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Do i look like the mirror or the camera

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Seeing Your True Self with the True Mirror

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Why You Don't Like The Way You Look - (HINT: You Look Better In Person)

Here’s Why You Look Better in Mirrors Than You Do in Pictures

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Why does this happen? Is it true that our mirrors lie to us? Hell, even your smartphone could be lying too. Well, drop a ball for a second. What if we told you that your eyes, your smartphone, and your mirror are all lying?

We see that many girls who do their makeup, usually use their front camera on the smartphone and do the necessary job. You need to understand that people got used to mirrors and they expect the selfie to be of the same quality, which is a damn fine way to disappoint yourself. In the morning, when you take a shower is one time. Then, if you go out, you probably look yourself in the mirror.

When going to a toilet, you also take a glimpse of yourself, and we can go on like this until tomorrow. The main trick with the smartphone camera is that it shows us the reverse of the mirror. Photos will show you a completely different perspective on your face then a mirror would. This can be pretty compromising as smartphone selfie is almost always worse than your reflection in the mirror.

Just take a look at yourself in your smartphone camera. The conclusion is that we all expect to see the same image as in the mirror, whereas the smartphone shows an image reverse of that in the mirror. Have you heard about the famous anecdote that says that camera adds ten pounds? This anecdote came from the time where we had the old televisions which displays were curved to a certain degree. Unfortunately, this trend can be applied to both photo and video. You lift up your smartphone , you see that the sensor sees the image as you do, and then you snap a photo.

But, the camera has one important component that drastically changes its perspective — the lens. Since there are different types of lenses , every lens sees the image differently. Since we can use ultra-wide lenses, zoom or telephoto lenses, you can look vastly different for every given case. As its name implies, this lens is used for capturing an image in a wide-angle. But, to get the effect right, a wide lens takes advantage of the fisheye effect, which tends to stretch the subjects.

The same applies to the ultra-wide lenses with the addition that makes subjects near the lens very big, while those that are slightly further are very small. What about the telephoto lens then? This lens is great for capturing some beautiful wildlife and moving subjects but it has a flattening effect on the subject. If you have a big nose, it may appear flattened, which is good.

But, if you have big breasts and you want to show them a bit, that might be some bad news! By zooming in, you can see more details which you might not like.

The camera flash also makes a huge difference. Sometimes, flash can be of huge help but sometimes, it can make you look even worse. Some say that the camera flash adds 7 years to your face, making you look shiny.

The chances that you hate your face on the selfie shots are very high. On top of that, you always look at your body from above, which gives the illusion of broad and round shoulders, as well as slimmer figure. You might not notice it, but we automatically pose in a way that we look better when standing in front of the mirror. With a slight tilt of the head, you can hide that annoying zit on your face or eyebags that are bothering you.

If your photographer knows how to position himself, a lens of the camera could also have a positive effect. It can make you prettier and slimmer than you really are, which is a flattering thing to behold. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This also applies to your mirror and your camera lens, as they see you in a different way. While the mirror allows you to see yourself in a prettier way, the camera lens shows you an image that other people see.

If we add a couple of types of lenses that display the photo in a different way, we can see why your mirror and smartphone cameras are quite different. On the brighter side, you can be even prettier with a smartphone camera, especially if the photo is taken by someone who knows how to properly shoot a photo.

It all depends on the camera angles and your posing skills. Nermin Grahovic.

Experts Explain Why We Always Look Better in the Mirror

You could be a fitness model or look like the bottom of a garbage can. But most of us tend to fall somewhere near average. And, for us, the difference between a bad and good picture can be genuinely consequential to our professional and dating lives.

Welcome to the department of discarded selfies, a dark place deep inside my phone where dimly lit close-up shots of my face are left to fade away into the cloud. Are my eyelids that droopy? Is my chin that lop-sided?

Look in the mirror. Notice that you like the way you look today. Take 10 to 50 selfies for Instagram. Look through them.

Why Selfies Sometimes Look Weird to Their Subjects

Here are 9 reasons as to why this is happening. Very quickly skimming over the obvious first 7 points:. Sometimes with crappy cameras the quality is a bit grainy and we like that as it hides imperfections and the high quality cameras can bring every detail to life. Then we get into the psychological effects why you might not like what you look like. And this is going to blow your mind:. Having taken hundreds of advanced selfies now, I do think my photos are MUCH more beautiful than reality. And luckily I am actually aware that photos are better of me than real life, but I just giggle at this now. Do you think there is a difference between what you look like in the mirror and pictures? Which one do you prefer?

Why do we look attractive in the mirror but ugly in the photos?

Want to see what you really look like? A regular mirror flips your image, so you're not really seeing what everyone else does. With a true mirror, the image you see, is what the rest of the world sees when they look at you! If you use the built in IOS camera app it shows a mirror image while previewing and then flips it to true when you take your pic, so you can't really see what your picture will look like.

We have spent our lives seeing our faces in the mirror.

Why does this happen? Is it true that our mirrors lie to us? Hell, even your smartphone could be lying too. Well, drop a ball for a second.

Here’s Why You Look Good in the Mirror But Bad in Photos

Usually the greatest fear after a wild night of partying isn't what you said that you might regret, but how you'll look in your friends' tagged photos. Although you left the house looking like a 10, those awkward group selfies make you feel more like a 5, prompting you to wonder, "Why do I look different in pictures? Are pictures the "real" you or is it your reflection? Have mirrors been lying to us this whole time??

Have you ever wondered why your face looks just a little different in photos than it does reflected in the mirror? The mystery hit me when I was at home one day overanalyzing my face in the mirror and deciding that I looked good enough for a selfie. I probably took about 25 photos and I hated almost every single one. All of a sudden, my nose seemed to be 10 times more crooked than normal, and it was all I could focus on. One major factor is that photos generally show us the reverse of what we see in the mirror.

3 Reasons Why You Look Better In The Mirror Than In Pictures


Mar 27, - Selfies sometimes look strange to their subjects because of how we see and the technical details of how we take them on camera phones. like Snapchat, record your likeness as it would appear in a mirror; others, like.


So THAT’S Why We Look So Different In Selfies vs. The Mirror


Why Do You Look Different In A Selfie & Mirror? There Are Good Reasons






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