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How can i make myself a better girlfriend

No one ever said being in a relationship was easy. But here in the real world, we know that relationships require tons of work and ample opportunities for growth. If you feel like you aren ' t living up to your best girlfriend game, scroll below to get tips on how to instantly become a better GF:. Other girls are not your enemy!


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How to be a Good Girlfriend in 30 Ways

Be the best girlfriend you can ever be to your boyfriend by following these tips:. Appreciate him. What a man deeply desires is the feeling of being appreciated and acknowledged for what he provides. He wants to feel that his efforts become useful, meaningful and successful. Try to see his intentions behind an action and appreciate that.

Make him feel special. Every girl wants to be treated by their boyfriend as the most special one in this world that most of them have already forgotten to treat their boyfriend the same way too.

If you want to be an extraordinary girlfriend who stands out from the rest, make him feel special rather than just waiting for him to make you feel special.

Be his adventurous companion. What does your boyfriend want to do for fun? This is an important question, as all lasting relationships need to have an element of fun. Your boyfriend is also longing to explore, be wild and be free. This is the definition of fun for him. He wants his girlfriend to be his companion on his wild adventure. Thus, be willing to take an adventure with him and be aware of where the fun and adventure meter is at in your relationship.

Be honest. Let him know what you think and what you need. Give him space and freedom. A lot of guys feel as if they were in a cage after being in a relationship. Your boyfriend also needs a good balance of alone time to process his thoughts and feelings. Stop nagging, complaining and demanding.

Thus, if you really love a guy, you want him to win, not to lose. So help him by supporting and giving him energy instead of taking it away. Look better than ever before. Of course in the eyes of your loving boyfriend, you are always the most beautiful girl in the world.

However, you can always do better. By making efforts to always look nice, clean, and well dressed, your guy will even admire you more. Just remember to know what your man really wants you to wear. If he is more conservative, then you know what to do. Earn his respect. Believe in yourself, have a strong personality, and show off your capabilities, it will make your boyfriend respect you for the person you are. Be loyal to him. Just like girls, guys also want to be the only one for their girlfriend.

You should not give him causes for jealousy. The best girlfriend should not make eyes at his friends or even get acquainted with other guys in clubs or cafe. Inspire him to be a better man. You cannot make your boyfriend a better man. You cannot force him to be a guy you wanna be. However, you can be a good role model and inspire him to transform into a better person.

So if you want him to grow personally and be a more successful person, show him how hard work, patience, diligence and self-discipline work by practicing these virtues yourself first. Be a wife material. There is no better way to be a greater girlfriend than to be a partner who is mature, responsible, and ready to take care of her future children and husband. I think that this is wrong. They said you will always be beautiful but you can do better.

Also In a relationship the roles are equal. The boyfriend should also be doing this things. Absolutely true, like why is there so much rules applied when it comes to guys. After reading this, I have to sat that number 7 is probably better left out of this article or at least written in a different way. No girl wants to change who they are and dress according to how the man wants or wishes her to dress. If the woman in the relationship has a certain style, you should love her for who she is, rather than who you want her to be by how you like a certain girl to look.

This is essentially an element of control. I say this from past experience as I am dating someone who went through this and refused to change and dress how her ex demanded and requested her to be. Also, number 9 is not very good advice either. Just because you are in relationship does not mean you or your partner should not meet new people of the opposite sex just because it can promote jealousy or other emotions. We are all human beings and still our own people. Rather, you learn to trust, each of you live your own life, and then live your life together.

It is healthier that way. Girls and guys together. And the other way around because some dads stay at home. These tips are great. They really got me thinking how I can feel better about my relationship, its like you just filled my missing gap and I get it now. I really hope I can get this right and I wish you luck on any of your future endeavors. Thank you! Number nine i would really like some advice from someone.

I hear what Mark Ross has said, im dating my girlfriend for six years now, and every time there is like a new guy she becomes work friends with. Yes she tells me about it and what they talk about, but when they start making sexual comments about her she hates it but she still goes back and talk to them like nothing is wrong.

So what do i, do? So at this moment im thinking she either likes the attention from other men and the sexual comments!! So i dont know what to think. Ok, this is wrong. If your boyfriend trusts you, then he should trust that you will stay loyal to him and, therefore, you should be able to meet other guys without causing jealousy.

Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Be the best girlfriend you can ever be to your boyfriend by following these tips: 1. Share and inspire. Marydel Mitch Flores. Mitch is a writer and photographer.

