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Get all gf in ff8

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Not only do you summon GF's to assist you in battle but you will also Junction each GF to a character. Without the Junction ability a character will only be able to use the attack command. They will level up and learn abilities that either increase the abilities of the character they're junctioned to or increase their own attack power or HP. Also, once you've junctioned a GF to a character that character can junction magic they have in stock to various vital statistics and defenses. However, the junctioned GF must have learned the corresponding stat ability see GF ability lists below. You'll want to junction more than one GF to a character but it's important to remember that the EXP GF's receive is divided up among the GF's equipped on a given character equally.

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Where Can I Find All The GF (Guardian Forces)?

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. There's a total of 16 GFs plus 6 more GFs that you cannot junction to your characters. This item has been added to your Favorites.

Created by. Jacory Offline. Guide Index. Jumbo Cactuar. Boko the Chocobo. Order of Obtaining. There are 2 ways you can obtain this one. When you're in the classroom for the first time access Squall's study panel and use the tutorial and he will automatically be given to you. The second way to get him is to leave for the Fire Cave.

On your way out of Balamb Quistis will stop you and tell you you're forgetting something and will give you Quezacotl. You cannot miss this GF. Like Quezacotl there are 2 ways you can obtain Shiva. When you're in the classroom for the first time access Squall's study panel and use the tutorial and she will automatically be given to you.

The second way to get her is to leave for the Fire Cave. On your way out of Balamb Quistis will stop you and tell you you're forgetting something and will give you Shiva. You obtain him when you defeat him in the pre-SeeD exam where you must go to the Fire Cavern. This is the first GF that you must draw from an enemy. During the Dollet mission go up the communication tower and defeat Biggs and Wedge.

A tornado will blow them away and you'll fight another boss named Elvoret. Draw Siren from him. When you're in the tomb go up until you see the sword on the floor you'll wanna check the sword for the student ID number. After you get the ID go right, left, right, left, right, then straight. Check the statue that looks like a Minotaur and you'll be thrown into a fight with Sacred. Defeat him and he'll run off. Save then leave the room you're in. Go straight; right, left, right, left, right, straight, you'll be in a room that has a draw bridge.

Hit the switch on the right side of the room and make the bridge go down. There will also be a save point and draw point. Pull the lever on the wall on the left side of the room. Leave the room then go straight, right, left, right, left, right, then straight and you'll be out of the temple.

If you cast float on them then they cannot regen health anymore, if you cast float on your party then their 'mad cow special' attack will miss. Talk to Cid before you head over to Timber and he'll give you a magical lamp.

Go into your inventory and use the lamp and you'll be thrown into a fight with Diablos. Defeat him and he'll join your party. Be sure you talk to Cid because he doesn't automatically give it to you. Draw demi from him and then cast it on him from your spell stock. This will make him cast Curaga on your party members, making the fight way easier. Also, make sure to blind him because he does have a physical attack that does a ton of damage.

Another GF that has to be drawn. During the parade in Deling city right before you fight Edea there is a part where you have to fight 2 Iguions half brown half green monsters.

On disk 2 you'll return to the garden to see everyone fighting. After some dialogue you'll have to fight NORG. Draw Leviathan from him. When your party goes back to Balamb in disk 2 there will be Galbadian soldiers there.

Proceed the story until you are thrown into a fight with Rajin and Fujin. Draw Pandemona from Fujin one in the blue. During the battle of the gardens in disk 2 go to the main hall in Galbadia Garden and he will be there. Defeat him and he will join you. During the battle of the gardens in disk 2 you will have to fight Edea inside Galbadia Garden. This is the only GF where you have to combine items to obtain. Wendigos are found in a big forest patch near Dollet.

Once you have these items use the Solomon Ring and Doomtrain will join you. You can get this GF once you have access to the Solomon Ring. Once you obtain the Ragnarok, fly to the bottom left corner of the world map to find the Deep Sea Research Center and land on it.

Zell will tell you the history of the place if he is in the party, but you can ignore him if you want In the next room, there will be a blue light in the middle which will go bright every few seconds. If you walk when it is bright, you will run into monsters. Reach the middle of the room and examine the light to be prompted three questions.

For the first question, choose "It is not our will to fight". For the second question, choose "never". For the final question, scroll down past the second answer to choose a hidden third answer. After the first and second questions, you will be forced to fight a Ruby Dragon on each.

After getting the Ragnarok go to the little island covered in sand east of the Cetra Ruins. On the island you'll randomly see a little green thing pop up. Run into it and you'll have to fight Jumbo Cactuar. In the Cetra Ruins fight 20 Tonberries. After the 20th one is defeated the Tonberry King will immediately show up. Defeat the Tonberry King and Tonberry will join you. You can obtain this GF at any point in the game.

