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Girl meets world fanfiction maya orphan

Riley dances to the music playing on her IPhone as she waits for the dinner she is preparing to finish cooking. Her head bobs to the beat as her feet, which were only in socks, slide across the tiled surface of her apartment. The music from the radio is interrupted by her phone telling her that she was getting a phone call. Riley grabs her phone out of her pocket and looks at the contact. A beautiful blonde girl smiling at the camera shows up.

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A blonde cowboy rushed past nurses yelling at him for running. He didn't care. All he cared about was that his best friend and not-quite-girlfriend had been injured and was currently in the ICU.

Lucas opened the door and inhaled deeply at what he saw. Maya was completely swollen head to toe. Her face was entirely bruised with blotchy purple and yellow spots every which way. The worst was the tumescent left eye and busted lip. Her arm was in a cast; wrist fractured in two places. This is all my fault! I knew you've been having trouble sleeping and I also knew you needed to sleep to function.

Lucas moved in to hug her, but she flinched away like she had with Riley. He tried again, more slowly, and she leaned into it. Maya rested her head on his shoulder. He pulled out of the embrace and held her at arm's length.

Lucas watched as she did the cute little habit she had of biting her lip in anxiety. Eventually, you'll get through this and this will make you an even better person than you already are. I promise. Nurse Bruning walked in. Excuse me sir, would you mind moving to the other side of the bed, I just need to get her vitals. Lucas nodded and did as he was asked. Maya grabbed his hand as the blood pressure cuff tightened around one of her bruised arms. The nurse wrote the vitals down and walked out, but not before telling Lucas to keep up the good work.

After three hours of visiting, Nurse Franklin, the hard-ass type, made Lucas go home as it was time for Maya to go to therapy. They rolled her down in one of the hospital wheelchairs. Maya thought about this for a minute or so. A week ago I had felt invincible. Riley, my best friend since kindergarten, had thrown me a surprise party. The theme was Lucas' idea, he's one of my other best friends.

We have this flirtation going on where I like him a ton and I think he likes me, but he's never made a move or suggested anything. He does care about me a lot, that I do know. One afternoon, he and I were at the mall and I saw Shawn, the man my mother almost married and the Matthews' family friend. Riley's dad's best friend to be exact. I was upset over it and he comforted me. I always tease Lucas because he's originally from Texas and so I always use stereotypical phrases around him.

I have nicknames for him too, like Huckleberry and Ranger Rick. He usually calls me Short-Stack and Pancakes to retaliate. She continued anyways. I ended up having a lot of fun, actually. We played pin the cowboy on the horse which is a lot like pin the tail on the donkey, only funnier. We kissed for the first time.

We both agreed that it was an accident and never spoke of it again. So tell me, what should I do? Do you feel strongly for this Lucas? Strauss gently catechised. Marriage with him? Kids with him? Maya smiled slightly. It wasn't too hard to picture herself as Mrs.

Lucas Friar with little mini mixtures of Lucas and herself running around a big backyard. Even with Riley, I flinch around her and she's a pacifist. Riley couldn't even hurt a fly and she's so sweet, she could cause a cavity. Strauss wrote this down and nodded, "It will take some time to adjust, sometimes people never adjust. It's my belief, though, that eventually you will. It seems you have a great support system. Though I am curious, where is your mother?

Maya smiled dejectedly. She left me with the Matthews and a signed sheet of paper that relinquished her duties as my mother, leaving me an orphan. The Matthews immediately filed to adopt me and here we are.

Maya shrugged. All the important people in my life end up leaving me, first my dad, then Shawn, and finally, my mom. The only ones who have never given up on me were the Matthews and Lucas. The psychiatric glowered at Maya who immediately apologised. You know, you're there with them, but once they really discover you, they pick you off and throw you away. Story Story Writer Forum Community. When Maya Hart was walking back to her dorm at night, she was assaulted and the ending result left her shattered.

Lucas Friar is there to pick up the pieces and, of course, her best friend, Riley Matthews. Rated M for adult themes. Chapter Two: A blonde cowboy rushed past nurses yelling at him for running. The sight in front of him of the obviously traumatised Maya caused him to break down in tears. I'm so sorry. Maya gave a small smile. Maya made herself comfortable on the leather couch.

I'm Dr. Anything your heart desires. Strauss' hammering gaze. Chapter One 2. Chapter Two 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Summary : When Katy is tragically killed in a car accident, she leaves behind Maya Penelope Hart as an orphan. When a certain lawyer adopts her, and her sister becomes law, is the story's ending as happy as it seems? Will a certain cowboy get in the way of this new family?

I do not own Girl Meets World, the locations and characters used in it, and the song mentioned. But I do own the plot.

Maya dug though Riley's Clothes until she found a blue shirt jeans and a blue jean jacket. Riley is dressed in a purple t-shirt white pants and silver high-tops. As if on cue Topanga shouted "Riley, Maya, breakfast! The girls finished eating rather quickly, and then they headed for the door. I always have to do your work.

I thought it fit really well…As always don't forget to let me know what you think. There she was, there was Riley! She was running toward Maya as she was wheeled to the ambulance. Riley stopped when she reached the gurney. Maya held out her arms and Riley fell into her embrace. They sobbed tears of joy and of sadness. Cory and Topanga were there now too. Maya looked up to find Topanga staring at her neck.

Sorry 'bout that! I was really busy with the end of school and then the summer the the start of school I cannot tell you how excited I am about this show. I can't read the writers tweets without feeling like I'm going to explode. Speaking of tweets, you have to check out the Girl Meets World Podcast.

A blonde cowboy rushed past nurses yelling at him for running.

Author's Note - I know starting a story off with a note from the author can sometimes spoil the reading experience but I felt it was necessary to make this before the story began. What you are about to read is what I truly feel in my heart is what would have happened if in some alternate reality Girl Meets World made it to season ten. Now yes, this is a future where Riley and Maya are married which is going to please a lot of people out there.

She sucked breath between her teeth upon seeing him; the blonde recognized him immediately. He's supposed to be in New York Maya shook her head, "Nope. I'm not from here so

AN: OK! So I probably shouldn't be starting a new story, but…. I couldn't help myself. If you didn't get the memo, this is an Anastasia AU, and it's Joshaya! Though that will obviously be eventual.


Aug 7, - Ficlets of Joshua (Josh) Matthews X Maya Hart. She sincerely hoped he wouldn't be a part of the bomb in the park, the one she has a small.








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