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How much are girl scout troop dues

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Discover a world full of fun experiences and new activities Boost her confidence and help her make a whole bunch of new friends Find a safe place to explore her interests and learn new skills With us, she can go as far as her imagination will take her! Click below to learn more about Who can become a member? How much does it cost? What is a Girl Scout Pathway? Is financial assistance available?

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Cost of Girl Scouting

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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Photos New photos New comments Search media. Disney World. Disney Cruise. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Daisy Girl Scout dues. Thread starter DopeyDame Start date Sep 7, Joined Jul 8, If you don't mind, would you share your Daisy troops financial set up?

Does your troop do one annual dues? Do parents pay-as-you go? Do you sell cookies? How much do you typically spend in the year for all the activities in total? I'm the leader of a new Daisy troop and thought I had a plan, but now I'm getting some push-back and I want to see what's normal.

Joined Feb 26, We are overseas which is a bit differentwe have to account for shipping patches from abroad, and we are not allowed to sell cookies due to food lableing and taxation laws overseas , which means pretty much all of our funds come from dues. We meet every other week September through June and our girls earn a fun patch bought from Snappy Logos, not GS whose patches are far pricier from each meeting as well as their petals.

Other money goes towards eithe a t-shirt or custom plate or bucket supplies for sit upon buckets we rotate every third year--it's a multi age troop , meeting supplies markers, paints, stuff to make lemon batteries, etc , and rides on the carousel at the Christmas Market.

I am always up front with perspective parents about what the costs will be and about where that money goes so that there are no suprises after they register. Joined May 21, The girls have to work within that budget, above and beyond product sales and Cookie Dough. The prices for everything just keep going up and up and up. What parents don't understand is that goes straight to GSUSA and pretty much only pays for the insurance underwriting for their child to participate in the program.

With that being said, starting when my girls were Juniors, we started letting them be in control of the money. Over time we taught them how to work within a budget, the amount they had to use, how to allocate funds out to make them last longer, how to agree on making choices on what to spend the money on, how much, etc.

Now that they are Ambassadors, they pretty much run the troop themselves, and we are just there to help guide them and make sure they are keeping everything within Safety Wise.

But, all my girls sell the heck out of Fall Products and Cookies. Being that we are Ambassadors, we have a smaller troop of only 6 girls. Fall Products range from items per girl, cookies range from boxes per girl. The understand the value of time vs cost, are able to make longer term savings goals to be able to go on bigger trips, etc. For cookie season our council uses a program called Cookie Dough, it's essentially additions funding in the form of monopoly money to be used within council.

Our council publishes an opportunity catalog call Focal Point, the girls can use their cookie dough to register for any event published in Focal Point and that helps keep a balance from troop dues being eaten up to register for events.

Many many troops, do a split payment, where you collect dues to get started and then parents chip in some form of payment for the events they want their child to participate in.

Many troops in my area are now having the problem of parents bailing on the last minute and being no-shows to events, and wasting the troop funding on paying registrations on people who end up being no-shows. Joined Nov 10, DopeyDame said:. Thanks all.

Maybe we should pull the money for the field trips out of the dues and collect it separately - I'm intrigued by the point Shanna made about people bailing on events when they didn't pay for it directly. Our council recommends against new Daisy troops selling cookies, so what we collect from parents is all we're going to have. I'd love to hear more experiences!

Joined Nov 6, My daughter is now a Cadette but I remember those Daisy years. I was the leader of a 15 girl Daisy troop. We did participate in fall product and cookies that first year but it was optional and we never set any kind of a troop goal. We did not do booth sales of cookies that first year - just let interested girls sell to friends and family. After that point we were a completely self funded troop.

The troop purchases all awards, new uniforms as the girls moved into new levels, craft supplies, etc.. It was a goal of our troop to be completely "self-funded" and it worked really well.

We never took any big trips and if girls wanted to go to summer camp that money was paid for by parents. This is really all useful - thanks! NHdisneylover said:. We do not have dues pay for uniformswe have parent buy the smock, insignia tab and pins seperately. We do tell them that is coast they need to anticipate, but I find when they have to look at the catalog and see the prices they realize the money is truly going to the things the girls use and complain less.

I even usually offer to pick up orders for everyone when I am going to the US if they wantbut tehy have to choose the products and pay aheadthat reuslts in every girl getting her stuff on time but less griping from parents.

Joined Aug 6, We're now second year Juniors and second year Cadettes and this is what we have done. Originally when I was the troop leader back in WA prior to moving to TN I requested that the parents purchase the vest, insignia, and troop numbers, everything else was optional. I did NOT require them to purchase the printed materials. I would gladly accept money paid in advance but realized that we lived in a college town where many of the parents were on tight student budgets.

