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Finding friends on facebook by city

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm going to be visiting a distant city in a few months, and want to start making plans with people I know there, some of whom I don't keep in touch with as regularly as perhaps one ought to. The major social networks have locations and particularly, current residence in peoples' profiles, but don't seem to have any search functionality coupled to that. How can I do a search of "people I know living in city X"?


6 Best Ways to Use Facebook to Find People Online

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Shop now. Find out how to find people you know on Facebook, including people you went to school with or worked with several decades ago, and add them to your friends list. Click to view larger image. In this chapter, you find out how to find people you know on Facebook and add them to your friends list. Facebook is all about connecting with people you know. Anyone you connect with on Facebook is called a friend.

A Facebook friend can be a real friend, or a family member, colleague, acquaintance When you add people to your Facebook friends list, they see everything you post—and you see everything they post.

Of course, before you can make someone your Facebook friend, you have to find that person on Facebook. People move, women might change their names when they get married or divorced, or remarried, or some combination of the above , and it just becomes more difficult to find people over time.

This process is made easier by the fact that Facebook already knows a lot about you, based on the information you entered when you first signed up. So when we talk about Facebook friends, these could be your brothers and sisters, children or grandchildren, neighbors, people you work with, casual acquaintances, or even real friends.

Just let Facebook make some suggestions—and then decide whether you want to accept them or not. Tap the Requests icon to display the Friend Requests screen. Any pending friend requests are at the top of the screen. Tap Confirm to accept a request. Suggested friends are displayed beneath the friend requests. Tap Add Friend to send that person a friend request.

Instead, that person receives an invitation to be your friend; she can accept or reject the invitation. If a person accepts your request, you become friends with that person. You are not notified if your friend request is declined. Tap Search to display matching Facebook members.

Tap Add Friend to send a friend request. All people in your contacts list who are also on Facebook are now listed. Other people find a large friends list somewhat overwhelming, and prefer to keep a shorter list of close friends and family. On the Facebook website, click the Friend Requests button to display the drop-down menu.

Any pending friend requests are listed first. Click the Confirm button to accept a request, or the Delete Request button to not accept it. Facebook also displays a list of suggested friends. Click the Add Friend button to send a friend request to a particular person. To search for more friends, click See All at the bottom of the menu.

This displays a page that lists friend suggestions and various search options. The people Facebook suggests as friends are typically people who went to the same schools you did, worked at the same companies you did, or are friends of your current friends. In the right column of the page, scroll down until you see the Search for Friends panel. To search for people who are already friends with your other Facebook friends, go to the Mutual Friend section and check the names of one or more friends.

To look for people who come from your hometown, go to the Hometown section and check your town. To search for people who live near you now, go to the Current City section and check your city. To search for people who went to the same high school you did, go to the High School section and check the name of your high school.

To search for people who went to the same college or university you did, go to the College or University section and check the name of your school. To search for people who work or worked at one of your current or former employers, go to the Employer section and check the name of that company.

To search for former classmates who went to the same graduate school you did if, in fact, you went to graduate school , go to the Graduate School section and check the name of that school. Whichever options you select, Facebook returns a list of suggested friends based on your selection.

Click the Add Friend button to send a friend request to a specific person. Another way to find Facebook friends is to let Facebook look through your email contact lists for people who are also Facebook members. You can then invite those people to be your friends. Facebook can search contacts from a variety of web-based email and communications services, including Gmail, iCloud, AOL Mail, Outlook.

To do this, click the Friends Request button to display the drop-down menu, and then click See All. On the top right side of the Friends page you see the Add Personal Contacts panel. Click the logo for the email service or contacts application you use, or just enter your email address and click the Find Friends button.

When prompted, enter your password and then follow the onscreen instructions. This process works by matching the email addresses in your contact lists with the email addresses users provide as their Facebook login.

