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Facebook graph api get friends count

The admin creator of a Page Post. Only available if there exists more than one admin for the page. The backdated time for backdate post. For regular post, this field will be set to null. The call to action type used in any Page posts for mobile app engagement ads.

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Facebook API: Getting Friends Using Graph API 2.0 and PHP SDK 4.0.x

GET, new GraphRequest. A User or Page can only query their own likes. Other Users'or Pages' likes are unavailable due to privacy concerns. An array containing objects the current User object or any Page objects has liked. In addition, the following optional field is available for the User object:. Total number of User and Page likes on the object. The actual number of results returned might be different depending on privacy settings.

Note: As of Nov 17, we changed the behavior of publishing likes and only support this action with Page Access Tokens. Please visit our V7. Note: As of Nov 17, we changed the behavior of Publishing likes and only support this action with Page Access Tokens. Apps that have used this endpoint in the last 90 days can continue using them with API versions 3. Apps that have not used any of these endpoints in the last 90 days will be unable to use them starting on April 30th, Docs Tools Support.

Graph API. Graph API Version v7. The same permissions required to view the parent object are required to view likes on that object. Publishing Note: As of Nov 17, we changed the behavior of publishing likes and only support this action with Page Access Tokens.

The same page must also be able to like the object whether via API or on Facebook. If the page has already reacted to an object wow, anger then a like will succeed, but the reaction will not change.

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Tutorial: Get Facebook Friends using the Facebook SDK in Swift

The Graph API is a powerful resource which can be used in various ways. This doc provides a list of common scenarios for apps, an example to get you started, and reference docs to help you build solutions. Access tokens are random strings giving you temporary secure access to our APIs.

In response to the concerns over the misuse of user data, the social network has yet again brought in some changes. They have limped its Invitable friends API, breaking apps and games that were supported by that data. In simpler words, the social media giant is removing the feature that enabled games to let their users see which of their Facebook friends could be invited to the game.

New Features , Changes , and Deprecations only affect this version. Breaking Changes are not included here since they are not tied to specific releases. Access Token Expiration : An access tokens is invalid if the user hasn't engaged the app within the last 90 days. Only non-zero values will be returned for Page Insights breakdown metrics. Page and Post Story engagement metrics, including metric used with the metric field, renamed from stories to activity.

Develop Reference

However, Facebook added two new APIs to allow retrieval of Friend names and indirectly a friend count. This new permission was introduced as part of Graph API 2. Not all friends will be displayed, but of the ones that appear, the API will return the a encrypted ID that can be used for tagging, their name and profile photo. The use of this end-point requires login review from Facebook. You can retrieve inevitable friends in a similar way if you have a Game application. You can use the encrypted IDs from API call to then tag friends in stories status updates or actions. You must include the place attribute as Facebook only allows friends to be tagged at location. How can I get my friend email?

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The feed of a Facebook Page including posts and links published by this Page, or by visitors to this Page. There are other edges which provide more specific sets of posts:. These edges share the same reading structure, however the feed edge should be used for all publishing purposes. Please visit our V7. The admin creator of a Page post.

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Friend List

GET, new GraphRequest. A User or Page can only query their own likes. Other Users'or Pages' likes are unavailable due to privacy concerns.

You may have already thought that the myriad posts and comments on Facebook would be a marvelous source of text. You are right, but as usual, the devil is in the details. Facebook separates its users into two distinct groups, individuals like you or me who have profiles with strict limits on what can be shared with others and groups which have public pages with essentially no limits on what can be shared. You will look at the former briefly, but concentrate on the latter. You cannot interact with it without validating yourself.

Common Uses

This document goes into more detail about the various operations you can perform with the Graph API. Almost all requests are passed to the graph. The single exception is video uploads, which use graph-video. Almost all Graph API endpoints require an access token of some kind, so each time you access an endpoint, your request may require one. Check endpoint references for token requirements. Access tokens conform to the OAuth 2.

Aug 29, - Looking at the JSON structure, it doesn't conform to your Model definition. You JSON corresponds to this object structure: Hide Copy Code.

Social media data is collected to support social media research and to build social media archives. To date, most social media data collecting activity using APIs has focused on Twitter. However, I would argue that the most significant reason that it has received less attention is because it is complicated and different from other social media APIs. In a graph, the primary unit is a node.

Version 3.0

Looking at the Facebook Developer API documentation yesterday, I noticed a subtle change in the permissions that they give to developers without review on the graph API. I doesn't take much to put together that this change is probably due to the impact of the Cambridge Analytica saga they are dealing with. Because that was different than what I recalled, I used the way back machine to check if they had made a change, and sure enough on March 21, it read:.

Collecting Facebook data with the Graph API

The ID of this person's user account. This ID is unique to each app and cannot be used across different apps. Our upgrade guide provides more information about app-specific IDs.

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Using the Graph API



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