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How to make your boyfriend meet your parents

First of all, you have to ask yourself, "Is it time? It depends on what type of relationship you have -- and what type of relationship you want. If you know each other well enough and think there's a possibility that you have a future together , it might be a good idea to introduce your folks to him. It might not be a good idea to introduce them to the new guy you just met at your girlfriend's house party last week. Talk to your sweetie and make sure he's comfortable meeting the family, too. Once you figure out the timing, you need to establish the parameters around when the introductions take place.

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How to Introduce your Boyfriend to your Parents

Skip navigation! Story from Relationship Advice. I have a big, loud, Southern family. The kind of family that still gathers for reunions every year. My grandfather, his seven brothers and sisters, plus their kids, and their kids' kids, and the kids of their kids' kids spend one weekend in October playing card games, swearing at each other, and eating a truly repulsive thing called goop a mix of mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and cheddar cheese served on top of hot dogs.

The whole thing is kind of overwhelming even for those of us who were born into it. But this year, I'm facing the possibility of bringing my new girlfriend into the mess. I live far enough from my parents that I only go home a few times a year.

So my girlfriend hasn't met my parents yet, and my mom is itching to get a good look at the woman dating her daughter. Since the only other time I'll go home this year is during Christmas , the family reunion seems like the best time for a meet-up.

Except, introducing my girlfriend to my whole, conservative family all at once also seems like a terrible idea.

I want my girlfriend to meet my family, but I'm worried about the timing. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels that kind of reluctance.

Weddings, funerals, family holidays, family vacations, graduations, and other high-stress events can feel like the wrong time to bring a new partner along.

But, is there really a "bad" time to introduce your partner to your parents? Or is it best to just rip off the Band-Aid, no matter the circumstances? According to couples' therapist Jean Fitzpatrick , ripping off the Band-Aid is a bad idea. You shouldn't introduce your partner to your parents just to do it, and definitely not without considering the circumstances.

What she means is that the specifics of the meeting make a huge difference. Consider my family reunion. My parents have a sign hanging in their kitchen that says, "I love you more than biscuits and gravy," which for the uninitiated means that they're VERY Southern. If my girlfriend were vegan she isn't , bringing her to a big, Southern family reunion where there's sure to be secret bacon grease in everything including the vegetables and no one gives a thought to having a vegetarian option would probably be a bad idea, Fitzpatrick says.

Not only would she have nothing to eat, but she'd have to answer awkward questions from about 20 of my uncles many of whom raise cattle for slaughter about what the hell is wrong with her.

Sounds super fun, right? So, even though there aren't cut-and-dry guidelines for what makes a "bad" time to meet the parents, "bad" times do exist. As with anything else in your relationship, the right timing depends on you and your partner plus, your parents. If your partner is an introvert , maybe don't introduce them to your entire family at once.

If your family is religious and your partner is an atheist , then a religious holiday probably isn't the best time for them to meet. If your family is used to only meeting people you're serious about, then don't bring home someone you just started seeing. In other words, put a little thought into the first meeting, and make sure you're setting your partner up for as comfortable a trip as you possibly can. If an awkward situation is unavoidable — like, if you have to go to a family funeral and your partner wants to support you , or your partner's flight is cancelled and they have to spend an unexpected night at your parents' home true story: it happened to me — then do your best to help everyone feel comfortable.

And in the case of a spontaneous visit, Fitzpatrick suggests that you and your partner help with setting the table and cleaning up after meals. Small actions can go a long way. But if you're not faced with something unexpected, choose a time when your parents and your partner will all be in the best mood. Meeting the parents will always be awkward , but you have it in your power to make sure your partner doesn't run into unnecessarily stressful situations.

You know your family, and you know your partner. So do both a solid and choose a setting where everyone is most likely to get along. If your partner doesn't understand why you don't want to bring them to your cousin's bar mitzvah, explain. And then, plan an alternate meeting as soon as you can, so your partner knows you really mean what you said.

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The Worst Time To Introduce Your Partner To Your Parents

Millennials those ages 22 to 37 in bring their dates home to meet mom and dad after 10 or more dates, or a little more than two months into the relationship on average, according to new data from dating app Hinge. Breaking the ice and introducing a love interest to friends and family is never easy, but here is some advice on how, when and where to do it. Sussman suggests introducing your partner to your friends before your family, but says you should wait at least three months before doing it. And lay some groundwork before bringing him or her home again, about four or five months in. Sussman recommends briefing your immediate family first mom and dad, and potentially a sibling on who your partner is, what they do and what they mean to you.

Updated: November 20, References. While this is an exciting step to take in your relationship, it can also super be nerve wracking.

Skip navigation! Story from Relationship Advice. I have a big, loud, Southern family. The kind of family that still gathers for reunions every year.

When Should You Introduce Your Partner To Your Parents? An Expert Weighs In

Introducing your boyfriend to your parents can be a big step and can be a sign of just how serious you and your boyfriend are about each other. If your parents are strict and uptight, have the boyfriend talk well before you introduce any guy as a boyfriend to them. Either way here a few tips on introducing your boyfriend to you parents:. Make sure that you and your boyfriend are on the same page. Is he interested in meeting your parents? If he is willing to meet your parents, then tell him about them, their likes or dislikes, what to say and not to say etc. Make sure that he dresses neat and tidy as first impressions count. Prepare him for uneasy questions your parents may ask from anything like his future plans or his intentions with you. Tell them a few things about him, like his interests or family. Obviously you will want to present him in the most positive light.

When to introduce your significant other to your parents and friends

If you are bringing your significant other to meet your parents, chances are things are getting pretty serious. Or perhaps your mom is just nosy and wants to know who has her daughter so smitten. Either way, the time has come to bring your charmer to meet the folks. It is a nerve-racking time for everyone. You are probably hoping that your parents will like him.

I used to feel like meeting the parents of the person I was dating was absolutely terrifying. What if they didn't like me?

Most firsts in a relationship are pretty great — the first date, the first kiss, the first time admitting that you're both in love. But there are a few that aren't so great. Right at the top of that list is introducing your partner to your parents.

How to introduce your significant other to your parents



11 Tips For Introducing Your SO To Your Family In A Way That Makes Everyone Comfortable


Feb 3, - He is 3 years older and my parents don't think I should date. I really like him and want my parents to meet him. Ad by DuckDuckGo. What are some simple steps I  How did you introduce your girl/boyfriend to your - Quora.


How to introduce your bf to your parents







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