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Male victims of domestic violence victoria

There are high rates of family violence in Australia. For the year ending 31 March Domestic homicide rates are high in Australia. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Specialist homelessness services:

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Domestic violence in Australia

Either way, this site won't work without it. Unfortunately there aren't many tailored services and resources available for male victims of family violence and abuse.

This page provides a list of known services in Australia and internationally, along with a selection of generic services that might also be able to help you. We have also provided links to a selection of online resources that might be useful for male victims to read. Please be aware that some general services might at best be unaware of the unique issues faced by male victims of family violence and at worst might even blame, shame, ridicule, minimise, disbelieve or misunderstand you.

If this happens, please try another service. Don't give up! The One in Three Campaign has produced a series of high-quality posters as A4, A3 and A2 sized PDF documents, ready to print off and display at workplaces, in waiting rooms, health clinics and other areas where support for male victims of family violence and abuse is needed. One in Three has also produced a series of seven free digital poster designs aimed at educating boys and young men about respectful and healthy relationships.

They are ready to download, print off and display at your school or service. Police - In an emergency, call or from a mobile phone. The police have the power and responsibility to intervene to protect you from physical or sexual violence or stalking.

There is no guarantee they will be able to respond appropriately to men experiencing family violence and abuse, but they might still be very useful.

Lifeline provides access to hour telephone counselling on one national number. Victims Services provides support services, including free counselling and financial assistance to victims of crime. Financial assistance is provided through the Victims Support Scheme during the time when you need support the most.

Phone freecall number or 02 Sydney metropolitan , 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, excl. During business hours, victims of crime requiring support, information and referrals can speak to the Victims Services Support Coordination Team. Should you call the Victims Access Line outside their business hours you will be provided with options to have your call transferred to other services to assist you.

Their website is victimsservices. If you are interested, please click here to contact us. We will be in touch once we have received sufficient interest to start a group in your area. Mensline also offer a Call-Back Counsellor service, who can work with you on bigger issues than their crisis line or until you access another useful service. Unfortunately there are very few services available for them to refer male victims on to.

This is not a family violence service, but might still be helpful to male victims where domestic violence and children are involved. Call for the cost of a local call Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Call 07 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Or go to their website at www. The FASS is made up of lawyers and support workers. Lawyers provide duty services to clients to assist with their family law and family violence issues. There is no cost involved with seeing a lawyer or support service from the FASS. This means they can provide assistance even if clients are in dispute with someone who is receiving help from another Legal Aid office.

You can download the NSW flyer here. More information at www. Many fathers are struggling to care for children in the midst of domestic violence. Parent Line can help. It is free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professionally qualified, specialist counsellors will provide counselling, information, advice and referrals to relevant local services.

Unfortunately the helpline is likely to be both better informed about and more utilised by female victims, and there are very few services available for them to refer male victims on to. Men's Domestic Violence Helpline WA - a state wide 24 hour service aimed primarily at male perpetrators, however information and support is also available for men who have experienced family and domestic violence.

Unfortunately the helpline is likely to be both better informed about and more utilised by male perpetrators, and there are very few services available for them to refer male victims on to. Be prepared to "prove" you are a "genuine" victim. Call 08 or freecall His website is guiltynotguilty. A guide to going to court and getting help with domestic violence.

Their brochure is available for download here. Think Twice! Mittagong, NSW - Relationship abuse prevention and recovery, counselling and programs for couples and individuals experiencing conflict and abuse in their relationships. Louise Spencer Hawthorne, QLD - Louise is an accomplished clinician, mediator and therapist who offers confidential counselling services to men who have experienced abuse. Louise is highly skilled and experienced in this realm and is available for consultation and appointments across Australia both in person or via phone or Skype.

Louise works within a safe and nonjudgmental model of care. She can be contacted via www. Menstime at Anglicare WA - a program for men providing relationship counselling, support, referrals and relevant and practical groups for men. Their website is at anglicarewa.

