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How to get a virgo woman to marry you

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Email address:. Wanting for everything in her life to be perfect, she protects her loved ones and her privacy like a lioness does it with her cobs. Intelligent and possessing an analyzing mind, this lady can find flaws in just about everything, but her wish is not to highlight them, more to make improvements while avoiding insulting anyone. It can be very difficult to convince her to do things differently from what she already knows because she wants to be in control. Her man will soon discover how good she can be at everything: she can be a boss at work, a very talented hobbyist in many fields, the best wife and mother, also a chef who keeps getting compliments from all of her dinner guests. However, no matter how annoying, her husband and friends will love her for being loyal and charismatic.

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Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Virgo

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Elegant and challenging Arian will be difficult to get along with for sensible and perceptive Virgo. Rational Taurus will be very cooperative, compromising and very good to the realistic and insightful Virgo. There will be lot of pleasant and treasured moments. You can easily rely on this reliable and long lasting relation.

The liberated and fun loving personality of imaginative Libra will not get along with receptive and perfect Virgo. Virgo is considerably receptive and he will find it difficult to move ahead with unpredictable, tough and insensitive Sagittarius. How Lucky are you? Virgo Marriage Compatibility. Life will become a hell if you did not say no.

There is no chance for long term relation or togetherness. Virgo Weds Taurus This is a trine or 1 — 5 relation. This relation is considered to be really good. There is no doubt in saying that both of you are soul mates. Virgo Weds Gemini This is a square or 1 — 4 relation. Both of them are under the control of mercury. It will be really difficult for both of you to get along with each other. Specially, Gemini will not be comfortable with sensible and perceptive Virgo.

The life will run down of delight, synchronization and calmness and they will not be able to understand each other. Virgo Weds Cancer This relation is 1 — 3. This relation will be lifelong, steadfast, reliable and an outstanding male-female relation. Cancer is expert in tackling sensible and responsive Virgo. Due to this reason this relation will move ahead. Virgo Weds Leo This relation is 1 — 2.

This relation is not made for each other one. Your life will be completely tarnished if you decide to get in this relation. Virgo will find it difficult to get along with insensitive and bigheaded Leo. It is better to move away from this relation to conserve the harmony and serenity. Virgo Weds Virgo This relation is 1 — 1. Both of them can move ahead in this relation. Both of them are ruled by mercury. They will be happy physically but not on emotional and psychological front.

Both of them are accountable, rational and realistic. This relation is good for getting in a business. Life will be without any fascination and will be boring. Virgo Weds Libra This relation is 1 — 2. There is not chance that this relation can go together.

There will be no pleasure and charm in this relation. Things will not run smoothly and for without any reason life will become bothersome. Only physical enjoyment will be of no use and Virgo learns this soon. Virgo Weds Scorpio This elation is 1 — 3. This relation will be an outstanding one. Both of them will have confidence and faith in each other. Things will run smoothly, and both of you will be lucky for each other. Life will move ahead at a smooth pace overcome short misunderstanding that comes at times.

Virgo Weds Sagittarius This is a square of 1 — 4 relation. This relation is not made for each other. Calm, accord and smooth life will go away in case you enter in this relation. Virgo Weds Capricorn This is a trine or 1 — 5 relationship, which is always described as eternal and promising one. The life will be blissful and smooth as there is intense care and good understanding.

This relation is an exceptional one and reliable. You can continue in this relation without hiccup. Virgo Weds Aquraius This relation is 1 — 6. You should think ten times before you get in this relation. In case you hesitate it will affect your psychology. No confirmation has been given by shastras in going in this relation. Married life may have dissonance, discomfort, unhappiness and disappointing. Say no without any hesitation.

Virgo Weds Pisces This is a reverse or 1 — 7 relation. Domineering and accommodating Piscine will get along well with sensible and responsive Virgo.

This relation will be filled with physical enjoyment. There can be misunderstanding at times which can cause botheration. In long term there will be no happiness so it is better to say no to get in this relation.