I also let the parents known that we probably would not be purchasing patches until the spring due to needing to accumulate money first.

They understood this but the girls had a hard time with wearing blank vests. Therefore the bulk of the troop expenses and patches that first year came form my own pocket. I shopped around for fun patches and purchased through SnappyLogo, much cheaper than council for many of the same patches.

No field trips that first year. The following year I had money to work with from the previous years cookie sales so thing went much smoother. Patches were distributed every other month. Again no fall product only cookie sales. We did more activities but I tried to keep them free.

Those that cost I had parents pay for or paid for half of it so that there was buy in as I did not like being out all of the money for no shows.

I continued to purchase patches through Snappy Logos, occasionally through council if shipping was going to be too much for only a few items. Still did not require girls to purchase the books.

There are so many resources available on line that I never needed to. Fast forward a few years and we relocated to TN and I just help with the troop not lead it except I'm the cookie mom. Fall product and cookie sales help pay for the bulk of everything they do. Parents pay for certain activities. We still purchase the vests and insignia, but that's ok. Oh, if you have a family that cannot afford her uniform check with your service unit SU or council to see what kind of scholarship might be available.

Same with membership fees. My old service unit SU would pay half the membership fee and usually purchase the sash. Also, check to see if your service unit has funds set aside for the creation of a new troop. You can also ask leaders who have aged up if they have any old Daisy material or patches that they wound't mind sending your way.

As a pp mentioned, join groups on facebook. There are a ton out there!!!!! Joined Feb 23, My daughter no longer does GS, but she joined in 4th grade as a junior. We live in a small town, and all our troops, Daisy through Seniors meet at the same place and time.

We merge together for large activities like Thinking Day, Juliette's Birthday, etc. Also, during cookie sales, one of the leaders creates a spreadsheet with all the booths, and sign up genius, so girls can sign up for various dates and times. Then, they use a formula to allocate proceeds to each troop, based on how many hours of booths, Daisies, for instance, participated in. I'm hoping you can do something similar with the older troops in your area.

You can save expenses, because our older troops pass down the girls and leaders books.

16 Ideas to Afford Supplies, Badges, Uniforms and More

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What is Girl Scouting? Troop is for girls who are in Grades Girl Scouting is not-for-profit - adult unpaid volunteer leaders work with the girls in the Girl Scouting program, and are supported by paid staff and professionals in local area councils.

October 18, By jodi 7 Comments. Daisy Leader writes:. From a new Daisy Leader: Our council suggests that Daisys do not bring dues but rather that parents contribute to the troop with supplies and an activity fund. Trying to work with this budget but how do we afford books, uniforms, petals, patches, trips.

Plan out your troop’s expenses.

One of the biggest questions I had starting out as a troop leader was how much do I charge for troop dues. It's not a number that you can just pull out of the air and if you are new to troop leading you might have similar questions like me. Troop dues are what your girl scouts pay in addition to the yearly membership to keep the troop alive. When you first start your troop you will need to open a bank account. Running a troop cost money and it should never be at the expense of the troop leader. There are so many factors that come into play when considering troop dues. As a troop leader you will need to take into consideration all these things such as

FAQs for Parents

I am new to this board but not BBC. My DD dear daughter is in Brownies and it will be her second year. I am going to be a co-leader this year because the other leaders are not very creative and do not do much with the girls. I'm hoping I can bring more to the table. I have a few concerns from the previous year that I was hoping some of you with more experience could help me with.

With your guidance, girls will learn key money skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

At Girl Scouts, we want every troop to be able to accomplish all of the awesome things Girl Scouts dream up! But, as usual, most of those things cost money. So, how can we ensure that your troop is able to do all of these amazing things without breaking the bank? With a strong troop budget!

Troop dues question

Girl Scouts is the first and largest girl-led organization in the world, and for over a century has been preparing girls in grades K—12 for every day leadership by providing rich experiences for them to explore new interests, face challenges, form new friendships, and make lasting community contributions. Now in our second century, as we continue the Girl Scout mission, it is important that we keep pace with an ever-changing world. This includes, but is not limited to, accident insurance for members participating in approved Girl Scout activities, program development, research, resources, training, technology, services to councils, and protection of the Girl Scout brand.

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The Girl Scout age levels are defined by grade:. Your daughter's Girl Scout Troop Leader is a volunteer. Volunteers are the heart of Girl Scouting. Without their time, talents, and resources Girl Scouting would not be available. They share their insight and sense of adventure with our today's girl.

Daisy Girl Scout dues


Apr 27, - Conversely, other troops have low dues up-front, and cover other costs, like uniforms, trips, and Girl Scout books, as they go. Both are great.


Troop Finances








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