A quick look at abuse of men by women USA - a great short overview of the issue put together by author Ann Silvers. Ann has also put together a great short YouTube video at www. AnyMan Ireland - Provides a confidential helpline and support services for male victims of domestic abuse and their children. ManKind Initiative UK - a charity that provides a help-line service for male victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence.

Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre Wales - Supporting men, women and children experiencing or affected by domestic abuse in North Powys. The Dyn Project Wales - Raising awareness and providing support for male victims of domestic abuse. Norda House Project is a confidential support and advice service for men who experience domestic abuse in Cornwall UK. Family of Men Support Society Canada - Education, advocacy, lobbying, crisis line, referals for men in need, peer support.

Tragically Earl Silverman who ran this service and website passed away on April 26th Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women USA - Run and operated by unpaid volunteers who have devoted enormous amounts of time to ensuring that both male and female victims of domestic abuse get the help and respect they need to free themselves from violent relationships.

Stop Abuse For Everyone USA - A human rights organisation that provides services, publications and training to serve those who typically fall between the cracks of domestic violence services: straight men, GLBT victims, teens, and the elderly. They promote services for all victims and accountability for all perpetrators.

Check out their website at stopabuseforeveryone. A New Leaf USA - Operates two hour emergency shelter and transitional housing program for male and female victims of domestic violence. Services include: a crisis hotline, safe housing, meals, case management, childcare, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse counseling, parenting education, and life-skills classes.

Valley Oasis USA - Their programs provide services to all victims of domestic violence regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status or sexual orientation. South Valley Services USA - Offers case management and referral services to domestic violence victims and local families using coordination and community response across multiple disciplines.

Stichting Wende Netherlands - Operates the first Government-sponsored domestic violence shelters for men in the world. LivingWell - A Queensland resource which offers a range of services specifically designed to assist men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault, their partners, friends and family and service providers.

Call 07 or or go to www. Unhelpful myths about the sexual assault and rape of men - an excellent web resource addressing commonly accepted myths that can make it difficult for a man to publicly name an experience of sexual assault or rape.

When a Man is Raped - A useful booklet designed to aid in the understanding about the rape of men, what professional support services are available and what they do, and what might happen if the rapist is prosecuted. Who Can a Man Tell? It also contains information which may be helpful for relatives and friends who wish to support these men as they confront painful childhood experiences and strive to overcome the influence the abuse has had on their lives.

This includes providing resources for people who care about them. Male Survivor USA - committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism. Kids Helpline - National - 55 - www. Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect - contact details for all states and territories:.

NSW - - www. NT - - www. QLD - 07 - www. SA - - www. TAS - - www. VIC - - www. Their website is nnaami. Adults Surviving Child Abuse - ASCA is a national organisation which works to improve the lives of adult survivors of child abuse throughout Australia.

Australian Childhood Foundation - Their website will help you understand more about child abuse and neglect. It will give you ideas about steps you can take to stop it. It will answer many of the questions that you have about the topic.

It will also help you to know what to do if you are worried about the safety of a child, a family or are experiencing problems yourself. Parentline - Provides a telephone counselling service to parents and carers of children aged from birth to eighteen years. Check out their website at www. Raising Children Network - The Australian parenting website raisingchildren.

My Child - An initiative of the Australian Government. This site is about children, with the main focus being on early childhood learning and child care.

The shame of being a male victim of domestic violence

Victoria Police will act to protect anyone harmed by family violence. It is okay to seek support on behalf of somebody else. Please reach out and speak up. Victoria Police is here to support you. Everyone has the right to be free of violence or the fear of violence.

People who argue male victims of domestic violence are overlooked by police, the courts, and health services often quote a single, trusty statistic: one in three DV victims are male. The term has historically been synonymous with men's violence against their intimate female partners.

Ellen Reeves does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. While the royal commission, in accordance with the gendered nature of family violence, mainly focused on men as perpetrators, and women and children as victims, it raised important questions about female perpetrators and the effectiveness of family violence intervention orders. An issue raised in the report was Victoria Police misidentifying women as primary aggressors in family violence incidents. Other jurisdictions, internationally and domestically , have raised concerns about this issue, especially where the woman is in fact a victim of family violence.

