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When you first start learning how to speak and write Korean, did you know that you would be coming this far? About a while ago, we have also learned how to say you are pretty in Korean. I am pretty sure all of you remember that. Today, we will learn how to say the similar thing to a guy. We will learn how to say you are handsome in Korean.

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Top 10 Most Handsome Korean Actors

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Diana is a huge fan of Korean culture. Korean dramas are some of her favorite series to watch. Their talent, appearance, and charisma are out of this world! He is incredibly handsome, and he has also challenged his talent by playing diverse roles!

He shows tremendous range by playing Joseon era royals, young students, and even murderers. He is not only an incredible actor but has also launched his singing career! In fact, it was even before his onscreen acting debut. Back in , he became a winner of the first season in the talent show Superstar K. Seo debuted as an actor with a supporting role in Love Rain , but it was Reply that was his real breakthrough! Since then, he has acted in various television series. Here are some of his best performances you should check out:.

In this series, Seo is a quiet and broody boy, but a great student. As a teenager, he falls in love with a girl he grew up with. Seo In Guk is a professional swindler here: he is in the team of bad guys, collecting taxes from tax evaders. Finally, we see Seo In Guk as royalty.

He is starring in this historical K-drama as the crown prince of Joseon who lives through quite difficult times as an illegitimate prince. This Korean drama is all about mystery and intrigue. He started as a model, and made a big break in acting soon after! It was Who Are You: School that became his breakthrough. Wonder what characters he played in dramas? Well, there are so many of them! You definitely should check out his breakthrough performance in Who are You: School Nam plays a popular swimmer in a high school, who falls for his childhood friend.

However, the catch here is that he has no idea he has been talking to her twin sister all this time, after her disappearance. Even though he does doubt her identity, he ends up falling in love with her instead. Ji Sub debuted as a jeans model first, but two years later his television acting debut followed! Since then, he has starred in a great number of popular television dramas, especially he became well recognized for his leading roles in such dramas as Master's Sun, Oh My Venus, Cain and Abel, and Phantom.

Park is a true Hallyu star the Korean Wave, the increase of Korean culture popularity around the world driven by the spread of K-dramas and K-pop. Park is the youngest to become Actor of the Year according to Gallup Korea and the first among all the actors ever to get to the top in the Korea Power Celebrity list according to Forbes!

He gained popularity for his diverse range of roles in dramas he played. Here are some of the best:. One of Bo Gum's biggest projects is this historical romantic drama where he stars as the Crown Prince. He desperately falls in love with a girl pretending to be a male eunuch. This period TV series became a real hit all across Asia! The story follows a criminal profiler who gets entangled with an elusive serial killer.

The well-known Reply drama series follows the story of five childhood friends living in a small town. It follows their complicated lives and the lives of their families' back in the '90s. Park plays a wealthy boy whose biggest problem in his life is winning baduk matches. Kim Soo Hyun is an internationally well-known Korean star. Starting his career at the age of 19, now he is one of the most popular and wanted, and most expensive actors in the industry!

The top Hallyu star started his acting career playing a country guy who turned out to be a true musical genius in a drama Dream High. His iconic role in My Love From the Star, where he played the leading role of an alien professor, sky-rocketed his popularity! There, he starred as the young king Lee Hwon. His popularity extends far beyond Korea and even China. It extends to many other countries throughout the world! Lee Min Ho is considered to be a real Hallyu star thanks to the success of all the dramas he has been in!

He has also starred in many other highly popular series: Healer, The K2, Suspicious Partner, to name a few. Here are more details on some of his most popular works:. The drama was a great success in the country! He starred in the series as the 16th emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. His portrayal of the king left an unforgettable impression on the audience, earning him recognition. Ji has also played in this popular action thriller.

The interesting fact is that he even took martial arts lessons for the role of a mysterious guy. After the world has finally seen the drama, the actor became popular far beyond Korean borders! After this success, he even starred in Mandarin-language dramas. This actor is tremendously popular in Asia, so he is another handsome and talented top Hallyu star in the list! He has also played the title character in A Werewolf Boy, which is recognized as the biggest office hit!

After completing his military service, he jumped straight into the lead role in the big worldwide hit K-drama, Descendants of the Sun! One of the most sought-after Korean actors, Lee Jong Suk started out as a runway model, he was even considered the youngest Korean model he started his modeling career at the age of However, he soon switched to TV. His appearance as the title character in drama School brought him his first acting award and real fame.

How hard can it be for a person with childhood trauma to burst into hiccups whenever they lie? Especially for a reporter! Well, you can discover this by watching this entertaining Korean series with Lee Jong Sung starring as the lead character! This fantasy drama is going to keep you on the edge of your seat if you are a fan of this genre! Lee plays the main hero of this webtoon.

