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Girl like you piano lyrics

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Maroon 5 - Girls like you piano cover + lyrics

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Maroon 5 - Girls Like You - EASY Piano Tutorial by PlutaX

Waiting For A Girl Like You Sheet Music (Piano)

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Username or email. Keep me signed in until I sign out. It takes about 12 minutes for me to drive to school. I can be thinking about something else and not recognize its musical notes wafting in my car. It was still a number one hit in the United States. The song has obviously struck a chord with many of its listeners. Not just one chord, actually, but four. In more understandable terms, the song uses the C, G, Am, and F chords in progression as the structure of the song.

This specific chord progression is notorious for being used in popular songs for decades. This chord progression is heavily used because of its sonic accessibility. It sounds pleasant and appealing to a wide amount of audiences. The instrumental to this song is composed of a drowned out plucky guitar loop and synth fragments. There is not much there besides the bare essentials, making the usage of chord progression not an inspired one, but more of a money fueled choice.

If Maroon 5 was a band that valued only making music they wanted to make, this song would have never been made. I refuse to believe even Adam Levine would look at the finished product and think it was good. The aforementioned songs that use the same progression are all different genres and all have a memorable chorus or moments that breathe life into them.

Most songs will have an instrumental that will make you feel a certain emotion or mood, for example piano ballads are usually filled with sentiments of romance or sadness. This song is a blank slate. The lyrics of the song are not doing it any favors.

Some genres thrive on weak and boring musical elements because they have substance in their lyrics. Slow piano ballads are so bare bones in instrumentation because the songwriter or performer wants you to pay attention to what they say. Considering the atmospheric wasteland of echoes that is the musical structure of the song, the lyrics could possibly elevate the song.

The lyrics tell a fragmented story about a rocky relationship that is finally coming back together. The short verses are about the rocky bits of the relationship, while the chorus is about the rekindling of the relationship. Most charting pop and rap songs have the same templates of love, sex, bragging, problems that this song has.

The problem is that most of the other charting songs also have something else going on, whether it be better production or better singers. Cardi B sounds like she is trying, which is good, but the instrumental is so flat her verse sounds out of place. The lyrics are just like the rest of the song. Adam Levine and friends wanted to make an accessible pop song, so they did the bare minimum and added a rap verse to give it wider appeal.

The better storytelling is also accentuated by compelling vocals and punchy percussion elements that keep the beat moving forward.

Most modern pop songs have mediocre lyrics, but are more experimental in their production, which I would argue is the more important aspect of a song.

Different eras of popular music are diverse because things move in and out of fashion. There is always further development to be had in each genre, including pop music. The producers and writers of this song took the minimum steps required to make a hit song, and it became one of the most popular songs of all time.

Even people who like this song probably have no strong feelings or connection to it. Maroon 5, a band with seven members, has two noticeable instruments in this song.

This is even more evident in the music video, where the camera circles around Adam Levine as many famous female figures such as Ellen Degeneres come in and out of the frame.

Essentially Maroon 5 is using political activism to force their bland cardboard of a song to have some semblance of purpose. Not only does it not succeed at doing that, it just makes the music video look like another cash grab, which it probably was. Nothing in the musical production or songwriting indicate that this song is nothing more than a market tested single. This is the exact song that record executives think Americans like. I guess they were right, but in the process made the most soulless song imaginable.

Maroon 5 has managed to coast the last 10 years off of name recognition and seeing how many times they can sell out for profit. They finally hit rock bottom, and they know it.

Their super bowl performance began with their first three singles from the early s. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Have an account? Login here. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. A bland photo of an acoustic guitar to compliment this bland song. Results of self-improvement: day challenge finish.

Waiting to change the world. He runs cross country and track. He enjoys movies, music and roller coasters. Related posts. Medicare for all, explained Sarah Ding September 12, September 13, Katy Perry lawsuit bears troubling implications for the music industry Brandon Kim September 11, September 13, Comments Facebook comments 1 comment. Why not just always have her and not sound desperate to have more than just one on any level?

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Girls Like You (Maroon 5) - Piano Notes & Tutorial

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Girls Like You

A popular number by the very famous band, Maroon 5, this song rose to fame instantly. Within 2 months of its release, it has around Million views on YouTube. And so, this number has also become popular among the pianists. Maroon 5 is a very famous band, giving back to back hits. And considering the popularity of this song, I decided to share the piano notes of Girls Like You. Here you will find the lyrics of the song, along with the lettered notes. For ease of understanding, I have also included an easy video tutorial, that will help you catch the rhythm of the song. This video has chords as well as melody.

Girls Like You - Maroon 5

Toggle navigation. Girls Like You by Maroon 5. Contributors: DisplayName. Learn how to contribute. Want to write better chord progressions and melodies?

You can print the sheet music, beautifully rendered by Sibelius, up to three times. You can either print the sheet music from our website, or from Playground's Mac and PC applications.

Piano, Vocal, Guitar sheet music. Arranged by Music-holley. Published by music-holley H0. This product was created by a member of SMP Press, our global community of independent composers, arrangers, and songwriters.

Girls Like You – piano notes

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Transposed by I've worked out the letter notes to "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5 - the notes span quite a range however all the melodies are quite easy to play so I should be a good one for beginners :. I didn't manage to work out the Cardi B part, I'm not sure that's fluteable :P If you are able to work them out let me know! It's a bit odd, but for some reason nat really enjoys spending her free time on a laptop ideally with a coffee and a cat rather than 'going out' or 'having fun'! NoobNotes has been built by hand, pixel-by-pixel, note-by-note with the intention of sharing well-known and loved songs in an easy-to-read format to encourage beginners and hobbyists alike :. Email address:.

A Girl Like You - Piano Chords/Lyrics


Chanson: Girls Like You, Artiste: Maroon 5, Type document: Partition (accords et Maroon 5 - Girls Like You - Cardi B ♫. Retour Partitions · Back Sheet Music.


Maroon 5 - Girls like you (easy piano sheet)







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