About family violence

Alarmed by the increasing demonisation of men in our society, she is now devoting her time to seeking gender equity through advocacy for men. She pointed to the issue of family violence as one of the causes as to why she thinks the decision should be overturned. And yet, data keeps mounting which indicate that domestic violence is perpetrated by both men and women. That means making sure women experiencing family violence are supported. Note that she expresses no concern for men also being the victims of domestic violence. Her one-sided statement implicitly suggests that men are the sole culprits in every instance of domestic violence. In doing so she dangerously obscures real and urgent problems such as lesbian battering and female-on-male sexual violence. His wife forced him for many years to sleep on the floor and constantly assaulted him with hammers, knives, scalding water and psychological torture, included false reports that a close relative had died. He says police officers automatically assumed he was the one at fault and that, as a consequence, his ex-wife felt herself entirely above the law. Such male victims of domestic violence are unusual but not rare.

What about men?

We often see and hear of domestic violence against women in the media, but what we don't hear much about is domestic violence against men. Although there is little statistical data recording men as victims, it is something that happens in Australia and the world, and it is not often being talked about, but male victims of domestic violence deserve to be heard and believed. Channel 9's A Current Affair recently addressed male victims of domestic violence. Mentioned in this topic paper is Amanda Barclay, who recently conducted a study in Victoria where 14 workers from a range of victim services in Melbourne were interviewed about their views of the experiences and needs of male victims of domestic violence by their female partners. Barclay's case studies revealed that men do not only experience physical violence, but also other forms of abuse such as:.

In Australia , domestic violence is defined by the Family Law Act [1] [2] as "violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person's family, or causes the family member to be fearful".

Family violence is when someone behaves abusively towards a family member. Violent and abusive behaviour includes physical and sexual violence, and financial, emotional and psychological abuse. Slapping, hitting, rape, verbal threats, harassment, stalking, withholding money, and deliberately isolating someone from their friends and family are some examples of the types of behaviour that occur in family violence. Family violence is most commonly carried out by men against women who are their current or former partners.

Fact sheet 7 - Family violence statistics

His younger sister had recently taken her own life and his parents had split up. Rose, at least initially, made him feel good about life again. At 23, Tim became a father.

An overview of the range of disability support the department provides for people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and neurological disabilities. There is a choice of supported accommodation services available, including group homes and community residential units for people with a disability. The Victorian Aids and Equipment Program provides people with a permanent or long-term disability with subsidised aids, equipment, home, and vehicle modifications. We fund a range of services and supports that can assist people with a disability to become more independent and participate in their local community. We provide different types of support for families of children with a disability and also carers of adults with a disability.

When Men are Victims of Domestic Violence

Any form of interpersonal violence is unacceptable, regardless of the gender of the victim or perpetrator, and we stand against all of it. In no way do we wish to make light of or downplay the experiences of men who have been or are currently victims of domestic violence. However, the upsetting truth is that women and children are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a gendered issue, and it does not impact men and women evenly. This much is borne out by the statistics:. With these statistics in mind backed by the sheer weight of scholarly research and evidence from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Institute of Criminology, World Health Organisation, and others , any claim that gender has nothing to do with domestic violence, or that men are equally represented as victims of domestic violence is simply wrong.

The second in DVRCV's Discussion Paper series takes as its focus research purporting to show that women are as violent as men in relationships. The paper.

Either way, this site won't work without it. Unfortunately there aren't many tailored services and resources available for male victims of family violence and abuse. This page provides a list of known services in Australia and internationally, along with a selection of generic services that might also be able to help you.

For an updated paper, please see Domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia: an overview of the issues. PDF version [ KB ]. Prevalence and types of violence Risk factors for domestic violence. Alcohol and drug use Child abuse Pregnancy and separation Attitudes to violence against women.






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