If you do not get Odin first then you'll have 20 minutes to get Tonberry. Another GF you have to draw to obtain and the last junctionable GF. Go down until you reach the superboss, Ultima Weapon.

Draw Eden from him. The first Non-Juctionable GF that is found in the centra ruins. Before trying to get to Odin it is recommended to have Encounter none junctioned to one of your characters because you only have 20 minutes and random encounters can happen. After the screen with the fountain go up until you see a building. Go inside and stand on the block in the middle. Take the left ladder until you reach a door. Inside you'll see a little grey orb, touch it and it'll turn blue.

Go back down the ladder and hit the blue object in the middle of the two ladders and a stair case should appear. Go up the stair case and when you hit the screen with a demon statue go up the ladder and take the demon's left eye. Go up the staircase on the right of the screen. Go up the ladder on the next screen. There you'll see another demon statue, place the left eye into the statue and you'll get a code. Take both eyes out and go back to the screen with the first statue.

Place both eyes into the statue and enter the code. After you enter the code the door will open. Defeat Odin and he will join your party. The second non-junctionable GF. Phoenix can only be summoned by using a Phoenix Pinion in battle.

Guardian Force

Several of these GFs are easily obtained throughout Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, but some of the very best of these beings require some investigative work to find in the field and even liberate from the individuals that they are linked to. Every journey starts somewhere! The second of your starter GFs, Quezacotl is a mighty Lightning elemental who can call forth the thunder on any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught within its massive attack range. Outside of battle, Quezacotl allows players to junction their magic towards their overall health, while also providing various Triple Triad-related abilities that allow you to not only refine acquired cards into useful items but even transform your enemies into usable additions to your deck. Once again, just pop the console open, navigate to available GFs and the majestic thunder bird will be added to your roster.

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A design that allows players to accidentally miss some of the most powerful summons in the game is sure to invite some less-than-favorable feedback. A re-release two decades after its initial launch could be disastrous, but it's also a chance at redemption. This will be player's first GF and, as a result, Quezacotl is unmissable. It's either obtained automatically during the trip to the Fire Cavern for the SeeD Exam mission or any time Squall accesses his study panel before that mission. Shiva is also unmissable, and can be obtained early by using Squall's study panel and watching the tutorial on GFs.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Guardian Force information – all GF places

Guardian Forces are the source of a SeeD's strength and abilities. Winning their allegiance and junctioning them to the members of your party will prove an invaluable part of your journey. For each GF you'll find the name and a brief description of its special skill, its location, and a section about the abilities it can learn featuring the name of each ability followed by the AP requirement and a description of the ability. A GF's ability set can be customized by making it forget an ability and replacing it with another. Once forgetten, you can then use items that teach the ability you want, to replace what was lost. Below is a list of GF abilities along with the items that teach them. There could be more sources for each item, and will be added once found. Do go ahead and refine rare cards. For feedback or questions, e-mail IGNguides at: editors ignguides. Last Edited: 29 Aug am.

Check out our FF7 Remake wiki for information coming out lightning speed as soon as the game comes out! Read on to see which items can be used to heal your GFs as well as teach them new abilities. You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like. As a member: Get access to several features! List of GF Related Items.

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Ifrit Disc 1 : Acquired in the Fire Cave. You get the Magic Lamp by talking to Cid following the dance scene. It can't be acquired at any later time in the game. Note that Solomon's Ring can only be found at Tears' Point, and only before Lunatic Pandora arrives at the point in other words, it's only available after entering Esthar and before entering space.

List of GF Related Items | FF8

A GF is an independent energy force. By combining it with para-magic, it is possible to control tremendous energy. Memory loss is a possible side effect, but this has not been proven as of yet. Each GF has a preset list of abilities they can learn, but through certain items can learn additional abilities and forget those that were previously learned.

Every journey begins someplace! The second of your starter GFs, Quezacotl is a mighty Lightning elemental who can name forth the thunder on any enemy unlucky sufficient to be caught inside its large assault vary. Outside of battle, Quezacotl permits gamers to junction their magic in direction of their general well being, whereas additionally offering numerous Triple Triad-related talents that can help you not solely refine acquired playing cards into helpful objects however even remodel your enemies into usable additions to your deck. Once once more, simply pop the console open, navigate to obtainable GFs and the majestic thunder hen will probably be added to your roster. Ifrit may also be taught Str Bonus, which can grant a everlasting energy increase to their general stats each degree up.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Guardian Force guide – all GF locations


This section lays out ALL the secrets there is in the game in great detail. TomberryTo get this super useful GF, Go to the Centra Ruins and kill 20 Tomberrys.


4.10.2 - Final Fantasy VIII: Where are all the GFs?


The Secrets of FF8.....






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