She also does screenwriting for independent film producers and joins various film competitions. Comments I think that this is wrong. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend: 10 Tips To Making Your Boyfriend Happy

Every time the bitch surfaces, we promise ourselves we will be better. Sometimes it is going to be rocky, but if you want to know how to be a better girlfriend, look no further. Most of them revolve around being more understanding and not overreacting, teaching you how to be a better girlfriend. Women have a tendency to think it is our job to supply people with our opinion.

While this is a very traditional concept that's been going on for centuries, it's not very ideal. You have to make sure he realizes that you would do anything for him. Even guys like to be wooed.

No matter what stage your relationship is, you can learn to be a better girlfriend. Being a better girlfriend often comes down to being kind and compassionate to your boyfriend or girlfriend, as well as communicating and listening well. It can also mean taking care of yourself so you can be more present in the relationship. Spending quality time with your partner doesn't mean abandoning your life. Marriage and family therapist Allen Wagner says: "People need to have an individual life.

8 Ways to Instantly Make Yourself a Better Girlfriend

It's a lovely thing to be in a committed, healthy relationship. It's even lovelier if you feel impassioned to learn ways to become a better partner than you already are right now. And it's the best when your partner feels the same way. In that case, you've found the holy trifecta of a relationship: having a healthy one, wanting to show up for your partner and improve the way you do so , and your partner wanting the same thing. But also good luck, because relationships are constantly evolving entities, and they need frequent attention and care to thrive. They're like plants. That's why you're supposed to be able to keep a plant, and then a pet, alive and happy before you're ready for a relationship. Or so they say. Even if you're a champion gardener and have a bevy of cute puppies, everyone can learn new relationship tricks. Here are 21 ways anyone can be a better partner , because there's no reason to stop growing and evolving just because you're happy with them.

11 Inspiring Ways to be a Better Girlfriend

If I made a list of all the little things that men do to annoy women, it would be miles long. But I do things that annoy him too…. The thing about nagging and nitpicking all the time is that it really wears down the bond that the two of you have. This is a nice summary of the ratio:.

Have you ever noticed when you're with a really great guy—one who, say, sends you and your mom flowers simply to beat the winter blues—you're compelled to step up your own game and be the best girlfriend or wife this man has ever seen? Turns out, it doesn't take a ton of time or even effort to stand out from the pack.

Be the best girlfriend you can ever be to your boyfriend by following these tips:. Appreciate him. What a man deeply desires is the feeling of being appreciated and acknowledged for what he provides. He wants to feel that his efforts become useful, meaningful and successful.

How To Be A Better Girlfriend – What Men Really Want From Their Partners

Like most people who find themselves to be a 'perfectionist', I am always trying to be a better version of myself. Whether it's by being a better friend, teammate, coworker, or student, learning to grow and better ourselves is never an easy process. And one of the most important aspects of our life that requires continuous progression is our personal relationships. We're always told that changing for the person you're dating is a negative thing, but I don't think that's necessarily true.

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There is so much misinformation out there on what it takes to be a great girlfriend. Understanding how men think and what they need in a relationship makes an enormous difference in the way you are able to relate to one another. The top prerequisite for being in a great relationship is to be your best self. A trap that many people in relationships fall into is blaming their partner when problems arise. Rather than seeing what they can do to make things better, they blame him for not being what they want and think that if only he did XYZ, then everything would be fine.

21 Ways Anyone Can Be A Better Partner

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Asha Fuller. Every girl knows the golden relationship rules — like tell your guy how great he is in bed, not how amazing your ex was. But there are other guidelines that aren't so obvious.

Self-disclosing. Share feelings and encourage your partner to do the same. Openness. Share what you need or want in the relationship. Sharing tasks. Equitably.

Being a good girlfriend is not always about cooking his favorite food or knowing how to do all the household chores. You have to understand how men think and what they need in a relationship to be a better girlfriend. Here are 30 ways to be the best girlfriend to your boyfriend and enjoy a stronger, happier and lasting relationship with him. Trust him.

7 Ways to be a better girlfriend

These are some tips aimed at being a loving and caring partner that just so happen to apply to women. Chivalry goes both ways, so show your boyfriend that you care by splitting bills, buying him dinner, and surprising him with cute romantic gestures — go against the gender stereotypes! Too many women think the guy has to be the one to kiss them or reach for their hand…. Give Him Space So, showing you care and making an effort is really important….

Good Girlfriend Behavior: Do This, Not That




8 Ways You Can Start Being A Better Girlfriend Today



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