When Facebook finds a match, it suggests that person as a potential friend. Another way to find old friends is to look for people who are friends of your current friends. That is, when you make someone your friend on Facebook, you can browse through the list of people who are on his friends list. When it comes to tracking down old friends on Facebook, sometimes a little detective work is in order.

Some women have enough forethought to enter their maiden name as their middle name on Facebook, so the Cathy Coolidge you used to know might be listed as Cathy Coolidge Smith, which means her maiden name actually shows up in a Facebook search.

What happens next is a little interesting. Facebook returns a list of people named Cathy, of course, but puts at the top of this list people who have mutual friends in common with you.

Past that point, you can then display everyone on Facebook with that single name. One approach to narrowing down the results is to filter your search results by location. You can also filter by school Education and employer Workplace. Beyond these tips, finding long-lost friends on Facebook is a trial-and-error process. See All Related Store Items.

This chapter is from the book. How Many Friends? Suggested Friends The people Facebook suggests as friends are typically people who went to the same schools you did, worked at the same companies you did, or are friends of your current friends. Related Resources Store Articles. Join Sign In. All rights reserved.

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Shop now. Find out how to find people you know on Facebook, including people you went to school with or worked with several decades ago, and add them to your friends list. Click to view larger image.

If you're searching for someone in a particular city, you can narrow your search by location when searching for a person. If you're trying to target an advertising message to people in particular areas, you can also do so using Facebook's advertising tools.

Sams Teach Yourself Facebook in 10 Minutes offers straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. I found this book quite helpful in explaining some of the things I was using on Facebook. However, I also found that it has already been made out of date in other applications. Sherry Kinkoph Gunter has written and edited oodles of books over the past 17 years covering a wide variety of computer topics, including Microsoft Office programs, digital photography, and Web applications.

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Add New Comment. Do you have the same question? Follow this Question. Ask a Question. Graph search was a good tool to do this. But now that it's partially gone, how can I search for people that are born in Country A who currently live in Country B? Comments 0 New Comment. To search for something: Click the search bar at the top of any page on Facebook Enter what you're looking for and choose from the results When typing something, you may see predictions for what you're looking for. If you see what you're looking for in these predictions, click it to save time searching.

Facebook: The Missing Manual, 3rd Edition by E. A. Vander Veer

Searching Facebook is a great way to find someone online. With it being the largest social networking site in existence, your odds of finding the person you're looking for is fairly high. Facebook lets its users add lots of information about themselves to their profile, and the inherent function of the site is to bring people closer together through information sharing. You can leverage this to help you find someone on Facebook, whether it's a friend you used to know, an old coworker, neighbors, family, etc. Facebook isn't the only way to find someone on the internet.

Facebook is now an essential unifying force in many people's social lives — it helps friends arrange events , wish each other "happy birthday," solidify communities and social bonds, and share recent memories with images. All of that has been always possible by other, less convenient means, but Facebook helps us do one thing that's unique to our time: Get daily updates on the lives of friends all over the world, in different walks of life.

You can also use Facebook to look up old friends and find new ones. Why would you want to enlarge your Facebook social circle? Well, having friends is really the whole point of joining Facebook. But first you need to gather your pals.

How to Look Up Friends on Facebook by State

As the number of people on Facebook grows, it becomes more difficult to find a particular friend. The location search filter lets you narrow your search yield so you view only those users who live in a particular region. You can search for users by state -- provided you know which city they live in. If searching one city does not work, repeat the search with another nearby city.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to search Facebook friends by area

Updated: January 8, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to search for people you may want to add to your friends list in a city of your choice, using a desktop internet browser. Open Facebook in a browser. Click your first name in top-right. Click the Friends tab.

How to Find People on Facebook Based on City


Apr 13, - Twitter, Vine, Voxer, MessageMe. Facebook has repeatedly cut off competitors from its feature for finding your Facebook friends on their apps.


Can I use Facebook to Find People From a Specific Country But Now Living in another country?


HOW TO: Find Long Lost Friends on Facebook






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