Like the previous drama, this K-drama also has fantasy aspect: it blends dreams with romance and everyday life! It tells the story of a girl who has dreams about a terrible future that happens to certain people. Lee Jong Suk stumbles upon her one day.

Soon it is revealed that he has dreams about her an vice versa, she has dreams about him. A Korean actor, model, and singer, Lee Joon Gi is often called a "flower boy" icon.

He is also known as the charming prince of historical dramas! We know he looks good in traditional Korean clothes; he tends to rock in historical and it looks as if he is born to bring history to life!

He became popular after his very first leading role in The King and the Clown. Thanks to his great acting skills, the actor played a homosexual clown really well, which tremendously boosted his popularity. However, after this film, he started to play more masculine roles to avoid typecasting.

Here are some of his best performances that you definitely don't want to miss:. Lee is the protagonist of this exciting story, a young carefree swordsman who wants to avenge his father's death and free her sister from slavery. Vampire fans definitely should check out this one! Here, Lee stars as a scholar whose aim in life is to find the mysterious creature and to free the country from its control.

Watch how he himself turns into a vampire. However, he does his best and holds onto his human heart. Make sure you check out this sageuk set in the Goryeo period! This historical K-drama ripped out many hearts. Lee plays a dark, conflicted prince who falls in love with a girl from the future! Expect a lot of drama, heart-wrenching scenes, fight for the throne and love triangles! Who is your favorite Korean drama actor? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. He's the most handsome you guys should go and watch love in trouble and see how handsome God created this wonderful man. For me, Lee joon gi is the most handsome. For me ,song joong ki is the most handsome follow by lee min ho,,park bo gum,nam joo hyuk,lee jon suk dat all.

I love Korean culture and idiosyncrasy also learning about their food; I love Kimchi now!!! He is not only good looking but also a superb actor. Absolutely spot on. Lee Joon Gi is a fantastic multi-talented and gorgeous actor and performer. When it comes to acting, none can be compared to him. Lee Joon Gi morphs into his roles.

Metro.Style Picks: Top 15 Handsome Korean Actors You Have To Know

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Diana has been writing on Spinditty for over 3 years. She is a K-pop enthusiast with a deep love for Korean culture.

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Top 10 Most Popular and Handsome Korean Drama Actors

Korean actors are unique and inimitable, they are touching and emotional. In their country actors are celebrities, their life is carefully watched by admirers. In Korea, the TV series they are called dramas are very popular, so the best Korean actor become the most famous people in the country. Each year, removed a large number of Korean TV series , which are involved and a great cast. The love of the audience to heroes of beautiful and romantic TV series passes, naturally, and to those who have embodied them on the shooting stage. It should be noted that for shootings directors select handsome men or young men, so the best Korean actors have a lot of fans. Soaps with their participation are aimed at creating a beautiful tale of love, separation or marriage, and external data of the chief performers of roles are of great importance. Korean actors may not have the physical strength, the Apollo figure, but they have something as lacking in European or Hollywood actors.

These Are 2017’s Most Handsome Korean Men, According To Independent Critics

Diana is a huge fan of Korean culture. Korean dramas are some of her favorite series to watch. Their talent, appearance, and charisma are out of this world! He is incredibly handsome, and he has also challenged his talent by playing diverse roles!

Like in English, Korean uses a different word when calling men handsome than when calling women pretty. This article will be looking at the word used to call a man handsome or good-looking.

The South Korean-language entertainment and film industry is popularly referred to as Hallyuwood. The industry has seen tremendous growth over the years thanks to the capable and hardworking actors, singers, filmmakers, movie directors, celebrities, and everyone else in showbiz. The fans adore Korean actors as they put all the hard work in the projects they are involved in to produce super films.

‘Handsome’ in Korean: How To Say You Are Handsome in Korean

Acting is a charm which most of the people in this world desire to possess and join the film industry and rules the box office with their amazingly good looks and muscular body and most of all their acting ability. The actor who is more liked by the people is not because of his acting but also loved by the people due to the handsome and charming looks of the actors. There are a bunch of actors in the Korean film industry who are really handsome and acclaimed by all of the worlds as according to a study most of the Asian men are really handsome and liked all over the world.

Last Updated on May 5, Like in English, Korean uses a different word when calling men handsome than when calling women pretty. This article will be looking at the word used to call a man handsome or good-looking. After learning this word, feel free to practice it on any good-looking guys that you see. Check it out below:. If you are saying the word to yourself Koreans often talk aloud to themselves then you can use this form.

Top 50 most handsome Korean actors: 2020


Jun 30, - Learn how to say handsom in Korean so you can tell your Korean love interest that he is Today, we will learn how to say the similar thing to a guy. I have met many good-looking people, but you are very handsome.


The Most Handsome Korean Actors (Top-25)


How to Say ‘Handsome’ in Korean






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