maximize your potential.

How to change skills in diablo 3 xbox

Click it to find a drop-down menu. See more about. To begin you have to have lvl 90 in conjuration to start. Skype on Xbox One While you're watching a movie, Skype engages in "snap" mode on the side of the screen.

The Xbox One has a newly revamped Friends page that can be accessed the moment you boot up your console and sign into your Gamertag profile.

Looking for help to work remotely? Check out our special offer for new subscribers to Microsoft Business Basic. Learn More. Right i have 30 friends but 31 followers how do i know if someone is following me..

Xbox Live Adds Follow Function for Xbox One Gamers

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free!

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Only one follower can fight alongside you at a time other allies, like pets or major NPCs, can join you simultaneously. Followers fight for you automatically, but you can choose skills for them that affect their behavior in combat. You can also interact with your followers to talk with them and learn about their history or ask for their advice on your current quests. As you grow more powerful, your Followers will gain experience and unlock new skills. You can also gird them with improved equipment, though they can only equip accessories or appropriate hand slot items and weapons.

Skyrim followers: how to make them work for you


Nov 4, - If one person adds another as a friend, he is just considered a follower until the other person also adds him as a friend or accepts his request.


Xbox one how to see followers







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