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Is Your Wife A Virgo? Know Her More by Her Zodiac Traits

Traditional astrologers believe that Virgos are most compatible with Taurus , Cancer , Virgo , Scorpio , and Capricorn , and least compatible with Aries , Gemini , Leo , Sagittarius , Aquarius , and Pisces , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below.

Share this article. Virgos are renowned for their attention to detail and analytical way of thinking, making them one of the most careful signs in the zodiac, but among all of their methodical approaches is a hugely loyal, tender and kind partner. Virgos aim for perfection in everything that they do, so giving your future spouse encouragement and acknowledgement when they do something well is essential; Virgos thrive off praise!

Elegant and challenging Arian will be difficult to get along with for sensible and perceptive Virgo. Rational Taurus will be very cooperative, compromising and very good to the realistic and insightful Virgo. There will be lot of pleasant and treasured moments. You can easily rely on this reliable and long lasting relation.


It is easy to fall in love with a person of your own sign, and so it is with Virgo. When Virgo meet another Virgo, they tend to take an instant liking for the person for the simple reason that they share a lot of things in common. The Virgo compatibility with Virgo clicks instantly when they meet, but it is a bit hard to maintain it that way, the reason being that they also share the same faults, so it is like a knife that cuts both ways. If the Virgin pair wants the relationship to last long, they have to remember the things that bonded them in the first place, and since they know each others' strengths and weaknesses, they must not do or say anything to hurt the other. If you see these signs in anyone, you can safely conclude that they are Virgo zodiac sign natives. They are also very opinionated and they dislike laziness. They are very productive and are obsessed with analyzing things threadbare. However, the downside is that being excessively fussy about things and over-critical, can have a dampening effect on the concerned people, and prove to be very discouraging, which in turn can negatively affect productivity.

Virgo Woman in Marriage: What Kind of Wife Is She?

You know that her horoscope sign is the type that wants things to be romantic. Of course, asking her to marry you should be, too. Trust me, I am one of those girls, too. She still wants to be swept off her feet , even if she sees it coming from a mile away. But, listen, I get it.

This guy is amazing.

Virgo's are a unique mix and you are a lucky husband to have a Virgo Wife! Independent and fiercely loyal they are led by Mercury patterns. Accompanied by strength and wit, here are 10 traits to expect from your Virgo wife.

5 Ways To Catch And Keep A Virgo Woman

Virgos are often stereotyped as being critical, obsessive-compulsive nitpickers whose best attribute is being a worker. While it's true they aren't as mesmerizing as a Scorpio , as charming like Libra , as showy as a Leo , or as quirky as an Aquarian , and so on, they have many excellent mutable earth qualities. They can deflect and adapt, plus they want to make life easier and better for everyone, and those aren't bad qualities to have in a marriage partner.

Warmhearted, charming and mysterious, the Virgo woman is so simple — yet complex — to figure out. You want to pursue her, but you have trouble figuring out where to start. Sometimes you wish she came with instructions…. Before the Virgo woman makes a decision, she thoroughly analyzes the entire situation. She looks for all possible benefits, and all possible consequences.

Virgo Marriage Compatibility

Are you married to a Virgo female? If yes, then you are with the one, who is a perfectionist. These females are known for their perfection and loyalty. Different people have different personality traits based on their zodiac signs. Virgo females have some special personality traits making them special and different from others. The females born under this zodiac sign are really strong and remain loyal towards their life partner.

Capricorn; Gemini; Pisces; Aquarius; Aries*. Although Virgo and Aries may be less likely to make it to the altar because they tend to have.

Updated: April 26, References. So you've found a Virgo who's caught your eye, huh? No one can blame you.

Virgo Compatibility: Best Love, Sex & Marriage Matches For Virgos

A Virgo woman is known for her spellbound beauty. But some of her traits can please or annoy people. What are those positive and negative qualities of a Virgo woman?

Married to a Virgo? 10 Traits To Expect in a Virgo Wife






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